Visiting San Antonio: the city where Texas got its independence

January 1, 1970

by Angra Valesca

616992_460294807334242_1531881898_o-300x225San Antonio, Texas, is the seventh largest city in extension in United States of America. It is pretty laarge, which makes the city have several highways… so many that sometimes when it is altogether it looks like a maccaroni for the way it was planned and developed through the years, the city conquered some unique characteristics that I could observe when I lived there.

Living there for a year and a half made me be passionate about two things: Mexican food and country music/ dance. If you go there, there will be always restaurants that serve delicious TexMex food – a mix of Texan and Mexican food: tacos, enchiladas, guacamole. Besides this, food is pretty cheap – eat good, eat cheap. You can get a whole bunch of meal, Dr Pepper (popular drink in Texas), to go box: you will get full easily and everything won’t be as expensive as it would be in another state like New York. Not just wins Texas in Mexican food but also barbacue, meat and hamburguers… they can make your day pretty happy. Just so you all can have an ideia…where else can you go and get a hamburguer for 1 dollar if not in the McDonald’s up there? I gained so much weight and It was worthy it!

Country dance is encountered in many places and people get together to really dance. People wearing boots and hats give a natural encouragement for you to also become a cowgirl or a cowboy… and in the clubs, you see steps – dipping, jumping, girls upside down – that make you want to take the dance classes they offer you, sometimes for free. It sure holds one of the bests experiences if you are a dance lover or if you just want to breathe country culture. And for a long time I thought that United States had the same type of clubs throughout the country, but, once, I had a friend visiting from Virginia and she told me that there was something different in the club we visited. I remember her mentioning that the people there really danced, the aurea was just different. After that, I started giving even more value to these clubs and to the people that asked me to dance with: dancing is fun and should be something enjoyable per the sheer fact that you are dancing and learning how to two-step… and I talked about clubs, clubs so much that I have to mention some of the best ones: Cowboys Dance Hall, Thristy Horse, Wild West and Midnight Rodeo. I think the staff knew me. It gathers people from all ages, but if you are expecting wooing you must know that Cowboys Dance Hall and Wild West is your best atmosphere/fruits/collegekids/hashtagiwanttodate.


Where Texans got their independence!

272277_460294934000896_366317848_o-300x225History diferentiates the city as well. It is where The Alamo is located: the most important site for Texas revolution! It was the batle that led Texans to their independence against Mexico, which after the Texas Republic was born. Located in downtown, visiters enjoy a part of the history of Texas, register the moment in pictures that maybe will catch funny background images… either a horse that was passing by in a horseride, or a police man with a cowboy hat…or just The Alamo indeed. Located in the heart of San Antonio, the downtown area has a lot more to offer (It is also the only place I found souvenirs to buy)… The Riverwalk and its many bars and restaurants are not just business, they create a good landscape to any person to be inspired along nature, trees, boats, people walking. It enlightens the place and creates the perfect night for a date or to hang out with your friends…and also hang out with yourself. I can say that this is forever my favorite place in San Antonio. The second one is The Pearls. I went there to get coffee and it shows a modern architecture that you feel like you have been transported to another place. It surprises you, touches your psyche. It is a complex of building very well designed with food, clothings stores and other services … it does not matter what you get from there, inspiration is for sure in the package! Tower of Americas is another place I recommend a visit for it gives you the best view of San Antonio. In the reception desk they have a 4D movie that makes you experience sounds, movement. It is a revolving chart that holds the best panorama for the city!

I say that for visiting, nature, parks, historical heritage, organization and cleaness, cheap things (food, gym, supermarket), outlets, San Antonio fits 100% of my expectations. Nightlife could be better but if you know where to go I’m sure you won’t miss out on anything. The only thing that made me sad about this city is that there is no street walking. It is so big that everyone drives cars, rarely (a.k.a never) people take buses and you just don’t see a soul walking in the street. If you see, you will be affraid. Parking lots are big, stores are big – and the saying “everything is bigger in Texas” is pretty true. So think of a city that everyone is driving cars to places that are far away  (remember that the city is large?  That cute boy you met on Tinder is probably 40 min away from you)… I missed the human contact, eye human contact… People only meet up inside of the stores, so if you want to see people, you gotta go inside a store. Or downtown, which has a different vibe from the rest of the city but even so, they have to construct a metro in that city so we can see people and drink no worrying about money for taxis. Back to reality, on the other hand, I assure you Texans are nice and polite. No rude people talk to you. It is the other way around; they are friendly and this is what we, travel lovers, kind of expect from local people to be, and nicely give you some information and welcoming words.

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Angra Valesca

By Angra Valesca

I am Angra Valesca, a psychology student that loves to travel around the world. Mostly, I love to get to know all around me. This way, currently living at my home country, I get to enjoy the funa activities my city is offerring ! I made my whole life an exchange program, no matter where I am! I love to write about education, family, psychology, body care and fun things. Traveling has opened my mind in a way that I think my brain broadened and I don't think is ever rewinding! Hope you all enjoy my articles and write me if any thought comes up!


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