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72 Hours in Qatar

We are all familiar with the downside to travel – long-haul flights and hours locked away in stuffy, overcrowded airports. If, like me, you feel the need to break up your trip to at least get some fresh air, why not turn that connecting stop into a micro break? The Middle East is moving up the popularity list as airlines like Emirates and Etihad take control of our favourite routes, but the (relatively) new kid on the block is Qatar. Qatar Airways transits through Doha to connect over 150 destinations, so why not spend a few days exploring this relatively unknown country? The visa is free on arrival and there is plenty to do!

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Top 2 hostels in Qatar.

There are 2 awesome hostels and budget places to stay in Qatar.

Saray Musheireb Hotel and Suites

Saray Musheireb Hotel and Suites

Welcome to Saray Musheireb Hotel and Suites in the heart of Doha, next to banks and government offices.

Saray Musheireb Hotel and Suites is a hotel in . Check Hostelworld for prices.80
Qatar Youth Hostels

Qatar Youth Hostels

Our hostel Qatar Youth Hostels is very luxurious one. It is also quality certified from HI. You can logon the internet using your laptop any time any anywhere inside the hostel as there are 9 wireless routers covering the whole hostel. We offer the following facilities and services: Games room - Ta

Qatar Youth Hostels is a hostel in . Check Hostelworld for prices.75

Qatar Travel Guides

Qatar: Beyond the Royal Walls

Qatar is an exquisite country residing in Western Asia. Being a self-governing country, Qatar is being ruled by Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani currently of the Thani Empire. The capital of Qatar is Doha where you will stumble on the major tourist attractions. If you have a flair…

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What to do in a day in the capital city of Qatar- Doha

Doha, the beautiful capital of Qatar, is one of the places I loved visiting, the splendid architecture, organized way of life and high rate of expats, will definitely have me going back! Let’s say you have just one day in Doha, the capital city of Qatar. Read on, to find…

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Singapore: A Destination For Children Of All Ages

Generally thought of as a big business hub in South-East Asia, or as an ideal stopover between the lands ‘down under’ and Europe, Singapore actually has much to offer in terms of a proper holiday destination.  Families most would benefit from its compact size yet wealth of attractions, which suit…

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The Baguio Weekend Escapade

Philippines, Baguio City. The summer capital of the country. What a good way to spend my special day but of course to get a weekend chill to the one I love most: the city of Pines, Baguio City. Located at the northern part of the country, it will take a…

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First time in Thailand, 2016/2017

I have to admit that Thailand was not actually my ‘dream destination’, I never actually thought about it. But anyway, all those good reviews and stories made me thinking. Soon, my friend and I had purchased the flight and the adventure was ready to start. The country itself – Thailand…

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Budget Travel In The Maldives

­A natural wonder and home to mesmerizing sunsets, white sand beaches, fresh seafood and plentiful marine life… Paradise? Yes. The 1200 islands belonging to Maldives are everything that anyone could hope for in an island getaway. The peaceful atmosphere combined with influence from surrounding countries in Asia and Africa, as…

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72 Hours in Qatar

Break up the Boredom! We are all familiar with the downside to travel – long-haul flights and hours locked away in stuffy, overcrowded airports. If, like me, you feel the need to break up your trip to at least get some fresh air, why not turn that connecting stop into…

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Glen Arbor, Michigan: The Joys of Nature in an Idyllic American Small Town

The smell of fresh pine carried on a gentle sea breeze; this was the first sensation I encountered upon stepping out of the car in Glen Arbor Michigan. This is a place where people feel a real connection with the land around them. The landscape, the forest, the produce and…

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