Armenia: Places to visit during a short stay in Yerevan

Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world. Thousands of tourists come here every year to admire historical monuments and unique beauty of the city. In this local guide I will tell you about the places to visit in the capital of Armenia during your short visit to go back with unforgettable memories.

3 museums you must visit

  There are plenty of museums that I could recommend, but if you have very limited time, then below three are a must.

National gallery and historical museum of Armenia

The museum located on the Republic square is a must place to visit. However, if you came to Yerevan just for a few days, then you can visit some sections of the museum since you won’t have time to go through everything. The museum preserves archaeological, ethnographic, numismatic collections, photos and so much more because humans inhabited Yerevan in pre-historical times.


holds one of the richest collections of ancient manuscripts in the world. I personally love the place not only for unique documents it preserves, but also for the view at the city that opens from there. All relevant information about tickets, opening hours you can see on the official website of the museum here.


Memorial complex and museum dedicated to victims of Armenian genocide of 1915. The monument is 44m. high and symbolizes the rebirth of Armenian nation. The museum is open until 5pm, it contains a lot of interesting information but some photos and materials are really hard to look at.

 Things to do in the center of Yerevan

Take a walk on the main Republic square. Make sure to come there in the evening to witness an amazing show of dancing fountains (every day at 9 pm except Monday). The square is a favorite meeting point for many since it is right in the heart of Yerevan close to all main attractions of the city. After spending a half of the day in the museums, head to Cascade Park in the center. If you are up to the challenge, climb all 572 stairs to reach the top and enjoy breathtaking views at the city center. Try local food in one of the below restaurants/bistros: -OST on Saryan street: cheap and tasty Armenian dishes and snacks -Lavash restaurant: try Armenian tolma, Ararat brandy  and other traditional dishes in a nice atmosphere. -El garden. I love the place for its location. It is a cafe/restaurant inside the actual garden. The venue has a rich food menu, but I would go there for a drink rather than food. Visit Vernissage- an open air market in Yerevan, where you can buy souvenirs, handmade bags, carpets, paintings, books and so much more. Bargain over the prices.

Tips to follow while in Yerevan

Use public transport

It is cheap and almost all buses pass through the Center where the most of attractions are. If you use a taxi, then download GG app, where you can see the rates in advance.

Take a tour

Use One Way Tour travel company, which organize daily tours inside Yerevan and all over Armenia. In one day you can visit 2-3 places at once and the price is really cheap for the experience you get. Besides, you get to meet other travelers.

Lusine Mirzoyan

I am Lusine, born in Armenia, currently living in Cyprus. Still believe in Humanity, considering life the greatest teacher, love meeting interesting people, explore and learn new things.