Armenia: The Hidden Wonder Revealed

January 1, 1970

by Jayhem15

Let us unleash the hidden beauty of a place in the mountains…

I was on the verge of disappointment when I celebrated my birthday last 2015 when I invited 50 guests in a hotel in Dubai but only 30 came so I promised myself that in 2016 I’ll be spending my money on myself and on travelling and so I did. Since I barely hear people going to Armenia, I decided to book a ticket discovering the wonderful place that is located in the middle of Asia and Europe and is surrounded by different countries like Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and Turkmenistan. I searched for ways to get to Georgia from Armenia by train but since the blogs on the internet says that it’ll be an overnight escapade which will take 10-12 hours, I decided not to push through.

So, I booked my ticket and browsed for a single room on and I found a hostel with a single room on a floor with 3 rooms and a shared bathroom and I think that’s fine for a 4 day tour. The 3 nights in the room costs me less than 3000 pesos if converted. The day before my birthday is my travel date so after I prepared everything I needed, I went straight to the Dubai Airport using a cab because I can’t use the metro going there. I just paid around 17 aed or that’s 190 pesos. The ticket I booked was from FLYDUBAI and it only costs me around 8000-9000 pesos for a ticket back and forth since there is a promo when I booked and you can get it way cheaper if you book it many months earlier.

One of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site

I was all alone with no prepared itinerary since I’ve been busy with work and this is the only way in which I can get away with my full schedule—to take a leave and get out of the country. I was keen about the people around me and as I was observing, there are 2 women who as for me, seem so friendly and approachable so I asked kindly if they will also go to Armenia for vacation and yes they answered so I asked again in which places did they plan to go and I was surprised because they have a list on their hand . Seems like they have meticulously planned for this travel and because I don’t have any itinerary, I asked them if I can join them and because it’s cheaper if you have companions with you. You might have some questions in mind.

Here are the 4 Ws and 1H before visiting ARMENIA

Why visit Armenia?

Grand Republic Square

Armenia is not known to many people but it has a charming nation and a rich history; it is located in the mountains surrounding the legendary Mount Ararat which is very famous because in was a part of our history and is written in the Bible in which the Noah’s Ark was believed to have settled after the legendary flood. This country offers mountains, gorges and valleys which are picturesque and is perfect for hiking enthusiasts. There are certain rock formations that are believed to serve as residential area during the Stone Age. Other than that, some delicacies in this country are mouth watering and a must try.

Moreover, the lake overlooking the Mount Ararat is also a great tourist spot that gives a majestic and magical feeling like you are in a fairy tale.

Where in Armenia are the best places to visit?


It is the capital of Armenia which is the home to the Grand Republic Square in which alot people gather especially when it is the schedule of the colorful fountain show. Climbing to the Cascade is also one of the highlights of the tour to showcase the city’s monument to Soviet Victory in World War 2. Also, it is very fantastic to witness the Armenian Genocide Memorial and see the whole of the city. The vernissage flea market is only open on the weekends and is perfect for buying souvenirs. Moreover, at night, it is relaxing to walk through the streets of the city and showcase how lovely the people are.

The breathtaking view of the city from the top: the famous CASCADE

Sevan lake

It is the country’s largest lake and is found in the heart of Armenia. Aside from the spectacular scenery, there are also monasteries nearby and if you get hungry on your trip, alot of excellent seafood restaurants are just along the shore. 

Sevan Lake with Mount Ararat included in the beautiful scenery



It is a monastery which is shielded by sheer brick-red cliffs. It is very popular for its Astvatsatsin (Holy of Mother God) church because it is believed to have been saved by God himself when the country was conquered by the Mongols in the past.


You can enjoy the sight from the Black Fortress on the hill that overlooks the city.

Geghard Monastery

When you visit this place, you will feel like you are in a Harry Potter Scene. The place is covered with rock and you must take into consideration every detail of the place and you’ll be amazed.

Harry Potter feels in Geghard


For those who are into winter sports, this is the best place to be but for some who are not, they can ride the ski lifts to enjoy the scenery of the place. Also, I went there on my birthday and the Armenians there said that as a form of hospitality on someone’s birthday, they are offering free champagne and so, we drank a little.



When is the best time to visit?

I went there on Summer so basically, the snow already melted except for some few parts in the mountain which I about to visit but I didn’t continue because my companion never planned to go there and it’s like I’m going there alone. According to some Armenians, from November to February, there is a thick formation of snow and these are the months wherein the weather is very bizarre and you’ll freeze because of the coldness of the weather so they are suggesting for tourist to go there during the months of March to April wherein it is not that much cold but still, you can enjoy the view of the place and at the same time, play with the snow.

What are the cool activities in this country?

In mount Aragat, tourists can go for hiking. It can be climbed on the months of July to September because on the rest of the year, it’ll be snowy. On lake Arpi, you can also camp and do some walking as people can relax more here than on Lake Sevan because it can be extremely crowded during the peak season. For those who are into windsurfing, in Lake Sevan it is one of the activities offered in. Most importantly, for those who just want to relax and do sunbathing, the famous lake is the perfect place where you can lay your blankets, lie down and enjoy the nature.

For people who hasn’t experienced snow yet, Armenia is one of the places which is quite cheap enough to discover it because during the winter season, they don’t have to climb the mountains to be amazed by the snow formation but it happens all around the city and they must be prepare themselves by the coldness it brings.

How much is the budget if you decided to go to Armenia from Dubai?

It is better if you book tickets months before so it’ll be cheaper than the usual. Also, if you are lucky enough to avail of an airline’s promo, then you can book for your trip ahead because you can get the tickets way cheaper. The agencies in Dubai are offering a package of 1500-2500aed for a 4 day Armenian trip but if you book it yourself, it’ll be a li’l cheaper. If you are frugal enough to budget your food, book a comfortable but cheap accommodation and can book your tickets ahead, you will just spend an approximate 10,000-17000 pesos per head.




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