Your guide for a magical week in Beirut

Dear traveler, Is your suitcase ready? Did you bring your camera with you to take the most beautiful pictures that will make your friends jealous? Did you? Is everything on point? So let us go together to Western Asia, to the country which was referred to as the “Switzerland of the east”. Yes, you guessed it right, we are going to Lebanon!


I had the chance to spend a magical week in Beirut and the environs. Don’t worry, I will take you on a tour in “Paris of the Middle-East”. But first, let’s go back in time.


In Beirut, you’ll learn more history than you ever did in your whole life, although Beirut is small, its size doesn’t reflect the depth of its history: If you don’t pay a visit to the Romans ruins, you’ll be missing out, they were found when rebuilding, they are an interesting site for the fact they still remain today after so much discord in the area.


While walking in the streets of Beirut, you can definitely feel the diversity, as it’s home to many religions and sects, and despite all the conflict, people are resilient and are defined with an acceptance attitude that you won’t find anywhere in the Arab world. Do not hesitate to talk to locals, they will amaze you with their stories!


You will also find the diversity in the nightlife, as it’s one of the biggest reasons why tourists come and visit, there are many nightclubs and pubs all over suitable for every taste so you can always find the right place you can spend the night.


Food, you said? Are you a food lover? Lebanese people are too. In Beirut you can find everything you can imagine, so plan to do a diet when you get back as the food scene is incredible: Hummus, fattoush, za’atar salad and falafel etc .. and every other cuisine is available as well from the most exquisite dishes to everyday snack places. Yes, foodies! What are you waiting for?

One hour away from Beirut

Now, let’s go to the most exciting part of the tour, a part that will take you within yourself. Are you a nature lover? Are you passionate about hiking? walking? Or Do you simply enjoy being far away from the noise of the city? I have definitely found your spot!

Tannourine Cedars Forest

  Many of us have known Beirut as a dangerous place to travel, to your surprise, I could find my inner peace in a place just one hour away from Beirut.

Tannourine Cedars reserve

The breathtaking Tannourine Cedars reserve is situated at an altitude around 2000 meter above sea level, lies in a splendidly beautiful area and protects one of the largest and densest cedar forests in Lebanon. It is home to over 70 000 ancient cedar trees, as well as a variety of pines, poplars, and other tree species. Some of these trees are believed to be aged between 1000 and 2000 years of age. Hikers will also enjoy the opportunity to discover rock-cut on their hike, as well as rare flowers particular to this high altitude terrain like the mountain tulip or Lebanese prickly thrift. Dear travelers, The cedars of Tannourine can offer you a day out of this world, where you will forget yourself, relieve your stress and have a lifetime opportunity to listen to all your senses. The cedars of Tannourine is a place where the sky is not even the limit, you can see the clouds from above the mountains while breathing a fresh air. You will realize that you are in Lebanon, a country located around conflict zones, yet you are here, surrounded by trees that resisted over 2000 years, looking at the sky and feeling proud of yourself because you got out of all your comfort zones. You will definitely look for your own spot, as you will feel the need to meditate because there is nothing like nature to bring you back to yourself and to connect you to the world, your human potential will awaken in the midst of the silence, tranquility, and beauty of Tannourine. Then you will wait for sunset. Don’t miss it out for anything in the world. It is really priceless! A day will go by but you still here, enjoying your life because you made the choice to come pay a visit to Tannourine, and a visit to Tannourine is always well worth it. Don’t you agree ? Especially if you finish it with a healthy mountain-view Lebanese dinner in one of those family-owned restaurants near the reserve.

Sunset in Tannourine Cedars Reserve

Enjoy yourself

Our tour is about to finish. Beirut is a city to visit at least once in your life. It is a living, vibrant city where you can discover the middle-eastern culture in its purest, traditional form, where you can listen to Fairouz songs played everywhere, where you can enjoy being called ‘Habibi’ by Lebanese people (which means “my dear”) and where you can build your own proper vision about the Middle-Eastern region. This travel will certainly turn you into a story-teller and a hummus-lover. And this is the best part of traveling, it is when you can discover a side of yourself you have never known before, it is when you leave a part of yourself in a place you just visited for a week and when you take a part of this place back with you. I am pretty sure you will find yourself while walking in Beirut, this city that came out more stronger after every crisis, this city that is still home to different people and you can easily feel one of them. Dear traveler, Book your flight and get lost in Beirut! Enjoy every single moment of your travel. Make sure to follow this guide, but more importantly, make sure to enjoy every single thing without thinking of what people said about even of what I wrote. Because I want this trip to be as special for you as it was for me. A trip that will allow you to travel within yourself. Get yourself ready.


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