What To See in Salvador, Brazil

Known as the most black city outside Africa’s continent, Salvador has more than 80% of the population declared as black people. This city was the first capital of Brazil, received many slaves centuries ago and now is one of the most mixed-cultures places in this country. Salvador is located in Bahia’s state, which is part of the north-eastern region. According to the Ministry of Tourism, Salvador is the seventh city in Brazil that receives foreign tourists looking for a leisure trip. That’s why is so important to research tips about this city to have an amazing experience.

Things to do in Salvador, Bahia – Brazil

For the first time in Salvador, the tourist might feel a mix of excitement and anxiety with so many options of fun things to enjoy in this city. With that in mind, it’s recommended to stay at least one week there to meet the city very well.

Historic Center

Once you have arrived, the first place to visit should be the Historic Center. There you can see a lot of the past in Salvador and feel like you’re a part of that place too, starting for the Model Market.

1.Model Market

Also known as “Mercado Modelo” in Portuguese, the Model Market is a place where you can find since clothes to typical foods, as the famous Bahian chili peppers. It was built in 1861 and has suffered two fires, but now is working safely. Here comes one tip: when you get there, remember to bargain. The sellers usually can make good discounts.

2.Lacerda’s Elevator

After visiting the Market Model, the next stop is the Lacerda’s Elevator, which is located in front of the market. People must pay a symbolic value to go up, currently R$0,30. This place is a common elevator, with 72 meters in length, but the magic happens when you leave it: an amazing view of the Bay of All Saints shows up. It’s a postcard of Salvador and every tourist needs to see it.


To finish the Historic Center, the last stop is Pelourinho, considered by Unesco as a patrimony of humanity. It’s a famous place in Salvador because of the big and colored houses. Walking through the streets, people can see more than 800 big houses built centuries ago, a diversity of restaurants, listening to people playing different instruments and watching performances commonly related to Afro-Brazilian religions like Candomblé. Many people say that if you want to feel the energy of Salvador, you must go to Pelourinho.

Bonfim’s Church

Salvador has 372 churches and one of the most famous is the Bonfim’s Church. It was built in 1772 with a neoclassic style inside. This is the place where happens the “Lavagem do Bonfim” when religious and tourists go there to watch Bahian women cleaning the temple with “água de cheiro” (a mix of flowers’ water and sap lavender). This event occurs every second Thursday of the year. Besides, Bonfim’s Church is the place where people can put the famous colored bracelets and make three knots for three different wishes.

Monte Serrat

Nearby the Bonfim’s Church there is a place called “Monte Serrat”, but it’s not always known by tourists during a trip to Salvador. However, this local can provide a beautiful view of the sea in Salvador and can enchant people who pass through it. People can also go to Monte Serrat’s lighthouse and meet an old little church near there. It’s recommended to visit this place when the sun is close to going away, so you can see the unforgettable sundown. Another place that offers incredible views like Monte Serrat is Barra’s Lighthouse.

Barra’s Lighthouse

One of the most beautiful postcards in Salvador is Barra’s Lighthouse, “Farol da Barra” in Portuguese. Built in the 17th century to protect the city against invaders, this place is full of beauty and history. Nowadays, people go there to chill, drink, eat and watch the most beautiful sundown of Salvador. It’s a magic moment to share with friends and family, but also to enjoy alone and just contemplate how much nature can be perfect. People can also swim in the sea during the day or night and, if you are a lucky one, you might have the chance to see natural pools that are formed when the tide is low.

Must see beaches in Salvador, Bahia – Brazil

Once you are a tourist, you need to know that a trip to Salvador can offer many surprises, as the different options of beaches. With 50 km of extension permeated by beaches, tourists may be confused about which one to choose. That’s why tips of who went there are so important, then you are able to do a good choice.

Flamengo’s Beach

Considered one of the bests beaches in Salvador, Flamengo’s Beach is recommended to friends and family, including children, because it’s a safe and calm place. It’s possible to rent a tent with the sellers and stay all day for a cheap price. They also offer chairs and tables, so consumers can be comfortable and just enjoy the beach.

Itapuã’s Beach

Vinicius de Moraes, an unforgettable Brazilian singer, composed: “It’s good to stay an afternoon at Itapuã, listening to the sea at Itapuã”. This song reflects the beauty of an amazing beach in Salvador, nowadays one of the most common postcards. On the other hand, Itapuã’s Beach can be really crowded on weekends, so it’s recommended to visit during the week. The beach was blessed with natural pools and calm sea, besides the known warm water that is common in the northeast region. Itapuã also owns a lighthouse, where people can watch the sea and the boats passing by.

North Coast

A little bit far from the city of Salvador, tourists can also meet the North Coast, which owns paradisiac beaches as Forte and Guarajuba. So if you have time during the trip to Salvador, you must go there.

1.Forte’s Beach

Located in an area called “Grande Salvador”, about one hour and a half from the capital, there is Forte’s Beach. Even if the name is in the singular, Forte’s Beach accommodates six different beaches among the 14 km of extension. When a person got there by the center, she can see Porto’s beach. Another spot that must be visited is the Tamar’s Project, where visitors can see different species of turtles, which is the focus of the project. But it’s also possible to see stingrays and sharks.

2.Guarajuba’s Beach

Close to Forte’s Beach is located another beach called Guarajuba. This place offers an incredible sea shower and it’s possible to see fishes swimming, hedgehogs, crabs, and other marine animals, providing direct contact with nature. Guarajuba’s Beach has local restaurants with typical food, so you can eat first and swim later. The place breathes peace and people can relax all day long.

Pack your bags and go

After research about the places to visit on a trip to Salvador, the next steps are buying a flight ticket and accommodation. Salvador is full of good hotels, like Fiesta Bahia Hotel, with affordable cost-benefit. In general, this city is like no other in Brazil, representing a fragment of Africa. That’s why is so important for Brazilian and foreign’s people meet Salvador and feel a little bit of ancestry in their veins.

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