Top Things to do in Doha

Doha, Qatar is the perfect travel destination, especially while in transit or as a short layover. Doha is Qatar’s capital and is located in the central east of the peninsula. This, therefore, places Doha as a perfect transit airport with a variety of things to do and see while in transit. Qatar is visa-free for citizens of 80 countries with varying lengths of stay. If you are in transit ( 5-96hrs) and are a citizen of a nation that is not among the pre-approved countries, you will be required to acquire a pre-approval(1week in advance) to be able to enjoy the cost-free transit visa. Qatar Airways is Qatar’s national carrier. It has been awarded many awards including best economy class middle east, top 10 airlines world, best business class, just to mention a few.

Doha, Qatar

Visit the Museums

There are two main museums within close proximity to the Hamad International Airport and are not far from each other. One is the newly opened National Museum of Qatar, and the other is the Museum of Islamic Art. Both museums are unique and have a lot to offer. The National Museum of Qatar is very vast and has great aesthetic pleasure, while the Museum of Islamic Art gives you an unforgettable view of the city both day and night. Both museums are well organized therefore, there is no congestion when moving around. They have a restaurant and there are people to assist if the need arises. In addition, both museums are also stroller/ wheelchair friendly. Qatar now charges QAR50 for visiting adults but is free for both Qatar nationals and residents.
Museum of Islamic Art
City Centre Views from M.I.A
National Museum of Qatar
Qatar Flag in the National Museum

The Pearl Qatar

This is an artificial island that offers luxurious living. It has a wide selection of renowned restaurants and cafes, luxury fashion brands, residences, hotels, and marina. The pearl comprises of; Portal Arabia- has the marina, restaurants and luxurious brands, Qanat Quartier- is a mini Venice with waterfront townhouses, piano stairs, and restaurants. While at it, enjoy the luxurious cars passing by owned by the nationals and residents.
Portal Arabia
Qanat Quartier

Souq Waqif

This is a market place where you can purchase souvenirs, spices and traditional items. Souq has a number of restaurants ranging from traditional to European cuisines. In the evening, you can have the opportunity to watch traditional performances. Souq is located close to both museums, therefore, provides the convenience of visiting all of them together.

Desert Safari

This is a signature activity in the middle east. You have not enjoyed the middle east if you have not done a desert safari. It is a greatly exciting and fun experience where once picked up at your hotel and taken into the desert, you will enjoy an intense dune bashing. You will be taken to a central location where you will have a tantalizing BBQ lunch and have some free time for yourself to ride on camels, take pictures in the desert and also enjoy quad bike riding on the sand dunes. Thereafter, you will be dropped back to your hotel. This activity requires about 6hours since most of the time pick up is around 3 pm and arrival back is roughly around 9 pm.
Enjoying the Desert Safari

Evening Dhow Cruise

This is undeniably a memorable experience that anyone visiting Doha should try. The traditional dhows made of wood unveil cultural richness that the country has preserved. The cruise provides an impressive sight of dancing lights and illumination of enormous towers and city. There are many cuisines served in the dhow thus, variety is guaranteed. It is an incredible way of unwinding a busy day of shopping sprees and sightseeing. Doha has so many other activities to do and experience, it is truly a haven of beauty.  


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