Cambridge: A city to fall in love with

January 1, 1970

by Like_JIhyun

CAMBRIDGE: A city to fall in love with

I know a lot of people from other continents when they make their first trip to Europe have a very short time and want to visit a lot of the typical places and set foot on as many capitals as possible. I can understand everyone wanting to visit London, but that means a lot of people won’t know how beautiful Cambridge is. If you are visiting London, make sure to make time to visit the lovely city of Cambridge. From London, the trip only takes one hour by train. Take a day (or two) from your London trip and you won’t regret it, I promise!

Reasons why you need to make the visit

Us who live in Cambridge know that it’s a special town… I’m not sure if it’s because of its history, its architecture, its landscapes, sunsets, its lovely people… But Cambridge has a certain magic, doesn’t it? Almost two years now living in this beautiful town, allowed me to pursue my passion for photography.



Punting on the River Cam is undoubtedly a highlight of any visit to Cambridge and offers incredible views you’ll not find while exploring on foot. Every weekend you’ll find the river filled with people punting, a tradition of this historic city and an activity you must do if you ever visit Cambridge. This is one of the things that makes weekends here special, you can never get bored in this city! Have the tour with the guide they will tell you a lot about the colleges and the history of Cambridge.


Punts to the river. If you get lost, you can always find your way to the river.

Magdalene Bridge, Cambridge.

Magdalene Bridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

The Mathematical Bridge, Cambridge.The Mathematical Bridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom.


Cambridge, one of the most popular and endearing historic towns in England. The wonderful architecture of the medieval colleges give a fascinating glimpse into life long ago, and the rich history of the colleges makes for enjoyable exploring. Living in a town like Cambridge you can see people from around the world visiting to this beautiful city, tourists and students transform the streets and the river into a city for all. Every day thanks to this diverse population Cambridge shows different landscapes to admire.

Classical English craftsmanship represented in these buildings. Lasting for many years. You can picture Sherlock Holmes walking down this Street in his search for clues or a love story between two young university students. These walls have seen it all.



“A journey through Britain is a journey through history”

Jesus College, Cambridge.

Jesus College, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

I love how the the traditional houses style is kept, especially in the city center. In a city with so much history, like Cambridge has, it’s like traveling back in time.

St. Mary's St

These phone booths never go out of fashion. This set of four traditional phone booths can be found in the St. Mary’s street near the Market Square. From Monday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm, stalls at the general market sell a wide range of goods and local food.

King's College, Cambridge..

King’s College, Cambridge, United Kingdom

An obligated visit is King’s College, one of the colleges that constitute the University of Cambridge. It’s chapel is an excellent example of late gothic english architecture.

Each season is a new landscape

Contrary to what most people think, it doesn’t rain that much in Cambridge. Certainly not as much as London, and the weather is generally a lot nicer too.


Spring in Cambridge means flowers popping up everywhere and people starting to make picnics in the parks. The longer days are a welcome change after the winter months.

Magdalene College, Cambridge.

Magdalene College, Cambridge, United Kingdom.


Green is the color of summer in Cambridge. During this season you can appreciate how important is nature in the city with its many parks and green spaces.

St John’s College, Cambridge. St John’s College, Cambridge.

St John’s College, Cambridge became a green wonderland swallowed up by mother nature.

St John's College, Cambridge University.

The Bridge of Sighs in Cambridge is a covered bridge at St John’s College, Cambridge University, United Kingdom.

St John’s College is one of my favorite places in Cambridge, you can admire the architecture visiting the College or from the river while punting. Nothing says “Summer is here” In Cambridge more than this image. On a sunny day you’ll find the river filled with people punting. Cambridge doesn’t have to envy Venice!


Magdalene College, Cambridge. St John's College, Cambridge University. St John's College, Cambridge University.

When September arrives in Cambridge the ivy leaves become red. At the beginning of fall you can see the contrast of green and red. Yes, September is the most beautiful month of the year. I would say it’s the best time to visit the city, you won’t regret it!

Jesus Green, Cambridge.

Fall is the most colorful season in Jesus Green, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Autumn in Britain means crisp leaves, deep puddles, pumpkins and Halloween costumes. October is my favorite color. Orange is the new black. The streets start to get covered with leaves of many colors, yellow, brown, red against the green of the trees. The perfect time to walk on a path of leaves. I love when the first leaves start to fall and pile up. They make your bike ride “crunchy”.


And you can even find unicorns in Cambridge!


Winters are cold and grey and it’s when you may get more rain. But it’s still beautiful, people still fills the streets and the city center looks beautiful with all the lights. Visiting a college in the winter is also a great experience, the darker days give them an atmosphere of mystery and enchantment that make you feel like you’re in a magic kingdom.

The CALM before the STORM

Garret hostel bridge, Cambridge.

Even in the rainy days people still go punting in the river Cam. Cambridge is beautiful even when the days are gray!

Magdalene bridge, Cambridge.

View from Magdalene bridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Bike friendly City

Students and city residents prefer driving on two wheels instead of four to tour the medieval city and as transport to reach his workplace or university. It’s always better (and most times faster) by bike! Historical streets, beautiful architecture and cycle lanes that cover most of the city will make your cycle journey through Cambridge perfect! Britain is one of the best places in the world to see by bike, it’s small enough to cross comfortably in a week.


I couldn’t resist the lovely contrast between the modern bike and the mediaeval wall.

Cambridge Bike friendly City Cambridge Bike friendly City

Only in Britain you can find style even riding a bike. And with a beautiful background of English houses as well!

To close this article I’ll leave you with an exercise. Before visiting Cambridge you should watch the movie “The theory of everything” then after your visit you should watch it again and try to see if you can recognize all the places where you’ve been!



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