Top 5 must-see places in Valencia, Spain

You are in Valencia for some time and still, don’t know where you’d like to go? Here is my ultimate list of top-5 must-see locations one needs to visit while in Valencia, Spain.

5. Plaza de la Virgen

‘Plaza’ is the Spanish word for ‘square’, and you will definitely need such vocabulary if you’re about to head towards Valencia. This ancient medieval square offers a variety of activities and everyone could grab some inspiration and truly Valencia soul out of it!

One of the most beautiful ancient squares in the Old Town

If you are fond of sightseeing, here are la Catedral de Santa María (The Saint Mary’s Cathedral) and la Basílica de la Virgen de los Desamparados (The Basilica of Our Lady). These Catholic churches will indulge the taste of those who arrived in Valencia to observe the architectural and historical monuments. Although the variety of cafés and restaurants at the square and nearby will not allow you to starve, I would highly recommend you to make your way to some quiet narrow streets near the square to find the best price-value ratio.

One of a multitude of festivals taking place at Plaza de la Virgen, Valencia

Finally, Plaza de la Virgen is a traditional venue for distinctive happenings taking place here. During my short stay in Valencia, I managed to observe a magnificent tango dance festival accompanied by charming live singing, the sophisticatedly decorated ancient carts exhibition and traditional food market where one could buy unusual foods from all over Spain.

4. Torres de Serranos

Another historical place you would definitely want to visit! These are 14th-century gothic towers and basically, all left from the medieval city wall which used to encircle Valencia’s Old Town. It’s very cultural place and if you’re a fan of such way of travelling, then take a paper-based guide at the cashiers and relive the times of these towers from the beginning.

Torres de Serranos, the old gates to enter the city.

But if you’re not fond of history, here is why you need to visit Torres de Serranos anyway! You can enjoy the finest views of Valencia and the Turia gardens (which used to be a river someday). Torres de Serranos is one of several only locations which could indulge you with such a picturesque landscape. Do visit them if you’re looking for a place to see Valencia from the birds-eye.

Great venue for pictures in Valencia!

And come to Torres de Serranos for amazing holiday trip pictures for your social networks! The locations for a photo shoot are marvellous here. Just have a glimpse at one I made for my Facebook, grab your camera and go in the morning while there are not that many tourists.

3. Umbracle

If you are in search of modern architecture, little party and locals who could make your trip truly unforgettable, visit Umbracle party at Friday’s or Saturday’s night. During the day Umbracle is just a gallery with overhead contemporary-designed constructions, palm trees and strange sculptures. And at night it’s a venue for one of the craziest parties in the city.

Umbracle gallery in the daylight

Here you can have some fun with a great selection of disco music and alcohol drinks or meet some locals and other tourists from all over the world. One night I met guys from different parts of Spain, several Ukrainians, girls from Brazilia, Mexico, France and many many other counties there. So if you’re looking for society and internationalisation, do attend any Umbracle night party! While in Valencia, like Umbracle page in Facebook and you will receive the notifications about the coming parties. And don’t forget your ID – they are very strict with it!

2. Bioparc Valencia

If you’re travelling with children or just interested in observing animals, do not miss the opportunity to visit Bioparc Valencia! Located close to the city centre, Bioparc of Valencia is a truly unique attraction. It’s not just a simple zoo where animals have to share small space in cages but definitely a home for a variety of distinct species of animals and birds. You can see giraffes, lions, flamingos, lemurs and many others! The areas were designed considering the natural environment and needs of animals so that they could feel free to have space and be busy with whatever they want.

Flamingos at Valencia Bioparc

For people, the designers also tried their best. Everywhere on the territory of Bioparc, you can find small cafes to grab a coffee, nice places to have a lunch and simple tables and chairs to make a picnic and it your own lunch. Near the exit, there is the Bioparc Shop with DVD’s about the design and creation process, some nice things to buy for yourself for a long memory and soft and cute toys for your children. Come here for the whole day and take your time to see rare exotic animals and birds just nearby!

Lemur is here to welcome you as well!

1. The City of Arts and Sciences

My personal favourite of Valencia and the place where I spent an uncountable number of evenings! If you don’t feel nauseous when seeing pieces of contemporary architecture, this is your Number 1 location in Valencia.

View to Hemispheric and the Palace of Science

The marvellous surrealistic complex of constructions dedicated to different purposes can’t leave anyone untouched. Here you can watch some cosmos- and nature-connected film under the planetarium-like dome in the Hemispheric, indulge your curiosity with an excursion in the Palace of Sciences, book a small boat to spend some time at the water of the artificial pool or even attend opera at the Opera House of Valencia named Reina Sofía Palace of the Arts.

Reina Sofía Palace of the Arts (Valencia Opera House)

If you are willing to have dinner with a view to all the complex, book a table at a luxurious restaurant located inside of the Opera House. If you want to save money, bring your own snacks and enjoy picturesque views sitting on a bench or even on the grass nearby the complex.  

That was my Top-5 of must-see locations in Valencia! Don’t miss an opportunity to visit them and get inspiration for your future travels!

Marina Gorskaya

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