Best Places To Visit In Seychelles

If you are looking for a rejuvenating vacation or the perfect honeymoon destination Seychelles is “THE” place for you. I visited Seychelles last year on my honeymoon and I am glad that despite contemplating a lot we chose this destination. From its enchanting beaches with pristine blue water and sparkling white sand to its numerous nature reserves as well as rare animals and bird species, the place is gifted by nature and is in true sense ‘Paradise on Earth’. The country is a group of 115 islands (only a few are inhabited) located in the Indian Ocean close to East Africa. The best part about Seychelles is you can visit the country any time of the year as it has a tropical climate and the temperature remains between 24 to 32-degree Celsius, although it is a bit humid there. Don’t forget to carry sunscreen, sunglasses and a scarf if you don’t plan on getting sunburned or tanned.

View From Airport


When your flight lands in Seychelles you will reach the main city called Mahe. The Seychelles airport is a small one( not much to buy from the duty-free) but don’t miss out on the beautiful view that you get just before landing, the runway is surrounded by the blue ocean on both sides. We took a flight from Mahe to Praslin as we kept Mahe for the last part of our plan and started our 10-day long vacation. TOP PLACES TO VISIT IN PRASLIN
  • ANSE LAZIO: Known to be the ‘Best Beach In The World‘ this place is a must visit. If you are an adventure freak you can go snorkeling( although we skipped it).
  • Vallee De Mai: One of Seychelles two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this forest is famous for its special Coco De Mer palm trees and black parrots. It will take you around one to two hour to go through this place.
My suggestion, even if you are staying in a fancy hotel try eating from a food truck at least once especially their chicken and chips or fish curry, I bet you will stop eating at your hotel. Fun Fact: Coco De Mer is the world’s largest seed and is so popular because of its shape. Seychellois believe that the nut has mystical powers that is why only a limited number of shops sell it and if you are planning to bring this giant nut home you need to buy it from a shop that has an export license.


Coco De Mer

La Digue

From Praslin, you can get an inter-island ferry to La Digue, they have fixed slots around 7-8 trips every day, I would suggest starting in the morning so that you have enough time to explore the island. The unique think about the island is there are hardly any cars or other vehicles on the road. In fact, it was once not allowed to own a car in La Digue. You can explore the island on a bicycle or you can walk. There are many beautiful beaches to explore. You can easily get a bike on rent close to the place where the ferry drops you. As I have grown up to be a clumsy person and lack all hand, eye and leg coordination, I ended up injuring my leg during my visit to La Digue, but the best part about my injury was I got to meet a lot of local people who were really helpful and nice. They helped me and my husband to get to the nearby hospital.

La Digue

Cerf Island

Although we were planning to stay at St.Anne, unfortunately, it was closed for renovation. So instead, we opted for Cerf Island. It is a privately owned island with beautiful villas build amidst the jungle. The villas are huge and you will have a lovely balcony where you can sit and enjoy nature. However, if you are planning to go for a swim, the island staff informed that there are stingrays in the water. So, If you are looking for a luxurious stay, an open-air jacuzzi, and some authentic Creole food prepared by some of the best chefs in Seychelles go for this place. (However, if St.Anne is open, go for it.)

Moyenne Island

The smallest National Park in Seychelles also famous as the haunted island is located in the middle of St.Anne Marine National Park. It has a fascinating history of pirates, huge treasures and ghosts. You will get a map and will be free to explore the island on your own. There are giant Aldabra tortoises roaming around freely and you can even feed them. The path through the island passes through two graves (believed to be those of pirates), ruins of two old houses which once belonged to two of the four owners of the island, a church, and different viewpoints ideal for taking pictures as well as getting a view of different islands. Believe me or not you will feel an eerie stillness throughout the island.

Aldabra Tortoise at the Moyenne Island


Our last destination was Mahe. I would suggest you take a car on rent and explore the city at your own pace. Two days are more than enough to visit the main attractions of the city. MUST VISIT PLACES
  • Mission Lodge:  Situated on the southern mountains with a scenic view of the ocean below, it was a site for an ancient school for slave children(also believed to be haunted now). The mountains are home to a variety of flora and fauna. You will find a number of spices growing in the wild, the place is also rich in rare and endemic birds. On your way down towards the Capital Victoria, you will encounter the tea plantations.
  • Selwyn-Selwyn Clarke Market:  This market is located in the Capital Victoria. It is the busiest food market in Seychelles filled with colorful stalls selling fresh fruits, vegetables, and fishes. A must visit if you wish to explore the local food, culture and meet some Seychellois.
  • Little Ben:  It is the famous landmark clock tower situated at the center of one of the world’s smallest capital.
  • Beau Vallon Beach:  Drive along this famous beach to enjoy the soothing breeze.
  • Takamaka Distillery:  If you have some time left do visit the famous Takamaka rum distillery. They give a guided tour of the distillery and you can enjoy Rum tasting as well.
( Again Don’t miss out on the local food and cafes.)

View From My Hotel At Mahe

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