Lithuania Travel Guides for Backpackers

7 places in Lithuania for the traveler who has seen it all

Paris, London, Tokyo, New York, you name it. The destinations everybody talks about and puts on t-shirts; the modern wonders, swarming with tourists and scammers. Everything is already seen, written about and became cliché. Finding something fresh and unseen can become a rather tricky task for the traveler who has grown tired of Eiffel Towers and Big Bens. But would you believe that a small country right in the geographical center of Europe could be that breeze of exhilarating wind you were looking for? Small but ambitious, Lithuania is ready to prove itself even to the most demanding explorer. Before […]
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Trakai, Lithuania – a destination for every season

Lithuania is perhaps not the first name that comes to mind when deciding where to spend your holidays. Even though Lithuania is not on many people’s tourist radar, it should be. It has a lot to offer for tourists interested in both medieval history and the post–World War II era. And in Lithuania, Trakai is definitely one of the highlights. Geography Trakai is a city with only 4500 inhabitants, but with a very rich history. It is only 30km from the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius, so a day trip is simply a must. Trakai is located on a peninsula […]
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Unique Republic Of Užupis: On The Top Of Your Bucket List

Everyone has the right to make mistakes. Everyone has the right to be unique. Everyone has the right to love.  When you look at this words, it seems like you are looking at the creative quotes, unique code, rules… or amazing Constitution that makes you smile and feel the free artistic spirit. Where can you find it? Of course in the heart of Europe – in Vilnius. This 41 articles of Constitution of autonomous Republic of Užupis will bring you to another time and space, where fascinating happenings occur and time has no limits. Lithuanian Montmartre Užupis is one the […]
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5 Alternative Places to Visit in Kaunas

Lithuania is famous for its historical heritage. Fascinating castles, churches and old towns attract a lot of tourists. But what is not so talked about is the artistical side of this country. Every city and town in Lithuania have a cultural center, many of them at least one gallery or art museum. Art is very appreciated in Lithuania. The ethnographic art forms, like weaving, braiding, knitting and crocheting have been the most popular for a long time. Recently the society has understood that it’s not enough to cherish what’s old, we have to create something new and unique. That’s why […]
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Welcome To Lithuania: The Land of The Beautiful Ladies

Just as the lyrics of a song from a famous Lithuanian band Inculto say: welcome to Lithuania, the land of the beautiful ladies. Indeed, it‘s quite commonly known that Lithuanian women are pretty gorgeous and being a 100% Lithuanian I am flattered to hear that. However, beautiful women are not the only reason to visit my country. Lithuania is an undiscovered pearl of the Baltics: it‘s safe here, cities are clean, we have lots of beautiful nature, it‘s much cheaper here than in western or northern Europe, we like and respect foreign travellers, cities are not overcrowded with people what […]
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