Lebanon Travel Guides for Backpackers

Lebanon: visit to Beirut and Byblos

My last Christmas was spent in Lebanon -a country, where contradictions coexist side by side. We spent most of the time in Beirut, but we also visited  Byblos  (Jbeil).  It was my first visit to the country, still I had to say that some expectations were formed in my head, mostly by the media. My advice to you is getting rid of stereotypes because only then you will be truly open to discoveries. So, let’s start our journey to Lebanon, shall we? Beirut The flight from Larnaca to Beirut lasted 35 minutes, the shortest flight I have ever taken in my […]
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Your guide for a magical week in Beirut

Dear traveler, Is your suitcase ready? Did you bring your camera with you to take the most beautiful pictures that will make your friends jealous? Did you? Is everything on point? So let us go together to Western Asia, to the country which was referred to as the “Switzerland of the east”. Yes, you guessed it right, we are going to Lebanon! Beirut I had the chance to spend a magical week in Beirut and the environs. Don’t worry, I will take you on a tour in “Paris of the Middle-East”. But first, let’s go back in time. History In Beirut, […]
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Lebanon: Why Everyone Should Visit

“I got into the Beirut Arabic Language program! I’m going to go to Beirut for the summer!” I messaged my mom as soon as I got my acceptance letter to the American University in Beirut. She wasn’t thrilled. When I first told her I was applying for immersion Arabic language programs, she quietly rooted for me to go to Jordan or stay in the United States, both countries holding reputations as being “safe.” Growing up in the small town of Hillsborough, NC, the Middle East seemed scary and violent from the media. However, in Lebanon I never felt out of […]
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