Vail: A Snow Village

January 1, 1970

by Derek Rojas

Vail Village’s Magic

There is a magical village hidden between the snowy mountains of Colorado in the United States, a place that every Skier must visit at least once. Vacations should always be an interesting and fun experience, people get easily bored with the same places and the same trips, this place is unique and everyone will love it. This village is probably one of the most beautiful in the world, the architecture and tradition of this place is truly incomparable. Many families love Vail for many reasons: the weather, the activities, the nature, skiing, snowboarding, food and shopping, but you really have to be there to feel the fresh vibe Vail Village offers you. The age is not important, there are activities for both children and adults, the skiing and snowboarding schools offer many programs to easily learn the arts of sliding through snow but for the ones who don’t like these kind of activities, the village has many extraordinary restaurants and stores, not to mention the soft snow outside the guest cabins. You just need warm clothes, a skiing jacket and some gloves, the rest is already there.

Vail Village

This is a photo taken at night, the lights make perfect match with the mountains and the trees surrounding the village make it look amazing.

The First Sight

Snow is the most abundant element in this place, but it is not the common hard icy snow, this one is very soft and it is perfect for throwing snowballs to your friends and making ramps out of it, just don’t expect a quality snowman. It is very normal to fall in love in the trip, Vail has a mesmerizing view that includes mountains, trees, lights and snow, the perfect combination for a winter holiday. Would I dare to say that Vail is a romantic place? Totally, Vail is the perfect place for lovers who want a memorable trip full of amazing landscapes, beautiful streets and interesting events. The hospitality is shown right away, Vail’s populations is not that big but you will notice everyone is kind and gentle with you at the cabins, at the bus stop, at the ski rental or at the restaurants.

Events and Activities

One of the most interesting things that occurred to me in this trip was a skiing show in New Year’s Eve, many skiers get to the top of a moutain and start descending with red lights attached to their ski poles, they have previously practiced a choreography so they form the figure of a christmas tree with the lights they’ve attached, this show is exclusively for the winter tourists and you will enjoy it a lot. After a long day of skiing or shopping, you can rest in your warm log cabin next to your family and light the chimney, it is a very satisfying experience for those who don’t live in a cold town and have no chimneys at home.

Vail Village Skiing Show

This shot shows the expectacular New Year’s Eve show, the skiers descend with red lights on their skis and poles, then the fireworks begin.

Do I need a car?

If you have the money and you’ve got the tools for installing your ski equipment on a car, it is a very good idea to rent one but you don’t  require one mandatorily, if you are moving inside the different vail locations. Vail has a very cool option for transporting needs, they have special buses with compartments for your equipment and they transport you to the exact spot you need. If you choose to rent a car instead, you must be careful when driving on snowy highways, you will need special tires or chains for the wheels.

Do you love Photography?

Vail is the ideal place for amazing selfies and nature photography. There are lots of places where you can take beautiful photos without a professional camera, you just need your cellphone and almost any place will become a great scenario for a group or an individual photoshoot. It’s very important to take photos in this place although the images won’t ever get out of your mind. If you try to explain the uniqueness of this place to someone else, they won’t believe you, a photo of you having the best time of your life in Vail will surely change their mind.

Vail on Summer

Is it a good idea to visit Vail on summer? Absolutely. Vail’s magic doesn’t involve snow only, the white winter village transforms into a colorful town full of green areas and lovely weather on summer. See it for yourself, Colorado even has its own saying “People come for winter, but stay for the summer”. If you love: fishing, hiking, biking, climbing, swimming, kayaking and canoeing, this place is exactly what you are looking for. Vail doesn’t need a beach to be an exquisite summer holiday, the weather, the green mountains and the afternoon will make it twice as romantic as it would be in winter. Vail’s weather can be very hot or cold, you should always consider to investigate the temperature before a trip to use the appropriate clothing.

Vail on Summer     Vail Summer Landscape

Both pictures show the flawless beauty of the town during summer, the color of the flowers is just unbelievable.


Vail has it’s own website, there you will find the best places for your adventure and all the events currently on their agenda. What is stopping you from discovering this amazing place? Don’t just look at the pictures, imagine yourself walking through these landscapes and streets. I have personally visited this place twice in my life and both were meaningful experiences, I just remember sitting in the back sit of our van, with my family and country music on the radio. There is no such thing as the view, your eyes get confused with so much beauty and the air is so fresh your nose just won’t believe it. Don’t go to the beach this summer, forget completely about it, try something you have never done before, visit Vail and you’ll want to live there the rest of your life.

Visit Vail’s Official Website.

Derek Rojas

By Derek Rojas

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