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Armenia: Places to visit during a short stay in Yerevan

Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world. Thousands of tourists come here every year to admire historical monuments and unique beauty of the city. In this local guide I will tell you about the places to visit in the capital of Armenia during your short visit to go back with unforgettable memories. 3 museums you must visit   There are plenty of museums that I could recommend, but if you have very limited time, then below three are a must. National gallery and historical museum of Armenia The museum located on the Republic square is a must place […]
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Armenia: The Hidden Wonder Revealed

Let us unleash the hidden beauty of a place in the mountains… I was on the verge of disappointment when I celebrated my birthday last 2015 when I invited 50 guests in a hotel in Dubai but only 30 came so I promised myself that in 2016 I’ll be spending my money on myself and on travelling and so I did. Since I barely hear people going to Armenia, I decided to book a ticket discovering the wonderful place that is located in the middle of Asia and Europe and is surrounded by different countries like Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and […]
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Smoke-Free Yerevan: Finding Fresh Air in Armenia's Capital

In Armenia, where smoking is somewhat of a cultural pastime, finding a Smoke-free spot to hang out is difficult. Cigarettes and hookah are the main indulgences, and it's not uncommon to pass by groups of smokers, young and old, seated at an outdoor cafe or hanging out on the street corner. The habit of smoking is so deeply ingrained in Armenian culture (and many other cultures, for that matter) that it shouldn't come as a surprise that smoking indoors in public establishments is not banned in Armenia. This presents a bit of a problem for us non-smokers (and smokers who […]
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Hollow roads and ancient temples – visiting Armenia

I was traveling around Georgia for a few weeks as I came up with the idea to take a short visit to its neighbour Armenia. This small Caucasus country has overcome many hardships throughout its history, including many wars and a genocide, which made masses of Armenians start a life outside their homeland – nowadays only less than a third of the world's Armenian population lives in their home country. Not all the troubles tormenting Armenia are in the past – the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict with Azerbaijan has not been resolved yet, leaving Armenia with closed borders. It also faces some […]
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Best of Armenia

Even nobody knows nothing about this country not even that it exists I had a chance to visit it thanks to Erasmus+ project with Armenians. This country is located in the Caucasus in Southwest Asia and the capital city Yerevan is located about 12 kilometers from Turkey. First thing that I would like to mention is that there were lot of things that I was surprised almost shocked because there is a much different culture than I expected, but lot of these things which surprised me I consider for typical sings of Armenia. Perfect view from […]
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Armenia. Small, Enchanting and Smiling so Genuinely

  Finding Armenia in Africa Some 18-19 years ago I met this Nigerian guy sitting by the fountains in the largest square we have in our city. It's called Republic Square. Back in the day it was called – surprise-surprise! – Lenin Square. Yes, my country, Armenia, is a former Soviet Republic. Lenin's statue in this Square, Stalin's on the highest hill of the city, you know how it was. They were everywhere. So the Nigerian guy. This was late 1990s, we didn't have too many Africans walking around in our city back then. I was curious. And besides, I […]
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