Why Lloret De Mar, Spain, should be on your bucket list

If a carefree holiday, basking in the tropical sun whilst laying on the beach sounds ideal to you, then Lloret De Mar, Spain, should definitely be a staple on your bucket list. Located approximately two hours from Barcelona, this lesser known location in Spain is famous for its various beaches and seaside locations (after all, ‘Mar’ in Spanish translates to ‘sea’!)

There are so many reasons to visit this small town, here is just a few.

The Beaches  (of course!)

As mentioned previously, Lloret De Mar, Spain, is known for its beaches. Lloret beach is the largest in the town and is certainly a must-see, this beach is constantly bursting with life and laughter. While relaxing on the sand at any part of the beach, you are able to witness the stunning, seemingly never-ending horizon. This gives you a surreal insight into the vast nature of the sea setting you up with a great opportunity to clear your mind, just what we all need! Other breathtaking beaches you would want to visit while in Lloret De Mar is the Santa Cristina beach and Fenals beach. Whatever beach you choose to visit, I can guarantee it will be a check on your bucket list you won’t regret.  

It is Picturesque

I love Lloret De Mar because of its design. There isn’t a place that is not picture worthy, the stunning beauty of this town in Spain goes so far beyond the local beaches. Lush palm trees lining the streets, inviting shops, people sitting by the beach drawing caricatures, the carefree vibe of those around you and the general look of the buildings will not leave you short of locations to capture the ideal vacation picture. Whether you want to climb to magnificent heights in Lloret beach and take a picture while standing on top of the world, or you prefer the quaint simplicity of the alleyways, when it comes to unique picture spots, Lloret does not let you down.

The Food and drinks

With tonnes of food places dotted around Lloret De Mar (such as Restaurante La Parrilla), it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the dish you are looking for. Whether you are looking for Spain’s famous paella or sangria, or a delicious dessert what better place to have this than a restaurant with an ocean view? Or maybe you are missing a taste of home, visit worldwide chain restaurants like McDonald’s or KFC, although it may seem similar to what you know, you would be surprised by how different the menus are!  

The nightlife

Lloret De Mar has a buzzing nightlife. With streets busier than during the daytime, you get the privilege of choosing how you would like to spend your night out in Europe

For the Party lover

Like to party? Great! There is always something to do, be it a paint party, a nightclub (such as Zoo or Disco Londoner) or just joining the hundreds of other people looking for a fun night out. Lloret is the perfect place to wild out creating unforgettable memories to make your bucket list adventure one for the books.

For a chilled night out

You don’t have to love parties to love Lloret. Prefer to have a calmer social night out? There is still a load of things to do. Shisha bars line the beach giving you the opportunity to have a view of the nighttime sea whilst sitting and having a good laugh. Choose from a range of shisha flavors such as banana, strawberry, chocolate, fruit cocktail etc. The shisha bars usually specialize in a wide variety of cocktails too (Bonus). Tip: Because there are so many shisha and cocktail places, make sure to look around. Some are a lot cheaper than others, even if they are directly next to each other, whilst some have a better view of the beach. It is totally up to you, the important thing is you have fun.

Street artists

There are several street artists in Lloret De Mar, these people are very talented and don’t usually charge too much for their services. Buying some of their work make for a brilliant souvenir, either to keep for yourself or give to someone else back home. Here are two types of street art I recommend you check out.


Caricature is an image where the artist would draw the subject with exaggerated or simplified features. They are great fun and there are so many talented artists willing to draw you.  

Spray paint artists

These artists use spray paints to create beautiful art pieces while you watch.  

Botanical gardens

Okay, so this one is just outside of Lloret but not far at all. It is technically in a place called Blanes, but the sheer aesthetic of it is utterly unmissable. With many sights to behold, the botanical gardens are filled with luxuriant greenery guaranteed to give you a new appreciation of this world we live in. With views that span for miles and an endless variety of plants, you may have never seen before. These botanical gardens are literally a breath of fresh air.  

Overall vibe

Being in Lloret De Mar is a surreal experience, whether you love to take spectacular pictures, relax on the beach or swim in the sea. If it is your ideal to party and have an energetic night out or have a calmer social experience then Lloret De Mar is one for the bucket list. The people you meet there are all so friendly, the carefree nature of the people is contagious. Lloret De Mar is a place to go to escape from the bustle of life and give your mind as well as your body a break. It is refreshing to listen to the waves crashing on the shore or take a walk on the warm sand. With so many things to do, boredom does not come easily. The hotels are cheap and homely, once you get there, you won’t want to leave. So go, explore, tick just one extra thing off your bucket list. It’s an unforgettable experience.


I am an individual who is passionate about expressing the beauty in life, in everyday things that people tend to overlook. Creativity is my forte, I see rhythm where it can easily be missed, art in the unconventional. I write so others can see earth with fresh eyes. We live in a world full of possibilities and endless opportunities, a world bursting with culture and breathtaking sights only few would have the opportunity to see. I’ve learned beauty comes in all forms, from music to the structure of buildings. Each place in the world has their own unique way of living. Once I realised this, I saw that each day, I am walking through the most magnificent piece of art.