Welcome to Zagreb

January 1, 1970

by Feather

Bok, dobrodošli u Zagreb!- Hi! Welcome to Zagreb!
The capital of Croatia. No matter if you’re on the airport or if you came by a bus or a train, your first stop is Glavni Kolodvor aka Central Station. You can grab a cab or a tram from there, even though, if it’s sunny I recomend you take a ten minute walk to the main square –Square of Ban Josip Jelacic.


On your way to the square you can see a few beautiful parks.

First one is the Square of King Tomislav (Tomislavac) 
Through all of the year you can find something happening there.  During summer there’s a massive stage hosting performers from all around the world and in the evening you can sit back in the grass and relax watching and old classic movie. During winter you can find a beautiful open skating rink. It’s so full you have to buy tickets few hours or even a day earlier but it’s worth it. When you’re done skating to the newest hits you can go and take a cup of tasty boiled wine, which is a specialty in Zagreb during winter time.


As you’re making your way to the main square you’ll walk up to Park Strossmayer. It’s quite smaller than Tomislavac but when there’s a festival, it really shines bright. Every two years, Croatians gather up to watch the FIFA world cup. You have booths serving food and drinks. It’s an unbeliveable moment to be there. Everyone is united in those moment, men, women, young, old… They are all cheering for our team on the field. If you’re in Zagreb around September, you can end up being on a great food festival on that very Strossmayer Park. It’s a paradise for gourmets and hungry travelers ready to try out some new and exciting recipies, every year waiting for them with a special theme.

Just a pedestrian crossing away, lays Park Zrinjevac. That place will apsolutely astonish you. During summer time you can see a beach in the middle of the park, and right next to one of the four fontans you can spot white sand, towels and beach chairs. Near the beach you can go and grab a refreshment or a book. During spring and autumn, that park is used for displaying pictures of great artists of the modern age. As we step into the winter, the center piece of the park, pavillon, becomes a stage that welcomes a variety of grat musicians.
IMG_1923 (2)


At this point, you’re officaly only two minutes from seeing the main square-Square of Ban Josip Jelacic. A little tip, don’t expect you’ll be able to drive up to the main square, considering it’s a motor vehicle free zone. Well, you can always take a tram if you don’t fancy walking. You’ll know you’re on the right spot by seeing the statute of Ban Josip Jelacic. To see the most beautiful view of Zagreb, you should climb on The Zagreb Eye Tower and enjoy it from the 16th flor. The entrence is 30kn aka 4eu. You can spend as much time as you like up there. You can get a drink and walk out on the terrace to enjoy your coffee with a shot of adrenalin. From up there you should notices fountain Mandusevac. There’s an interesting story behind Zagreb and how it got it’s name, but I’ll leave that one for you to look it up. Around Mandusevac, you will find one of the oldest coffee shops in Zagreb, called Gradska Kavana. Taking a moment to sit there and just enjoy the view of the main square is magnificent.



As you walk up through The Radiceva street, you enter the upper town filled with amazing history. Right on the beginning of Radiceva st. on the right side there’s a little street called Krvavi Most (Bloody Bridge). The name came from all the batles that took place on that spot between two seperate towns Gradec and Kaptol. Another important landmark is Kamenita Vrata(Stone Door). Except for being a main entrance to the town, centuries ago there was a massive fire that destroyed parts of Gradec and Kaptol. The only thing that was left intact by the fire was a picture of Mary Magdalene. Today, it’s a place where people go to pray for their loved ones. Zagreb has a lot of churches but that special one is St.Marko’s church right in front of The Pairlament. It’s exterior is remarkable. The roof is colorfully tiled to reseble the Croatian crest  and the interior ceiling is covered in gold. As you’re making your way around The Upper Town, you’ll notice two beautiful views of Zagreb. First one is on The Square of Katarina. There’s an amazing view of the cathedral. A lot of couples come there to perpetuate their love with a padlock on the fence that is already covered in hundreds of them. Apart from the great view, you can take a look at a number of extraordinary graffity that put a certain vibe to the place. The other view is in front of The Gricki Top- Grich’s Cannon, that fires every day at noon, so when you hear a loud bang, don’t worry, it’s a tradition. From this place you can see almost the whole town and I promise you, it will take your breath away. Next to it, you have Strossmayer’s promenade. It’s in its prime during summer when there you can find lots of booths, stage with musicians and a lots od good energy. To get back to the lower town, you can have a ride with a funicular, as it is the shortest one in Europe. Once you finished your ride, you’ll be in Ilica.



Ilica is a long street that leeds you back to the main square, in the company of mostly trams and pedestrians. All along Ilica st., you have many clubs and coffee shops, so everyone can find something to enjoy the night life. There’s Cvijetni trg- The Flower Square and if you go there during the weekend mornings, you will see the majority of the town people sipping coffee with their friends, as it’s another tradition we have. Let’s have a look at the Zagreb’s night life for a moment. You can find it absolutely anywhere. From the variety of clubs and coffee shops in the center, all the way to the lake Jarun, that is covered in a variety of different clubs. Taking a cab to the lake is a good option. If you get tired from walking from club to club, you can sit down at the beach and just enjoy the laser lights coming from the clubs. Zagreb has an adventurous side as well. You can have a spin in the go carts, you can go bungee jumping or wisit the escape room.

No matter what you’re looking for in your vacation, I guarantee you, you’ll find it in Zagreb. From spending a quality family time to going on a roadtrip with your freinds and looking for pure fun. So come on, pack up and let’s go!


By Feather

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