5 things to do in Tenerife

May 29, 2019

by Kristina Atanasovska

Last October I traveled to Tenerife. Tenerife is part of the Canary Islands in Spain. About the island, I will just say AMAZING. This was the best vacation for me so far. We stayed for 10 days and I will say that 10 days are not enough for Tenerife. The island has so much to offer, from relaxation on the beach to hiking on Teide. It is always Summer in Tenerife, so whenever you decide to go on a vacation you can visit Tenerife, where the temperature throughout the whole year is 25 degrees. If you want to travel and have fun Tenerife is the place for you. I will share some tips, tricks, things to do, where to go.



Mount Teide is a national park and it is a real-world’s heritage. Teide is a volcano, with the highest peak in Spain 3718 m above sea level. It was really exciting and I would say adventurous. It is the highest peak that I have ever been, at 3550 m. You can get there by a cable car, I suggest you buy online tickets in advance. It is always crowded, and if you don’t buy tickets two or three days before this trip you won’t be able to find any tickets available. Also, if you want to head to the top of the mountain you will need to get a permit in advance. I felt a little dizzy up there because of the air. Up there you will enjoy the breath-taking views of Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and La Palma. The road to Teide is very interesting, you will drive through clouds. Also, there is one restaurant on the road, it has a terrace with a beautiful view. You can stop there and drink coffee. It is always cold up there so you should take something warm to wear, and also you should wear comfortable shoes.

Siam and Loro Park

Siam park is one of the best aqua parks in Europe. There are a lot of attractions, both family-friendly and adrenaline filled. If you want to see and try all the attractions, you should arrive early, around 10 am, or you can buy a fast pass ticket. I really enjoyed the whole day there. At the end of the day, I was really exhausted. I suggest you buy twin-ticket for both parks, it is cheaper this way. Loro Park offers a different experience, more family-friendly. There are several shows with animals: dolphin show, sea lions show, parrots show, orca show, etc. The shows are really fun, interesting and educational. I really enjoyed the whole day. The animals are lovely. You will need two days to visit both parks.


Tenerife abounds with beautiful beaches, but I will tell you my favorite five beaches.

Playa de las Americas

Long, sandy beach, there are sunbeds, so you don’t have to take an umbrella with you. This beach is always crowded with tourists. It has the most beautiful sunsets.

Los Cristianos

It is right next to Playa de las Americas. Long, sandy beach, also with sunbeds and it is also almost always crowded. There are beach parties on this beach.

Los Gigantes

Is a really small and cute beach. Here you have to take an umbrella with you if you don’t want to get sunburned. It is a beach between rocks, so the waves can be big sometimes.

San Juan

Is a beach that I was really skeptical about, but it is a surprisingly beautiful beach. You can sit under a palm tree. The ocean here is calm, so you can swim and not fear that something bad can happen to you. We visited this beach twice. You can sit under a palm tree or you can pay for an umbrella and sunbed.

Playa de Fañabé

Also a big beach. There are several cute restaurants where you can have dinner. This place is very romantic at night.
Also, I would recommend several other beaches like Playa de Abama and Playa de la Tejita.
We also went to a black beach in the North, but it wasn’t so nice experience for us because of the big waves we couldn’t swim.


If you are a party animal, Los Cristianos is the place for you. On this place, there are a lot of bars, pubs, discos, etc. This place never sleeps. It is magical at night. It is full of young people. The Hard

Rock Cafe in Los Cristianos I would say it is one of the best I have seen. It has a rooftop bar, where you can drink cocktails and enjoy the view. I think that there is a good nightlife in the capital city of Santa Cruz, but it was very far from our accommodation, so we didn’t go out there. Maybe next time.

Masca Village

The trip to Masca village was really stressful for me but it was worth it. The road to Masca village is kind of dangerous, but there are places where you can take a break and take photos of the beautiful views. The village is small and cute. There is a restaurant with a great view and you can try there cactus cake. You can go hiking from Masca to the bay, we didn’t go hiking because we didn’t have time. The hike from Masca to the bay usually takes 3 to 5 hours, and after that, you can take a boat to Los Gigantes.

I recommend you to rent a car so you can see the whole island. It is not expensive to rent a car in Tenerife. The roads are excellent and it is easy to get to the desired place. I will recommend you to download the HERE application, it was really helpful for us to find all the places.  There is also public transport but I am not sure if it goes to all the places, like Teide or Masca village. Most of the hotels are located in the North part of Tenerife, but I suggest you to stay in the South part of Tenerife because all the good beaches are on the South part. I hope that my recommendations will be helpful for you. Choose Tenerife for your next vacation.

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July 6, 2019

Very nice, after those recomandation I must to see Tenerife :)