Vilnius: from another point. Gorgeous & unique

January 1, 1970

by Radioblur

Welcome to Pavilniai Regional Park!

Vilnius is my hometown and I’ m in love with this city. There are a lot of places that you can visit in Vilnius. This city is rich with culture and history and of course – nature.  So, if city sounds are making you feel tired, Vilnius is a perfect place for you and today I’m going to write about only one of them (my favorite) it’s called Pavilniai Regional Park.

It’s located in Vilnius city eastern side. This is the smallest regional park in Lithuania, but size doesn’t mean anything, right? The park was created by the idea to save forests and reserves in  Pavilnys. So let’s get started!


Colorful trees

Nice place

Belmontas is a place which is located in Pavilniai Regional Park. The special thing about this place is nature and the restaurant in there.  In XIX century beginning well-living people started to build luxury houses (luxury for XIX century) and villas near to the river called Vilnelė. And then the luxury, elegant restaurant was built. It was called “Belmontas”  because of the translation from the latin language bellus mons – beautiful mountain. Today „Belmontas“ restaurant is still open and it is very popular for newlyweds.

Walking in Belmontas can be a very good idea if you don’t know where to spend a beautiful evening.  Belmontas also has several waterfalls, a pond with two black swans in it, big football stadium, beautiful bridges above the waterfalls.

Educational path



So, walking around Belmontas will not take you much time. So, the next place that we are going to explore in Pavilniai Regional Park is the educational path.  This educational path is heaven for those who like cycling. But if you have a lot of free time and the weather is fine, then walking is a great idea too! This path is super relaxing, calm and full of nature. Going through this park you can meet a lot of challenges (especially if you are riding a bike) because it is full of hills. But don’t worry! There is a lot of benches in there.  The most exciting thing in this educational path is Pučkoriai exposure. The view is gorgeous!

 Pučkoriai exposure



So, what is a Pučkoriai exposure?  This is a unique geological monument, the highest and the most impressive exposure in Lithuania. Its height exceeds 65 meters. You can go on top of the Pučkoriai exposure or you can enjoy the view from the bottom.  If you go on top of the exposure you can take a look at Vilnius from another beautiful point. You can see a river called Vilnia bends, a lot of hills and forests. It is available in every season. The view from the bottom is very impressive too.  So, let’s keep walking!

Sun clock

Sun clock

In this educational path, there is a lot of cozy places to stop for a respite and one of them is a Vilnias hill meadow. In this meadow, there is a sun clock with the beautiful hand-crafted wood pole. When the sun is shining the clock shows approximate time. If you sit on the bench you can enjoy the calming river sound and beautiful, huge oaks.

The next thing that we are going to explore is the mysterious cannon foundry. Nobody knows who had built this foundry. People are just guessing that in this place on the sixteen century was a gun factory.They are saying that in this foundry, the army of Napoleon has been repairing their guns and cannons. And in the middle of the nineteen century this place burnt down and since then this place is ruined. But still, no one had proved that this is the truth!  So, there is more beautiful places in this path, but I will tell you about them next time and now we are going in the other wonderful, full of nature, relaxing,  calming, surrounded by history place!

Markučiai landscape reserve


This place is completely wonderful in Autumn.  This place is located in Pavilniai Regional Park(Vilnius city eastern side). The size of this park is quite small if we compare with the place that we were talking about earlier. You also can hear (especially from native people)  and the other name of this place it is just Pushkin‘s park. So, first of all in this place, we can find a museum of Alexander Pushkin. For those who don‘t know Alexander Pushkin was a Russian poet, playwright, and novelist of the Romantic era. He is considered by many Russians to be the greatest Russian poet and a founder of modern Russian literature. The museum was set up in the Pushkin‘s family residence. The museum from the exterior looks like an old, simple, yellow color house. Inside the museum, you will see the 6 authentic style of the XIX century rooms, artworks and other things related to the A. Pushkin history. There is also and a memorial for the A.Pushkin and a bit further you can find a little chapel.

Old house

Old house

The next thing that you need to see – is a beautiful, relaxing ponds. The pond is surrounded by the trees and the most beautiful thing about it is that you can see trees reflection on the water (and you know that at the autumn tree leaves  gets the most beautiful colors, and all those colors reflects on the water,  so this is why this park is so popular in the autumn).So, many people are going to this place with their families and pets for a walk or just to relax, spend a more time together and for the summer season  this park receives a lot of cyclists

View from Markuciai


So, all in all, if you finally decided to visit this beautiful country named Lithuania, you as well should visit the capital of it. And I, as a Vilnius fan and a girl who has been living in this city since birth, I would really recommend you to visit these places! Especially Belmontas! In my opinion, these places designate Lithuania from other countries and prove us again that Lithuania is the most beautiful country in the world.


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