January 1, 1970

by Albacuadrado

Canary Islands is made up of seven islands, geographically closer to Africa that of Spain. However, the climate of the islands is completely different to that of the rest of Spain. Is conditioned by the trade winds and the azores high, the proximity of the islands to the African Coast (which makes it possible for the arrival of wind very warm and dry from the Sahara) and the relief of the same. All these factors make the islands have a tropical climate, with an average of 22º throughout the year. It is scientifically proven that the weather has a very strong influence on the emotions; feel the rays of the sun on the skin, breathe the pure breeze from the sea, play with the sand between the toes or contemplate a sunset, are moments that we Full of vitality and happiness.

That’s why, here’s a top 20 of the places recommended to see the best sunsets in Canary Islands, based on different factors that I think makes a different sunset of another: the state of mind, the clouds, the season of the year , the place and the company!

20. Sardina del Norte, Gran Canaria – Gran Canaria (Spain)

Sardina de Galdar IIPhoto: Midlands Beacon of sardine in Sardina del Norte, Gran Canaria – Gran Canaria (Spain)

Sardina del Norte is located to the north of Gran Canaria (such as their name suggests). It is located on the side of the municipality of Agaete, both oriented almost to the west, which allows to see the best sunsets. What Favors the clean air and clean when it comes to a people away from the big city. The area of beacon of sardine has an architecture very characteristic that makes you feel like you’re in Santorini or in Ibiza; with white houses along the coast and natural pools in the crystalline to see reflected the sun’s rays. Come on. Without a doubt, a unique location to enjoy a walk, the quiet, the silence and the spectacle of the sunset.

Sardina de GaldarPhoto: puddles in Sardina del Norte, Gran Canaria –  Gran Canaria (Spain)

19. Jover, San Cristóbal de la laguna Tenerife (Spain)

JoverPhoto: Natural pools of jover, San Cristóbal de la Laguna – Tenerife (Spain)

The pools of Jover are located in a coastal village in the north of Tenerife, Tejina. The North of Tenerife, is an ideal place to see the best sunsets along its coast, and more after a good bath. The salt water has curative properties because it comes directly from the contact with the algae. On the way out of the pool there are a few pipes with fresh water from the mountain, in the case of who also want to take a bath of fresh water.

18. Caleta de sebo – la Graciosa (Spain)

La GraciosaPhoto: Caleta de sebo – la Graciosa (Spain)

La Graciosa is considered by many as the “eighth island”. is an islet located on top of the island of Lanzarote. During the times of summer tourists exceed the number of inhabitants (700 people). On The Island of la Graciosa, Lanzarote, as well as also continues to build a pattern of white houses in order not to create a visual impact negative. La Graciosa has numerous beaches which can only be reached by foot or by bicycle. There’s dirt roads, only enabled for jeeps of the inhabitants and the civil authority. It is a completely natural area where camping and enjoy the nature in all its splendor. There is an area in this regard, Caleta de Sebo, where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset from the booth of campaign.

17. Abama beach, Guía de isora – Tenerife (Spain)

AbamaPhoto: Abama beach, Guía de Isora –  Tenerife (Spain)

The Abama is a golden sand beach, to ignorance of many inhabitants of the place. It is located under the hotel Abama, a luxury hotel. It can be reached by foot or by an elevator that provides the hotel.

16. Las Canteras Beach – Gran Canaria (Spain)

Playa de las CanterasPhoto: Las Canteras beach – Gran Canaria (Spain)

Las Canteras beach is an urban beach considered one of the best in Europe. It is located on the side of the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and features an avenue where you can walk around in its entire length. Has black volcanic sand and golden sand and the sea is degrading those colors in its path. Any sunset on the beach is magical, because in any place of the beach is different: it can be seen from a terrace having a beer, from the sand or from the lace, where you can see an optical effect in which the sun goes down Behind the mountain of Gran Canaria, and in some cases when the sky is clear you can see the teide, the highest mountain of Spain, located on the island across the street (Tenerife).

15. Meloneras beach – Gran Canaria (Spain)

Meloneras IIPhoto: Meloneras Beach – Gran Canaria (Spain)

Meloneras is a beach that is located in the south of the island of Gran Canaria, in the tourist resort, Maspalomas. However, it is one of the most peaceful beaches. It’s not so conveniences like other beaches because there are rocks on the shore and the visitors prefer to avoid them if they are with children. This generates a enjoyment on the part of those that are going on the occasion of relax and enjoy a nice sunset in the summer tends to be better for the position of the sun.

MelonerasPhoto: Meloneras beach – Gran Canaria (Spain)

14. La Maceta beach – el Hierro (Spain)

El Hierro IIPhoto: La Maceta beach – El Hierro (Spain)

This beautiful beach is made up of natural pools and a recreational area with wooden tables in order to be able to do outdoor ceremonies. It is an area of clean air and clean where you can enjoy a nice evening in the company.

13. Roque Nublo – Gran Canaria (Spain)

El Roque NubloPhoto: Roque Nublo – Gran Canaria (Spain)

Roque Nublo is the most important natural monument of the island of Gran Canaria and symbolises the centre of the island. From There you can see any point of the island, and of course, see one of the best sunsets, even with clouds.

12. Natural pools de Bajamar, San Cristóbal de la laguna – Tenerife

Bajamar IIPhoto: Natural pools of Bajamar, San Cristóbal de la laguna – Tenerife (Spain)

Bajamar is a coastal town located on the coast of the lagoon, well known for its natural swimming pools and the great height to which they can get their waves in storms of rain and wind. Even by seasons close the pools as a precaution. With any luck, you can see a sunset while the waves break against the walls built by the man.

BajamarPhoto: Natural pools of Bajamar, San Cristóbal de la laguna – Tenerife (Spain)

11. Mesa del Mar, tacoronte – Tenerife (Spain)

Mesa del MarPhoto: Mesa del Mar, Tacoronte – Tenerife (Spain)

Mesa del Mar is also in the north of Tenerife, that offers a very different shows of sunsets. Mesa del Mar is divided into a black sand beach of volcanic origin and a few pools of salt water natural. From both points you can contemplate a beautiful sunset.

10. Altavista, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – Gran Canaria (Spain)

AltavistaPhoto: 7 Palmas, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain)

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a city that is divided into several parts, ranging from the coast to the mountain. In the high area of the city you can find countless barrios as altavista or 7 Palms, where, in spite of being in the urban area also enjoy beautiful sunsets if the conditions are ideal: clean sky, clarity, few clouds.

9. El Bollulo beach, Puerto De La Cruz – Tenerife (Spain)

El Bollulo IIPhoto: El Bollullo, Puerto De La Cruz – Tenerife (Spain)

El Bollulo beach is another of the spectacular beaches that gives us the north of Tenerife of black volcanic sand. A Well-known beach for surfers, but also very dangerous for its strong currents. A place where you can enjoy a sunset if the wind allows it.

8. La Barranquera beach, Tejina – Tenerife (Spain)

La BarranqueraPhoto: La Barranquera beach, Tejina –  Tenerife (Spain)

Barranquera beach is another coastal village in the north of Tenerife which offers spectacular sunsets with surfers in the background. A place where you can swim in the puddles that offers natural or enjoy the rays of the sun on the pallets of wood enabled for it.

7. Valle de Guerra, San Cristóbal de la Laguna – Tenerife (Spain)

Valle de Guerra IIPhoto: Valle de Guerra coast, San Cristóbal de la Laguna – Tenerife (Spain)

Valle de Guerra, a coastal village in the north of Tenerife which is located between Tejina and Tacoronte won’t let us indifferent with its spectacular sunsets. A magical place and paradise to enjoy nature.

Valle de GuerraPhoto: Valle de Guerra, San Cristóbal de la Laguna – Tenerife (Spain)

6. El Pinar – El Hierro island (Spain)

El HierroPhoto: El Pinar – El Hierro islands (Spain)

El Pinar is a village where more than sunsets, you can contemplate sunrises very clean and colourful, thanks to its altitude. An ideal place for the tranquillity and well-being.

5. The Summit of Gran Canaria – Gran Canaria (Spain)

La Cumbre de Gran CanariaPhoto: Summit of Gran Canaria – Gran Canaria (Spain)

Gran Canaria, for his relief, is one of the islands higher and with greater relief, after la Palma and Tenerife. Since their summits you can contemplate authentic spectacles of nature, and in addition, a witness always the father teide, with the Atlantic in the middle.

4. Amadores Beach – Gran Canaria (Spain)

AmadoresPhoto: Amadores Beach – Gran Canaria (Spain)

Amadores beach is a white sand beach, which is located southwest of the island of Gran Canaria. When the sky is clear, you can watch the sunsets with the Teide in the background. Red and orange colours in summer fill the whole sky and the palm trees accompanying as silhouettes.

Amadores IIPhoto: Amadores Beach – Gran Canaria (Spain)

3. La Garañona / El Arenal beach, Tacoronte –  Tenerife (Spain)

La Garañona IIIPhoto: La Garañona / El Arenal , beach , Tacoronte – Tenerife (Spain)

Tenerife is much more well-known for its beaches of rock that of sand; perhaps because the beaches of sand with the account that are virtually inaccessible or very difficult access, as in the case of La Garañona. La Garañona, or the Arenal is a beach that is located under a big cliff (on top of the cliff is the Garañona vowepoint, a well known place for its inhabitants). Really it is forbidden to access to the beach for the danger of a landslide, but the more adventurous still into her. It’s a completely virgin beach, black sand and strong currents. It is accessed by officers of the sea (a nearby beach) and it is necessary to climb a rope.

La Garañona IIPhoto: La Garañona / El Arenal beach, Tacoronte – Tenerife (Spain)

2. Teide – Tenerife (Spain)

El TeidePhoto: Teide, the highest peak in Spain – Island of Tenerife (Spain)

Teide is the highest mountain in Spain, with an altitude of 3718m above sea level. The highest points of the islands are the most suitable to see a sunset, because there is a phenomenon in which they appear all the colors of the rainbow on the horizon if you look at it from a point too high. This is the case of Teide.

1.Pico De Las Nieves – Gran Canaria

Pico de las Nieves IIPhoto: Pico De Las Nieves Gran Canaria (Spain)

Pico De Las Nieves is the highest point of the island of Gran Canaria, with an altitude of 1949 m above sea level. There is a place to park the car and watch the amazing sunset. To my mind is the favorite place where you see it, because in spite of not being the highest point of the islands, you can see the sea of clouds, Roque Nublo,  Roque Bentaiga and background of Teide. All in the same picture. A place that is able to move you and make you feel jubilant and fused with nature.

Pico de las NievesPhoto: Pico De Las Nieves – Gran Canaria (Spain)

There are many more places in the islands where see amazing sunsets, such as the Dunes of Maspalomas, the pointview of el Rio… but in this article I stay short. Do you have any place else to contribute to the list? I’d love to know!


By Albacuadrado

I'm Alba, I am 24 years old and I live in a paradise: Gran Canaria. Since I was a child, I've been a very curious and eager to learn everything. Every year I expected the most desired: the summer only to find out what journey developed with my family, because, at that time, the fate you chose them. At the age of 17 I started traveling on my own, and I already had said: it is a drug. Since then I haven't been able to stop to travel and to document my travels through photography, something that I love. I don't enough alone with study tourism, but also what I practice it. I'm in love with Canary islands and I always care for showing the most authentic facet of this earth. Remember that the person you are when you get on a plane, it's not the same as that which comes back, that's why I say that travel gives me wings.


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