United States Virgin Islands: Saint Croix

January 1, 1970

by Brittani-marceno

Saint Croix is a great vacation spot for any occasion. Frederiksted has many beaches, activities, restaurants and cultural experiences.

Cultural Aspect

Visiting the Virgin Islands is a great way to spend vacation time and learn some culture about these USVI territories. In Saint Croix there are many cultural festivals held throughout the year so anytime you go you are bound to see an event or two. Carnival is a week long celebration bringing all Caribbean cultures together. Boxing day is a public holiday that falls the day after Christmas. Saint Patricks day results in a huge parade with street food and vendors. Two weeks following is Mardi Croix, which is Saint Croix island twist on Mardi Gras. These festivals all show the island culture in many different way. Each are totally different and definitely worth seeing/being apart of.

Weather/When to Visit

Any time visiting on the beautiful west end of Frederiksted, Saint Croix is a vacation well spent. “Busy” season runs from November until about March. These months are the busiest and most hotels and rental properties will be at their highest. April until October are the “slower” months and tourists will find cheaper accommodation and activity fees. The weather all year long is full of sun rays and blue skies. A light sweater at night during November until February may be nice as the breeze may pick up a bit.

Must Do’s

While visiting the west end of Saint Croix there are a few things you should not leave without seeing..

-Sandy Point: This national wildlife refuge is open on the weekends and when cruise ships are in. This beach will close during some months to help protect the wildlife. During the summer months you can help hatch sea turtle eggs and spent the day on the beach.

-Rainbow Beach: Some great Sunday funday activities like drink deals, jet skis, paddleboards and kayaks, followed by a great live band.

-Teres Veho: Visit the family full of pro paddleboarders, get some lessons, grab a great lunch right on the beach and listen to some live crucian music until the sun goes down.

For the Early Morning Folks

For those of you who’s vacation is not an indicator for any days off from a workout plan- have no fear, give Pi a visit at Freedom City (Teres Veho) and she will wake you up with some morning yoga on the water and then over to her Freedom City Cycles gym two miles down the road (she will allow you to paddleboard over there) trust me- its a very well-rounded workout. You will be done before ten am and on the beach before the crowd. If you are a coffee lover, grab a cup of coffee right from Pi’s surf shop. It’s cheap and some of the best coffee on the island.

Breakfast Ideas

If any travelers are anything like me they love a good breakfast before making the most of their day. Frederiksted has many cute cafe and morning eateries. Here are some that I recommend:

-Pier 69: $$ Open on the weekends.

-Frederiksted Hotel: $ Very cheap and a very delicious homemade meal.

-Pollys at the Pier: $$ A wide range of coffees and organic breakfast varieties.


-Freedom City: $ Beautiful beachfront and definitely try the tiger fries!

-Turtles Deli: $ Huge sandwiches and salads made to your liking that can be split between two!

-Dominos: $ Located in the rainforest this cash only local joint is open for lunch on Satudays. On Fridays they serve a great roti. If you visit these lovely people make sure to try their mamawama shot!


On those Sunday mornings that are spent sleeping in- have no fear brunch is right around the corner. Beach Side Cafe always has delicious pancakes ready to serve. Its beach front to beautiful clear blue waters. After brunch don’t be scared to jump in and set up camp right on the beach for the day. Don’t forget to bring your snorkel- you never know what you’ll see out there!


-Paradise: $$ The place to be! Drink specials, live music and moko jumbies!

-Turtles After Dark: $ Wings, drink deals and entrees while watching the sunset over the Caribbean sea.

-Villa Moralase: $$ Traditional Latin and Puerto Rican food with local dishes.

Getaway for the Day

A great day trip is to Buck Island. This underwater national park is just off the islands coast and is great for snorkeling and diving. You can find all-inclusive boat trips with dinner, drinks and activities included. Check out Blue Beards website if you’re keen!

Things to Pack!

Some people may be packing pros by now but theirs always at least one item that is forgotten!

-Sunscreen (yes, even if its cloudy)

-Camera (trust me, the pictures you get will blow your mind)

-Journal (journaling is a great way to remember your adventures and little keepsakes.

-A light sweater for windy evenings

-Leave the heels at home, I do not recommend wasting the space. Most places you can get in without shoes on.

Adventure Awaits

Don’t forget to snorkel off any of Saint Croix beautiful beaches, you never know what sea creatures you will see! Starfish, sea turtles, stingrays, octopuses and fish and some of the common! Scuba diving is another great way to really see the underwater life that is in the Caribbean. N2 The Blue is located right off of Customs street in Frederiksted. Along with all of the water activities, there are always dinner and sunset cruises that are available. Throughout Frederiksted and Saint Croix as a whole, there are many hikes around. The lighthouse hike is a fairly short hike to an old lighthouse, you can see goats and other wildlife during this hike. Ridge to Reef is an organic farm who hosts large family styled dinners with everything they grow from their farm- a great way to see the islands agriculture!


There are many options to stay in while you are visiting.

-Cottages by the Sea: These are located near Beachside Cafe

-Frederiksted Hotel: Right in the heart of downtown Frederiksted!

-Rental condo’s and houses in various neighborhoods.

All in all Saint Croix is a great place for a family to vacation, it is a very relaxed environment with many activities. It has a great night life and sunsets that will amuse the eyes. This beautiful island is a US territory so if you are a US citizen a passport is not necessary! (But it is easier if you have one).





Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach

Freedom City Beach.

Freedom City Beach.


By Brittani-marceno

Kia Ora! I am a second year university student currently studying abroad in New Zealand. I spent two years living in Saint Thomas and Saint Croix for my first year and a half of university studies and working. I love to learn about new cultures and seeing new places. Traveling is a big part of my life and I hope to see and write about everywhere I go!

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