Walking around the magnificent city of Girona

January 1, 1970

by Marta Mizik


When talking about Spanish Catalonia most people imagine sunny beaches and warm sea. But I want to tell you about one amazing city in which you will not find any beach or sea. The city where you will find a river though. The city with beautiful architecture and good spirit. The city called Girona.

About the city

Girona is not a large city and its population counts almost 100 000 inhabitants. But it is one of the most important cities in Catalonia. The city is divided by the river Onyar. On the left bank stands the old town while on the right bank is a modern part of Girona.

How to get there

Out of the city, there is an airport called Girona – Costa Brava so you can easily fly here from different parts of Europe or other cities of Spain. Also, there is a possibility to get here by train or by bus since Girona is located 100 km from Barcelona (approximately 50-90 min). And of course, you can always ride in a car.

What to see

The heart of the city is the old town of Girona. There you will find ancient architecture, nature and beautiful views. If you want your vacations to be active you can rent a bicycle and explore the city on it or get a city tour. Also, there are many little restaurants and cafes where you can drink some coffee and relax.

Girona Cathedral

This is an ancient cathedral in Gothic style located on Cathedral Square. It is great and wonderful. The cathedral is the main monument of the old town. You need to pass eighty-six steps to approach to it. Moreover, it is famous among proponents of the popular TV series Game of Thrones (GOT) because right there were held shooting of season 6.

Near the cathedral is the Girona Art Museum (Museu d’Art de Girona). The museum is not big and includes interesting exhibits, mainly, that are religious and historical relics.

City wall

You should visit the wall without any doubt. It will disclose to you amazing views of the city and mountains. The wall is quite long and has a few observation towers at a different height. You can easily climb the towers by stairs and enjoy all the beauty of Girona. Hundreds of tourists walk through the wall every day. The wall takes you to Jardins dels Alemanys – beautiful garden where you can rest and enjoy the singing of birds.

El Call, or Jewish quarter

It is a labyrinth of many well preserved narrow streets and courtyards. It is quiet and peaceful. Walking the streets of El Call will bring you back in medieval times. In addition, there is Jewish museum where visitors can get acquainted with the life of Jews who had been living in the city. Here you can find different objects of Jewish culture and history.

What else?

  • Plaça de la Independencia. It is the main square of Girona, located in the city center. The perimeter of the square is full of restaurants and cafes where the inhabitants and visitors of the city can have tapes, food or drinks.
  • La Rambla de la Libertat. This is the main street of the city with arcades and arches. Here you can walk and eat and buy something since this avenue full of restaurants and shops with presents, clothes and other goods.
  • Parc del Migdia. Beautiful and quiet park. Here you will see an interesting building on a pond and little ducks. Furthermore, there is a cafe with terrace right near the pond that makes this place very cozy.
  • Museum of Cinema. An interesting place with the permanent exhibition of cinema instruments, photographs, posters, animations and other. It also holds different educational activities concerning former and current cinematography.


Girona is famous its unusual celebrations of various holidays. In different seasons there are many performances that will not make you bored.

  • Flower Time (Temps de Flors). It is held every year in May. For the period of ten days, the city is abundantly decorated with flowers and art decorations. It looks marvelous!
  • Christmas (La Navidad). During Christmas holidays and New Year whole city is decorated with beautiful lights and filled with Christmas workshops.
  • Parade of the Three Kings (La Cabalgata de Reyes Magos). This parade takes place every year on January 5. Traditionally the Kings throw candy to the children whom they meet on the street. It is an impressive performance in which participates more than 200 people.
  • Carnival. Every year during the 4 days before Shrove Tuesday people dress up in carnival costumes and walk on the streets. Here people eat a sausage omelet and egg sausages.
  • Season sales. As far as many tourists love to buy stuff abroad, it is good to know that in Girona there are big sales (50-80%) twice a year. So it is better to do some shopping in January-February and July-August.


If you want to spend the evening out there are a lot of places to go. For the most part, people go to a restaurant or a bar on Plaça de la Independencia or La Rambla. There you can find a lot of places to eat and drink some cocktails. But if you want to have some fun with music and dancing you should find a nightclub. In Girona, you can find many discos for people of different age. Here some clubs you can visit:

  • Blow. Miquel Blay street, 3.
  • Euphoria Latina. C.Güell street, 2.
  • VIP. Pedret street, 118.
  • Lux. Figuerola street, 50.

To sum up, these are the most visited places and the most spectacular events in the wonderful city of Girona. And of course, you can find more attractions there. You can also visit the surroundings with nice beaches and breathtaking sea.

This city has a great architecture and traditions. If you want to have new positive emotions and exciting experience you should visit this beautiful charming city without any doubts.

I hope this information was interesting and useful for you. Have a nice travel!

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