Qatar: Beyond the Royal Walls

Qatar is an exquisite country residing in Western Asia. Being a self-governing country, Qatar is being ruled by Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani currently of the Thani Empire. The capital of Qatar is Doha where you will stumble on the major tourist attractions. If you have a flair for art and adventure with a pinch of majestic feel, then Qatar is just the right place you will land on. I have been to Doha, Qatar thrice in the past two years and trust me, each time I explored the country, a better part of it was found. So, if you are bitten by the travel bug and planning a trip to Qatar, then go through this blog. Hopefully, you will find yourself in an urge to visit Doha, Qatar. Take a look!

Tourist attractions in Qatar

Katara Cultural Village

Amid the royal boundaries of this exquisite land, resides a beautiful place for one and all, namely, Katara Cultural Village. Katara Cultural Village is located at the Shakespeare Street in Doha. As the name says itself, this place is developed keeping in mind a village theme. As you will traverse through the lanes of this village, you will find yourself surrounded by a vision of the bygone age. One can take a tour of the complete village on a golf cart which is available here. The golf cart service is free of cost and can be boarded from every corner of this place. Walk through the streets of this beautiful man-made village, promoting the art & culture of Qatar. The calm and quiet ambiance with the sound of the waves being the only sound heard, this place relaxes both your mind and soul. On special occasions like Eid, visitors can experience the traditional music and dance performed by the locals.

The Pearl Qatar

The Pearl Qatar is one of the eminent tourist spots of Doha. With an artificial island bordered by vibrant premises, this place quenches the thirst of every visitor with its picturesque view. It gives a feel of the streets of Venice with the man made canals. The place is also said to be the most expensive destination of Doha, with all sorts of luxuries being available. Tourists who crave for scenic spots should add this to their bucket list.

Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif is the central attraction of Qatar. A ‘Souq’ is known to be a market selling the local items in the Middle East countries. From traditional music to a rural setup, from rides for the young-aged to local eateries for the old, from customary items to souvenirs for the tourists, this place has so much to offer. Moreover, the bucolic theme giving you a glimpse of the past era is the major highlight of this spot. Tourists from various countries are spotted here chilling and enjoying. Get lured by the splendour of this spot and experience Qatar’s sundry art and culture. Also, if you deem window shopping then surely this place will not dishearten you.

Museum of Islamic Art, Doha

Doha has a special corner for all the art lovers. Museum of Islamic Art is one spot where folks can discover the Islamic art pieces along with various other amenities. Apart from the art gallery, it consists of a gift shop to keep your shopping worries away, a restaurant where you can binge on some scrumptious food, a theater for some entertainment, a library for the bibliophiles and much more than you can think. Dwelling in a Muslim country, it even has a separate prayer room for the Muslims. This sole premise is located on the Corniche of Doha. One can get pleasure from the view of the sea in a hushed ambiance.

Doha Corniche

Abandon yourself in a mesmerizing twilight by sitting on the Doha Corniche. Doha Corniche is spread over 7 km along the Doha Bay. One of the best views from the Corniche is undoubtedly the skyline of Qatar which is not less than any wonder. A spectacular vista of Doha with the breeze soothing the soul is what one will gain on every visit to the Corniche. One can take a ride on the dhow cruise to explore the magnificence of Qatar along with some traditional Arabic music. The Dhow cruises are available on the Corniche and the ticket also fits in the budget.

Malls of Qatar

The malls in Qatar are way more artistic than just being a structure of glass and cement. In Doha, you will find how marvellously each mall gives you a feel of a rustic yet regal place with a modern touch and assorted amenities. Without a doubt, the government has spared no effort to delight the visitors with the arty interiors and striking exteriors. In my opinion, you should try each & every mall residing in Doha to discover this beautiful blend. For all the brand & style conscious folks, these malls boast of almost every popular brand. The best part about these malls is that the brands here offer many types of discounts for the customers. Now all the shoppers can retain their shopping spree, leaving behind the budget issues. Also, if luckily you arrive in a festive week, you will explore special arrangements and offers. For leisure & pleasure, all these malls serve various entertainment options for the kids as well as the adults. Try ice skating, or go for a 7d movie, everything is available within a small little world. These malls even offer a high range of eatables. Either you can sit in a restaurant to munch on some delicacies or try tasting from the food stalls while you take a tour of the malls. The options are fairly unlimited.  A list of malls that you must not skip includes Al-Hazm Mall, Lagoona Mall, Mall of Qatar, Doha Festival City, Gulf Mall, Doha City Center, Villagio Mall, and Ezdan Mall.

Desert Safari

Desert Safari is the reason why most of the tourists prefer Middle East countries. For the people who love adventures, Doha offers them many desert activities. If you have never experienced it in your life, then darling, you will regret it in heaven.  

Best time to visit Qatar

Since Qatar is a subtropical desert of the Western Asia, the best time to visit there would be From November to the mid of March. The weather stays pleasant during this period so you can easily explore each and every corner of this place.  

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