Winter in the Twins Rocks: Rockaway, Oregon

One of the great things in life thanks it for each minute that it will give to you, because each moment is an opportunity to discover new things, meet new people and see new places. That is the reason I want to bring a place that besides of the sand, beach and two far Rockaways, you will find a small city located in the northeast of United States. It is called Rockaway Beach. When I mention Rockaway Beach, I am not talking about the beach located in Long Island, New York. I am talking about the small city located in Tillamook County, 87 miles (140 kilometers) east of Portland, Oregon.

How get there?

By Car

You must take I- 405 south from West Burnside Street. Then US 26 West, OR-6 west and US 101 North. It takes around two hours or so by car to get there. In my country (Colombia) two hours is not that much. However, for the most American that I met, two hours is far, but believe me, there is not a better thing than take a car and ask some friends to go with you for the weekend.

By Bus

You should go to Union Station and take number 5 (Tillamook Westbound) it will take around 2 hours to get to Tillamook Transit Center where you should take number 3 to Rockaway Beach. Its take you approximately 30 minutes. It cost between $18.00 to USD 23.00.

On the road

If you love the nature, this trip will be lovely for you. On the road, you will find too many trees, forest, even waterfalls like Jordan Creek and Tillamook State Forest. I did not mention before, but Oregon is a state full of nature so you will enjoy all the way there. Also, you will find other cities and small towns on the way as Beaverton (where we departure), Hillsboro, Tillamook and Garibaldi, where you can stop and use restrooms and maybe eat something too. But the one significant thing to do if you like ice cream or dairy products is going to Tillamook Cheese Factory Visitor Center. Inside the Factory

The Factory

You will have to deviate 30 minutes a bit from the road, as this Factory located 13 miles (20 kilometers) south of Rockaway Beach. But it is so famous and popular in Oregon State. You can find a variety of products even ice cream that you should taste. Are amazing! You can find different flavors of peanut butter, crunch coffee, mint chocolate chips, vanilla, chocolate and others eats ones. Tillamook Cheese Factory is a big company; I recommended to go there even if you have to take 30 more minutes to your trip. Its factory has a huge parking lot, and a big sign that will be indicated you there. Once you there, enjoy looking at how many products it has to offer you. That’s means, go with enough time.

Sand and beach

When we finished there, we started to drive to Rockaway Beach. After 20 minutes from the Factory, we arrived at the beach house we rented. I was surprised by the beautiful view I could see from my windows room. I have to mention that I went in winter, so the weather was not that good. But anyways the view of the sand, beach and twins rocks far away was terrific even with the cloudy day. Is admirable to see how things nature gives to us. It’s lovely to see two rocks in the middle of the ocean. One is like a bow shape, and the other one pops. Anyways, the weather was not a problem to go out and enjoy the afternoon and take too many pictures. I cannot lie when I say I wish to go there in summer. Maybe it will be much better, but I will not regret that I was having fun even with the cold wind. View from the House That night we stayed with my friends inside the house playing some drinks games and singing songs with the guitar as well. Next day, we went to the downtown to get some breakfast, and I was stunned. People there are kind and beautiful. They were also really easy going with us. Moreover, they sit in groups to play some tables games like chess the men and cards the women. It is a cozy city. Maybe in summer will be better and you will have the opportunity to see more things and do too many activities the city has to offer to the visitors. However, if you are in winter season around there, do not doubt to go there. You will not regrets to see that fantastic a beautiful landscape.

The beautiful Rockaway beach view in Oregon

The weekend with my friends was great, no matters what cold it was I enjoy it and had fun. I ate one of the most tasted and famous ice creams and also, I could wake up in front of a beautiful and quiet view I had ever seen again from a room. And of course, you cannot leave Rockaway beach without getting souvenir with you. On the whole city, you will find around four or five gifts shops. Probably you will not go back soon unless you are thinking of buying a summer house there. To conclude, if you are looking to go out for a little bit of the noisy city it can be sometimes, ask your family, couple or friends, to go to visit this beautiful beach place. Also, go to visit the Factory and try everything you want, do not forget to take pictures from every place you stop it, because it will be a good memory you can put in your album trip. I will never forget this trip. I had too much fun. I see a new city in that state. I had the opportunity to spend my time with great people and see new cultures. The weather did not stop me from doing things there. I overate Ice cream and could have the opportunity to take too many pictures for my album trip.
Bedroom view
I love this city and all the way we cross to get here. I am happy to share this trip with you, and also I feel very grateful for the life to give me the chance to see one more different place on my Oregon visit.

Katherine Garcia

Im Katherine. I am a colombian woman living in New York. I love to travel and see new cultures, also I love to meet people all around the world. I studied jornalist in Colombia and I love audiovisual products as well.