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Best Places To Visit In Seychelles

If you are looking for a rejuvenating vacation or the perfect honeymoon destination Seychelles is “THE” place for you. I visited Seychelles last year on my honeymoon and I am glad that despite contemplating a lot we chose this destination. From its enchanting beaches with pristine blue water and sparkling white sand to its numerous nature reserves as well as rare animals and bird species, the place is gifted by nature and is in true sense ‘Paradise on Earth’. The country is a group of 115 islands (only a few are inhabited) located in the Indian Ocean close to East Africa. The best part about Seychelles is you can visit the country any time of the year as it has a tropical climate and the temperature remains between 24 to 32-degree Celsius, although it is a bit humid there. Don’t forget to carry sunscreen, sunglasses and a scarf if you don’t plan on getting sunburned or tanned. View From Airport Praslin When your flight lands in Seychelles you will reach the main city called Mahe. The Seychelles airport is a small one( not much to buy from the duty-free) but don’t miss out on the beautiful view that you get just before landing, the runway is surrounded by the blue ocean on both sides. We took a flight from Mahe to Praslin as we kept Mahe for the last part of our plan and started our 10-day long vacation. TOP PLACES TO VISIT IN PRASLIN ANSE LAZIO: Known to be the ‘Best Beach In The World‘ this place is a must visit. If you are an adventure freak you can go snorkeling( although we skipped it). Vallee De Mai: One of Seychelles two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this forest is famous for its special Coco De Mer palm trees and black parrots. It will take you around one to two hour to go through this place. My suggestion, even if you are staying in a fancy hotel try eating from a food truck at least once especially their chicken and chips or fish curry, I bet you will stop eating at your hotel. Fun Fact: Coco De Mer is the world’s largest seed and is so popular because of its shape. Seychellois believe that the nut has mystical powers that is why only a limited number of shops sell it and if you are planning to bring this giant nut home you need to buy it from a shop that has an export license. Praslin Coco De Mer La Digue From Praslin, you can get an inter-island ferry to La Digue, they have fixed slots around 7-8 trips every day, I would suggest starting in the morning so that you have enough time to explore the island. The unique think about the island is there are hardly any cars or other vehicles on the road. In fact, it was once not allowed to own a car in La Digue. You can explore the island on a bicycle or you can walk. There are […]

Seychelles: A Beginner's Travel Guide

When you think of Seychelles, first thing that comes to mind is “Exotic”, where the beaches are out of this world with crystal clear waters and where the runway is right next to the sea so trust me it is beautiful to the next level. Whether you plan to visit for your honeymoon, family or adventure it offers all and has plenty of surprises. It offers more than sun, sand and water. It is home to the rare species of Tortoise called as the Aldabra tortoise (which can grow to an excess of 600 lb and 200 years in age) and Coco de Mer a rare species of palm tree, it has the world’s largest nut and Inside the nut you can find the world’s largest seed – which takes up to seven years to germinate! You can go feed the Aldabra Turtles in the Seychelles National Botanical Garden. Explore the Paradise from my lens… I reside in Delhi, India but I booked my flight to Seychelles from Mumbai, India as it was more economical & time friendly. Before booking your flights, you may want to explore the fare and time duration from different cities if you can and it is a great way to save on some money. Guess what Seychelles is a vis free country so no hassle just book your flights and you are good to go. Plan ahead in advance at least 6 months as this will give you the best airfares & the best hotel options to choose from. Remember, all the good hotel gets booked first and always book with “free cancellation” as it will give you options and finally you can pick the best hotels that would suit your need and always go for “breakfast included” as you don’t want to waste your time in searching for food in the morning. Places to visit in Seychelles Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands and Mahe, Praslin and La Digue are the three destinations that you should definitely cover. Plan a week to a 10-day itinerary as it will give you ample time to visit and stay on each of the islands, as all the islands offer something unique and you would not want to miss out on the same. All the flights would first come to Mahe and then you can opt for a connecting flight to Praslin. However, it is slightly expensive so I will always suggest to book a ferry (the main ferry provider is Cat Cocos) which takes you to all the 3 destinations and the ride is beautiful and pristine. You can google and find out the timings for your island hopping, remember always book it in advance. Things to do in Seychelles Beau Vallon snorkeling, scuba diving in Praslin, visit to all the beaches yes all so spend time at all the destinations book your day trip boat ride few of them which includes snorkeling, barbecue on the beach, pick up and drop. Research and then book, read reviews, contact the […]

Best Places to Visit in Seychelles | Mahé, Praslin and La Digue

Serenity. Peace. Bliss. That’s Seychelles for you. If you have not yet added Seychelles to your bucket list, please do! We were searching for offbeat honeymoon destinations before our wedding and nothing in our research could beat Seychelles. An archipelago of 115 islands, Seychelles has a lot to offer to the nature-loving tourist – from breath-taking beaches to coral reefs, from rare varieties of flora to surprising fauna, the fun never ends. Probably that’s the reason why Prince William and Kate also chose Seychelles as their honeymoon haven. The best part- as you start landing, on one side you see the pristine Indian ocean and on the other, lush green mountain ranges. During our trip to this exquisite destination, we covered three major islands- Mahé (the capital city), Praslin and La Digue. If you are searching for some of the best places to visit in Seychelles, your search ends here. I’ve listed down some amazing must-visit places from each island which you can refer to during your entire stay at Seychelles. Mahé The largest island in Seychelles archipelago is where you will land to begin your journey. We would recommend that you choose any of the beachfront resorts for your stay, even if they are a bit expensive. They provide a truly enriching and relaxing experience worth every buck that you spend on them. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best places to visit in Mahé: Anse Royal One of the most stunning beaches you would have ever seen, we found this beach in Mahé to be one of the friendliest out of all beaches that we have ever come across. Perfect for those who love to swim in clear ocean waters. Beau Vallon The most popular beach in Mahé, Beau Vallon is vibrant and provides access to a multitude of activities including snorkelling, surfing, jet-skis, kite surfing and many more. Adventure lovers are in awe of this beach. National Botanical Garden Located in the heart of Victoria, the botanical garden gave us a glimpse of the rich bio-diversity of Seychelles. While there, you must pay a visit to the giant old tortoises. Feeding those calm, saintly animals is pure joy! Le jardin du Roi (King’s garden) spice garden Walk amongst the greens of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper and more. Modelled after 18th century France, this place will make you revel in its beauty as well as fragrance. After the walk, you can and should go to the in-house café to enjoy the delicacies made from freshly plucked spices. Don’t forget to try some of the rare varieties of ice-creams available here Eden Island This artificially created island is a must visit to experience a luxurious life sprinkled with local flavours. The restaurants here are located by the bay and provide a beautiful absorbing ambience along with delicious food and drinks. Pro-tip: Hire a car the moment you land in Mahé. This will save you from spending huge bucks on taxis and you will gain enough flexibility […]

SEYCHELLES – One Month in Paradise

Seychelles: General facts 1.- Seychelles is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean and lies about 1,500 km east of mainland Africa. 2.- It has 3 main islands: Mahé, which is the main island, and where the capital Victoria is. Praslin, the second biggest island which has one of the most high rated beaches in the world. La Digue, a small island which has one of the most photographed beaches in the world. 3.- The currency is the Seychellois Rupee which is 0.06 EUR, 0.09 AUD, 0.07 USD and o.05 GBP, but a lot of things require payment in Euros (for example diving, renting a car or even booking an hotel) 4.- The official languages are English, French and Seychellois Creole. The ones they use the most are Creole and French. The adventure begins… Seychelles is a little bit harder to reach, and by hard I mean that from Sweden it took us 3 flights, 2 stopovers and a total flying time of 21 hours to get there. But boy, was it worth it. We spent one month in this exotic and dreamy destination mostly advertised as a “honeymooners spot” and believe me when I tell you that if you want to experience the most pristine beaches and perfect weather in a relaxed environment, this is the place for you! With that being said, I have to warn the party enthusiasts that while there are bars and clubs, Seychelles didn't strike me as a party type of country. Mahé Our first stop was Mahé. We spent there two whole weeks to start getting to know the culture, and adapt ourselves to the climate and because we wanted to dive a lot and this island has some diving centres. As I said before, Seychelles is considered one of the best honeymoon locations in the world, which means that most of the tourist don't spend more than 2 weeks. Seychelles is very expensive if you do it the tourist way. You have to keep in mind that is an island in the middle of nowhere and have to import almost everything tourists need. Now, if you are like me and can eat fresh fish and tropical fruits everyday then you can save some bucks. We decided that if we were going to spend a month in a not-so-cheap country we would like to have our own kitchen where we could cook our own noodles once in a while and have milk for breakfast as our plan was to be more fancy in our dinners, so we booked everything through Airbnb . It is cheaper and you have the advantage of already know local people who can help you and give you tips and discounted prices in some things like renting a car. We decided to stay in the Beau Vallon area because the diving center was very close to our place. There also were stores and a pharmacy nearby and the bus stop if we wanted to take it to Victoria, the city centre. Every Wednesday there's a bazaar where they sell fruits, handcrafted […]
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