What is important when visiting Greenwich?

It is without a doubt that Greenwich is the most idyllic centerpiece of the South East of England. However, it being apart of the country's capital  It is most obvious that it is very different from the other areas of East London. The fact that is that it is without a doubt filled with a sort of respectful peace that truly vibrates around the whole of Greenwich. This is what makes it all so different from the rest of East London. The area that is, of course, the focal point of Greenwich is not the newest addition to the O2 with the opening of the O2 Retail Outlet which offers some of the biggest names in High Street Fashion from LEVI’S, Cath Kidston, Clarks to premium fashion designers Hackett, Hobbs, Kurt Geiger and of course the Build- A- Bear shop which is our love of all for soft toy lovers. However this is not about the serene addition to the O2 but the centerpiece is, of course, the Greenwich Town center.

Green Town Greenwich

The Greenwich Town center boasts spectacular market stalls that offer everything from independent local artwork, the most delicious home baking and organic handmade cosmetic products and of course not to forget for the fashion lovers among us who are willing to file through the heaps of racks of stereotypically iconic East London Fashion. It reminds me of a mini Camden with a lot less cattle of people with more authenticity than the North London Market place. Then of course just a short walk from the main town center which is filled with restaurants and cafes galore. Then we come to the focal point of Greenwich of course none other than the Greenery of Greenwich Park with over 180 Acres of Greenspace.

Greenwich Park

During the Summer months, this park credits attention from tourists all over the world to make it up to the top of the hill to see the perfection of 17th Century Geometric architecture. Not to mention the ultra-impressive London skyline which has for sure transformed over the past 10 years due to the creation of Canary Wharf. With Ticket prices from just £7.20, this is the perfect day out for the family and friends. Not to mention and not to fear the hill that one might believe could end of life due to its steep pathway, I did this recently with my Grandmother at the ripe old age of 75 so if the old can do it then the young have nothing to complain about. Nearing the end of the day and the stars are sure to appear as Greenwich is one of the cleanest parts of London with the lowest light pollution you can lay on the grass on a good summers night and observe the universe above you will also see a green beam of light emanating from the observatory which will signify the meridian line you are in alignment with the center of the Earth.

England's Historic Past

There is a reason after all why this colonial country once had an Empire that stretched the globe it was clearly because of the masterminds of those who lived within Britain many intellectuals and famous people resided at one point in time in Greenwich from Sir John Vanbrugh the architect who lived in Vanbrugh Castle to King Henry VIII and not to mention two of the most notable astronomers John Flamsteed and Edmond Halley who were famous for plotting all of the stars in the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Those tickets are looking good now, aren’t they?

Happiest And Safest For London

Quite recently Greenwich was noted as the safest and happiest place for London and I truly agree. I find that Greenwich is unlike London in many ways due to it being filled with good people who have a tolerance range much more than that of the size of a teaspoon. In Greenwich, you won't fear people barging past you or ignoring you for simply asking directions instead you will probably be met with a young hippy looking University student who will tell you all of the hot spots of Greenwich. This happened to me and a friend when we wanted to know where the best bars in the town center as if unless you want to walk into a bar called the Seahorse which is all too often the case in these old traditional towns of London. I would definitely suggest if you are not the type to go on a wild goose chase for a night out then sticking with The Greenwich Tavern is a good choice just right by the park side and perfect for families of all sizes.

Exploration Of A London Home

What is perfect in this town is that there is such a variety of places to eat and drink that you will never fall into the trap of not being able to have a chair to sit on to enjoy an evening meal. For the Airbnb aficionado among us this town sports some of the most affordable and top standard hosts when my Grandmother came to visit she booked in with a lovely lady named Trish who owned the White House on Airbnb a beautiful top-grade Georgian home that had more than 7 bedrooms to share. Combined with luxury and beauty, this Greenwich home was just like being at home so comfortable and independent. The owner and her husband were more than welcoming and my Grandmother was in awe at how amazing the surroundings looked as she booked the room at the top that overlooked the park it was more than a dream to wake up to such surroundings. So for those of us who don’t want to feel like we are in a busy city then have a look on Airbnb in Greenwich which will ensure that you get a great nights rest for your morning ahead be it that you need to travel into the City with easy transport links from the Town center or you are going to be staying exploring all there is to offer in Greenwich.

Stags And Antlers

Now that I remember don’t forget to go on an exploration on around the whole of Greenwich Park as its filled with Chinese pagodas and you might just get a closeup selfie with a Stag, who doesn’t love antlers? No matter who or what your interests are Greenwich is the place to be for a vacation or a long weekend in London. I only hope you enjoy your visit as much as I did, I will definitely be returning soon for some more underground action.  

Reece Ewart

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