Varna- the most amazing city in Bulgaria

January 1, 1970

by Catherine

 Varna- one of the most beautiful cities in the east part of Bulgaria



1.What’s typical for the city?

 Located right on the seashore, it attracts many tourists from all Europe during the whole year.

Varna is also a business and commercial centre which has grown a lot during the past 10 years.


2. Places you should definitely visit in Varna:

Port of Varna

Free to be visited

If you are coming to Varna you should definitely start your tour with the Port of Varna- one of the most romantic places in the city. The port of Varna has also a special pedestrian zone, absolutely free to visit. You can also get

 on board of a few small ships on the port.

A few of the most sophisticated restaurants are located right on the shore, so you can enjoy your lunch or dinner having an amazing view over the whole area.

The Sea Garden

It’s free to visit it

Your next stop could be The Sea garden- a place you’ll definitely fall in love with. The Sea Garden is the biggest public park in eastern Bulgaria (over 800 decades), the lovely alleys will lead you right on the seashore. You have the sea on the one side and the city right on the other one.

It is the perfect place to relax and have a walk. You can also see many people riding a bike or skating in the park.

You will be amazed by the landscaping, small fountains and gardens in the park.

If you prefer to spend your time having a cup of cappuccino or just a glass of white wine on the shore, all the restaurants and bars located right next to the garden, are definitely the right place for you. All the open bars during the summer are located on the seashore, so you can literally have a real beach party.

The park offers even more than that- a tennis court, a playground field, a swimming pool and also an open-air theatre are part of the Sea garden.

The Zoo in the Sea Garden could be the place to spend some time with your kids. Lions, tigers, monkeys, even snakes are just small part of the animals in the zoo.

You can rent them hourly and enjoy any kind of sports interactions with your friends.



The Cathedral

A very special place in the city.  The orthodox church is the biggest one in the city. The church is also a tourist destination and preferred place for most of the church marriages.

The story of the cathedral shares that Prince Alexander has started the construction of the church in the early 1900’s.

The church can be visited by anyone interested to see it. My personal recommendation- visit it during the day, so you can see all the icons and drawings inside it, even the ceiling is full of paintings. All the lights from the outside make the cathedral looks just magical during the evening.  It is now one of the symbols of the city.

The Dolphinarium

5-15 euro per person

If you have planned a family trip to Varna, you would probably enjoy a visit of The Dolphinarium.

Watching the dolphins dancing, jumping over the water, executing special commands received by their instructors, I bet you will be amazed by the whole program. You will also have the chance to swim with the dolphins in the 6m depth swimming pool, while the show runs.

Entrance is in the price range of 5-15Euro, depending on the age and the program you choose to participate.

What kinda trip would it be if you miss the visit the shopping centres.

World brand store is located in two of the biggest shopping centres in the city. One of them is also the biggest one on the Balkans.

If you need some shopping therapy you can spend time in Grand Mall, Varna Mall or Gallery Mall. All of them have also cinemas, many restaurants and bars.


Varna Museums

5-10 euro per person

All the museums in Varna will amaze you- Bulgarian and international history is presented in the Park-museum, Retro museum, the History Museum of Varna. Many more places can be visited in case you are willing to know more about the city or the country. Prices vary between 5-10 Euro per person.


3. Nightlife in Varna and where to have a delicious traditional meal

Well, the biggest benefit of the city is the beach. You can have a nice dinner (for two) outside for approximately 20-40Euro.

All the restaurants located right on the beach give you the chance to have a romantic night out- live music, delicious meals and sand. What else would you need?!

Most of the bars in Varna have a beach part during the day, which turns into a party place during the night. Each one of them is performing specific style, so you will have a variety of places to visit. A night out for drinks would cost you approximately 10-15 Euro or more (per person).

If you have more time, you can also go to some of the most beautiful beaches in the area-just 10-15 km away from Varna.

Golden Sands

Golden Sands is another major seaside town,  located 15 min away from Varna (travelling by car).  It is a popular tourist destination which offers the visitors different kind of entertaining show programs while their stay. There is also an Aqua-park in the area which is basically a full day party for no more than 20- 30 Euro per person. There are a few regular bus connections to the resort which goes right to the Varna bus station.  In case you prefer commercial places, Golden Sands is for you!

One final photo for everyone who is still having any doubts about coming in Varna- this is how I love to spend Christmas- wearing my sneakers and just a T-shirt, I had a nice time on the beach.

I can assure you that weather on the seashore can sometimes be surprisingly different than expected. And warm even during the winter!

It turns out that your Christmas in Varna can be same as it would be the one on Haway!

My advice to you visit Varna and have just a cup of coffee on the beach- just sit on the sand and watch the sunset (be well dressed as it’s usually quite windy). I bet you’ll be in love with this place.



By Catherine

Hi all, I am Catherine and I am a travel enthusiast. I love visiting new places and getting to know new cultures. You know... if Travelling was free, you'd never see me again!


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