Vacation in south beach Miami Florida

Thinking about a nice place for vacation, but you just don’t know where to go? Well no need to worry, just got back from vacation. Hopefully, my experience in Miami can help you make an informed decision about where you would like to go. Around June 15th myself and four friends decided we were going to go to Miami Florida USA for vacation. The idea was we would split the cost of everything, so we could maximize the experience without seriously hurting our already depleted pockets. So after roughly a 15hr plus drive we arrived at our destination, we decided we would all pay for a house instead of a hotel. The house we secured was above expectations, it came with items and accessories I didn’t even know was included upon purchase. For instance, pots/pans for cooking, a mountable TV and a fully operational washer and dryer for dirty clothes. While we were getting settled in, we discussed what our agenda would be for the week. For the most part, we all agreed on going to clubs and bars, beaches and boardwalks. Our 1st night was a mission of exploration, we wanted to see the Miami nightlife from an observer’s point of view. Accordingly, we did not go to any places we agreed on visiting, we used that night to locate the cream of the crop, or only the best spots. For this reason alone, I think our Miami trip was so successful, having scouted the best spots prior and hearing about them from other people provided less time looking for them and more time having fun at said spots. What came for the next 7 days can only be described as a fun and excitement I have never experienced and am not likely to experience again unless I’m in the same or a similar setting. I have heard stories of the Miami nightlife, but to be a part of it is something entirely different. Imagine an environment with beautiful women from all over the country coming to together for a night of fun. In a nutshell that is the Miami life in the summer every night.

What to expect from Miami south beach

During the daytime when most people were at work or busy and none of the popular places were open, I and my friends spent most our time at the beach. Now in my honest opinion, the beaches in south beach were actually not all that great, the algae mixed with the water and the sand in a discomforting way. Also, you couldn’t swim too far from the beach without getting a stern whistleblowing from the lifeguard. To my surprise, there were no boardwalks located near the beach. There were, however, trails that went on for miles but no place to get souvenirs or a bite to eat. Other than those couple things that can’t really be blamed on anyone, in particular, the beach itself was enjoyable. The best part about it was the number of beautiful women I encountered, Miami certainly is not in short supply of beautiful people period. Overall the beaches in south beach are definitely a spot you would want to check out, but if your searching for a one in all you may want to consider locating a beach with a boardwalk.

Bars/Clubs you must visit!


In order from worst to best, I will provide a detailed report of the top three bars and clubs to visit if you plan on vacationing In Miami Florida. Starting at number one we have a place called the Clevelander, now what most people don’t know is that this place is actually a hotel that host parties on the weekends. Most of the events take place outside the hotel, there is a swimming pool as well as a dance floor. The lighting they use makes the experience all the better as the colors fill the black sky, before entering some form of ID or verification of age is required the cost to enter the is $20 but it’s even less than that on a slow night. Upon entering we were greeted by some young ladies and they guided me and my friends to a table. Shortly after a couple of drinks, we were on the dance floor the entire night, the place closes at 5:00 am, I know because that’s when we left.

The Palace

The second club goes by the name of the palace. Like the Clevelander, before admission, a fee of $20 must be paid and identification must be shown. What was different about this one was that the ladies didn’t have to pay to get it, I asked the security guard about it and he said on some weekends it’s free all night for ladies. What I liked about the Palace was the music selection they had. It felt like they had total control of the mood and atmosphere of the club, during times of excitement and when a lot of people were coming into the club the music changed to fit the mood. In turn, when things seemed to slow down the music went to a more controlled and appropriate level. In addition to the very well controlled music, the Palace had a rooftop that was accessible. They offered refreshments and had the waiters tend to you, overall the Palace is definitely a place I will be visiting again on my next trip back.

Mango café

I cannot stress enough how I have saved the best for last. Even writing about this club gets me excited. Simply put, the mango café is the best spot to go on a Friday Saturday or Sunday night. I and my friends call it the mango for short, this place is on a whole other level than the previous clubs I mentioned. If I had to give you an accurate description of what exactly goes on I would say it’s one big party with a bunch of smaller parties happening all around you. The mango provides the standard of a Miami club. This includes a lot of people, drinks, good music, and dancing. But this club makes it their mission to get you to have the time of your life. I can’t say there was a dry moment while at the mango club, there were performers almost all night and an upstairs which had 4 more rooms each with their own party. So, if you weren’t really enjoying the party in one section don’t worry, you got options. Similarly, to the last clubs I mentioned you must provide identification, the admission price was $20 and if you ask me it should have been a little more for all the entertainment they provide.


In conclusion, if you’re going to Miami Florida to visit or for vacation, I suggest you spend most of your time at the south beach. I recommend the three clubs listed above as your main choice of entertainment. The beach is a nice place to go but keep in mind if you’re expecting a lively boardwalk you may want to consider somewhere else. weather you get a house or a hotel you will most defiantly enjoy your stay at either one, but remember location is important.          


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