Cadaqués: The magical city

January 1, 1970

by Júlia Guevara López

Cadaqués is one of the most famous cities in Catalonia, but maybe not everybody knows why. This is a mediterranean city in the north of Spain, almost in the border with France. It’s located in the ‘Costa Brava’ between Roses and Port de la Selva, just two hours far away from Barcelona by car. Furthermore, Cadaqués is one of the cities that belong to the ‘Camí de Ronda‘, the way that follows all the cities next to cost from all over the Costa Brava.

That city is special. You can find a lot of fantastic hide places and get lost to find yourself. One of the most amazing things of this city is his color: blue and white. When you arrive to Cadaqués and you see the whole city, you realize that every single building is white with blue windows. It’s fantastic! After visiting this incredible city, you understand why catalans call Blue Cadaqués to a specific tone of blue.

Another of the wonderful parts of the city is, certainly, the sea. The Mediterranean Sea. The water of the sea in that city is so transparent that you can see what’s happening down there. You can see the fishes, the seaweed, some starfish and carbs and more. From the cost you have a fantastic view: a huge blue sea full of white fishing boats. That’s because one of the reasons Cadaqués is important is due to his fihshing activities.

Because of all that amount of great reasons, I decided to spend one long-weekend there.  What I found there was an amazing place not so far from the big city of Catalonia, Barcelona. It’s true that Cadaqués in summer is full of tourist, but I still found amazing the beaches and views there. In winter is half empty, you can find just local people, but not for that means that is not worth it go during winter or autumn. It can be a great adventure too.

Picture: Streets of Cadaqués

What to see?

  • The old neighborhood : 
    The first thing I did when I arrived to Cadaqués was start walking through the small and labyrinth streets of the old neighborhood. Almost all the streets seemed the same, so i get lost really easily. Although that was probably the best option to know better the city and the people from there. The houses you can see and the small and locals shops you found while you are walking in that neighborhood are priceless. I’ve never seen such a peaceful and beautiful streets to get lost. Street full of blue and white, flowers, stone floors and brightly ways. It’s like a storybook town.
  • The Saint Mary of Cadaqués Church and the viewing-point: 
    In the top of the city, I arrived to a white church. It’s the main church of the city and it’s called Saint Mary Church. This is the building you can see from every point of the city and from it you can see the whole city. In front of the main entrance of the Church, you have a balcony to the sea, to the mountains and the white and blue city. You can not miss this viewing-point, it’s lovely!. The church is not always opened, just when is mass time. Despite this, I think is really worth it go there.
  • Salvador Dalí’s sculpture:
    In the streets next to the sea and the harbour, you can find an sculpture of the famous catalan artist: Salvador Dalí. He was born in the Costa Brava and this city, particularly, was special in his life. The Sculpture was made in 1972 by Ros Sabaté.cadaques

    Picture: views of Cadaqués

Portlligat, Dalí’s home

Few kilometers away from the heart of the city, you can find a small but wonderful neighborhood called Portillgat. Do you know Dalí? The famous surrealist artist who paint the melting clocks? So, in Portillgat, there is the house where Salvador Dalí spend his life. When I arrived there I was expecting a crowd, an imaginable amount of tourist waiting to go inside the house, now a museum, of one of the most important artists of the entire world. For my surprise, it was totally different. I arrived in the afternoon to a wonderful, peaceful and amazing place. Dalí’s house is huge and has an excellent view to the sea. Sea full of fishing boats again. It was fantastic. Unfortunately, I couldn’t enter to the Dalí’s house-museum. It was to late to go inside and I didn’t book a ticket. Don’t do the same mistake as me and don’t forget booking your ticket before going there. It should be amazing see where Dalí painted one of his most famous paintings: ‘Muchacha en la ventana’. That place is really small but it gave me a lot of power and relaxation.

The price of the ticket to get inside the house-museum is about 11 euros per person. The old house of Dalí is now a great museum where you can learn who was Dalí, visit some of the art collections they have there, etc. A part of the museum, in Portlligat, there are a few more houses, one bar, one small hotel and a port. Nowadays, that place became an area for tourists but it has a really good atmosphere. There I found a company which you can contact to do some aquatic sport like kayak. I think it can be a really nice experience kayak in the middle of that awesome natural scenery.

Picture: Portlligat Harbour

The food in Cadaqués

Cadaqués is well known for the great quality of his seafood. Like in every city next to the sea, the most typical food you can find there is all kind of fishes, cooked in different ways, seafood like lobsters, mussels, etc. Anyway, the best dish of the city is the seafood paella. I could hear every tourist trying to find the cheapest and best paella of the town. If you don’t like the seafood, don’t worry! While walking through the cute streets, I could find a lot of different kind of restaurants: greek food, home-made food, roast chicken… .

To eat well and cheap in Cadaqués you have to check very well the menus they offer you. Another important thing is avoiding the queues. As I learned when I was there, the best option is to try to eat before two o’clock. Between two and three you can wait a long time for a table. Fortunatly, I was lucky and I immediately got one in a restaurant called La Lluna. I really recommend it! I ate really great there.

Júlia Guevara López

By Júlia Guevara López

Hello! I'm Júlia and i'm 21. I'm a Journalism student from Barcelona. I love traveling through all over the world. Writing and taking pictures are my passion and I use them to show what i see and my experiences while traveling. Another thing i love is sport. Combine sport and traveling is the best option for me! I really enjoy meeting new people and discovering new places. Travel is my way of life!


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