Seychelles: A Beginner's Travel Guide

When you think of Seychelles, first thing that comes to mind is “Exotic”, where the beaches are out of this world with crystal clear waters and where the runway is right next to the sea so trust me it is beautiful to the next level. Whether you plan to visit for your honeymoon, family or adventure it offers all and has plenty of surprises. It offers more than sun, sand and water. It is home to the rare species of Tortoise called as the Aldabra tortoise (which can grow to an excess of 600 lb and 200 years in age) and Coco de Mer a rare species of palm tree, it has the world’s largest nut and Inside the nut you can find the world’s largest seed – which takes up to seven years to germinate!

You can go feed the Aldabra Turtles in the Seychelles National Botanical Garden.

Explore the Paradise from my lens…

I reside in Delhi, India but I booked my flight to Seychelles from Mumbai, India as it was more economical & time friendly. Before booking your flights, you may want to explore the fare and time duration from different cities if you can and it is a great way to save on some money. Guess what Seychelles is a vis free country so no hassle just book your flights and you are good to go. Plan ahead in advance at least 6 months as this will give you the best airfares & the best hotel options to choose from. Remember, all the good hotel gets booked first and always book with “free cancellation” as it will give you options and finally you can pick the best hotels that would suit your need and always go for “breakfast included” as you don’t want to waste your time in searching for food in the morning.

Places to visit in Seychelles

Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands and Mahe, Praslin and La Digue are the three destinations that you should definitely cover. Plan a week to a 10-day itinerary as it will give you ample time to visit and stay on each of the islands, as all the islands offer something unique and you would not want to miss out on the same. All the flights would first come to Mahe and then you can opt for a connecting flight to Praslin. However, it is slightly expensive so I will always suggest to book a ferry (the main ferry provider is Cat Cocos) which takes you to all the 3 destinations and the ride is beautiful and pristine. You can google and find out the timings for your island hopping, remember always book it in advance.

Things to do in Seychelles

Beau Vallon snorkeling, scuba diving in Praslin, visit to all the beaches yes all so spend time at all the destinations book your day trip boat ride few of them which includes snorkeling, barbecue on the beach, pick up and drop. Research and then book, read reviews, contact the service providers but book everything in advance before you go. For me the best place to experience sunset was Beau Vallon beach. Beach and sunset are always a great combo so keep your cameras ready. Dig in local food the “Seychellois cuisine” they are super tasty. Fish is a prominent dish and is cooked in various style. Definitely visit Sainte Anne Marine National Park in Mahe, it requires a boat ride and do take the glass bottom boat as you would not want to miss on the beauty down there. Normally, it is a full day trip which includes super tasty lunch on the beach some leisure time on the beach, snorkeling and other fun activities, do carry towels along. Do take some time and visit the Takamaka Rum Distillery to discover the island famous rum product. It is the only rum made on the island with locally grown sugar cane. There are tours that are run daily but check on the timings before you go as they might tend to change and guess what you can taste all varieties of rum, interesting isn’t it!

For Commute within the Island

You may want to hire a car for yourself in Mahe and drive around comfortably as the cabs are expensive. Vehicles here drive on the left and you can choose from manual transmission or automatic version of cars. Keep the GPS navigation handy while driving so you don’t get lost and it will save time. Definitely hire cycle on the island of La Digue as besides your foot these are the only means of commute and a great way to explore the Island.

When to visit

This year-round destination is blessed with warm, tropical climate and the temperature ranges from 24°C to 32°C. It also rains a lot so it is quite advisable to look for the weather forecast and it is not a bad idea to pack an umbrella.

Vaccination and Health in Seychelles

Unlike many other African nations, Seychelles has no tropical diseases to worry hence no vaccination required to enter. However, if you are visiting from a country which suffers from certain diseases then you will be required to show the proof of vaccination. Being near to the equator sun is strong and you might end up getting a bit of sunburn and you might feel dehydrated so, just drink plenty of liquids and carry a good sunscreen with high SPF rating of maybe 70 and apply generously and re-apply after swimming.

Things to keep in mind

  • Local currency is Seychelles Rupees. 1 SCR = Approx. 5.19 INR (subject to change), though Euros are widely accepted
  • Most of their prices are in Euros owing to the large European population
  • Do not forget to carry your essential like sunblock, sunglasses, swim suits, hat, etc.
  • All the home stays may not provide with ample drinking water, so make sure to buy as you cannot drink tap water at all islands
Keep traveling to explore. Hope you enjoyed reading and was helpful and exciting so go ahead and make your travel plan now.  

Divya Richa

I am a fun loving and adventurous person and absolutely love to travel. From mountains to beaches to plains just name it and I love to experience all kinds of places. Traveling to different places helps me explore different culture, food, etc,. I love to travel with family, friends or at times even solo. I work full time in an MNC but lately writing has become my passion.