Birthday in Spain (Valencia)

January 1, 1970

by Radica Vuchkova

Spain is amazing and more so, Valencia. As one of my favorite places to visit, I would like to share my point of view and my birthday experience with you all. First of all, you should know that people there are warm and will help you with anything you need, meaning you do not have to know Spanish perfectly. Also, they make different types of parties so you will never be bored. If you need to know how to get around and not get lost, follow my advice and save money and time.

Arriving in Valencia

Did you know how many bus and metro stations there are in Valencia and most likely all over Spain? Probably not, but before going there make sure you follow the routes, or simply install EMT Valencia (

This way, you will always know the nearest stations around you and you will spend 1.50 euros per route. This is more economical than a taxi, which cost me 35 euros for one route.

Playa de la Malvarrosa

Me at the beach

La Malvarrosa – Valencia

After we arrived and we got accommodated well in our apartment which we have found online for 20 euros per night, we chose to explore the near streets and find a location to take a cup of coffee and try some seafood. There are numerous restaurants on the exact same street and believe me after you see a lot of people running or strolling their dogs, that is how you will know you are on the right track! If you are concerned about the costs, let me tell you upfront, basically, you will spend for food around 10 euros per meal and if you shop from markets, it will be even cheaper! We chose the restaurant since it was a treat for my birthday.

Cerveceria Freiduria San Patricio

We discovered a place called “Cerveceria Freiduria San Patricio” and we ate there. The food is extraordinary and a cold beer is always an excellent alternative!

Because we were told that this is a stunning beach, we decided to see for ourselves. Undoubtedly, it really is as told. It is a beach with brown sand that will leave you speechless. Although the water was cold, and we could not swim, still I used my bikinis and got to delight in the fun activities that many individuals have actually prepared.
Since we waited 6 hours at the airport and we invested our day exploring the near streets, it was time to stop and leave something for the next.

In the city of Valencia

The second day was booked for the culture and history of Valencia. After having a meal at “Subway” we began our strolling trip. We checked out the closest museums, the primary bullring and it is actually shaming that I have actually waited more than 3 weeks to obtain the tickets, and still we waited outdoors. After a couple of hours, we got back there and took pleasure in listening to Ricky Martin perform on stage. I never expected meeting him exactly in Spain, but still, I had a wonderful time. Before going there, check the concert tours, and perhaps you will find your favorite singer exactly in Valencia.

Match day: Valencia – Osasuna

You will be surprised to know how numerous activities there remain in Spain, particularly in Valencia. After looking for what to do, we discovered out that Osasuna is coming for a match, so it was time to be part of the “Mestalla magic”.
It is always enjoyable when you go on a football match, or maybe any other sports match, considering that their fans collect together and resemble one. So, we took a bus and enjoyed how every station was getting filled with Valencia fans.

After match

The game was magical and Valencia won, so to celebrate, we went to their main store, and from we hit every shopping mall. Because who goes to Spain and doesn’t buy a lot of clothes?

After four hours of shopping non-stop, we were so tired that we dropped dead at 8 p.m. It was time to rest and prepare for the next day. The plans included: Oceanogràfic, Museu de las Ciències Príncep Felipe, and Hemisfèric

Oceanogràfic, Museu de las Ciències Príncep Felipe and Hemisfèric

This is where the real magic takes place. First off, you can have a good time with your entire family and not simply with your friends. As you go into, you will be asked the number of tickets you want and I really suggest you explore each of these three discussed structures.

Prices for each building

  • Oceanogràfic for Adults – 29,10 euros
  • Oceanogràfic for Kids (4 -12 years) – 21,85 euros
  • Oceanogràfic + Museu de les Ciències Príncep Felipe + Hemisfèric for Adults – 37,40 euros
  •  Oceanogràfic + Museu de les Ciències Príncep Felipe + Hemisfèric for Kids (4 -12 years)- 28,40 euros

Or for free if it’s your birthday and your significant other is wonderful.

For more ticket prices visit the link

What you can experience

Each of the buildings is different, and there you can find out a bit about the history, facts about the human body, play video games that need logic, see how physics works and most of all, you will see many types of animals. 

Personally, I mainly enjoyed in Oceanogràfic, considering that we spend most of the day there. If you are preparing to visit all these buildings thoroughly, you may wish to visit it twice, because not everything can be seen in simply 6 hours.


I do not know if they arrange dolphin show every day, however, it was a distinct experience for me. To see how animals can get in touch with individuals and follow orders and in the same time reveal you their techniques in a friendly way- it is priceless. This show is included in the ticket you buy (which must include Oceanogràfic).

Best Birthday Ever

From time to time, people searching for fun congregate on the beach and watch a movie. You can just bring your towel, drink or popcorn and you are all set to invest in a wonderful night. As it was our last night there, I am thankful we had an opportunity to enjoy my birhday and the rest of the week there.


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