United Kingdom-Liverpool Rock!

January 1, 1970

by Anna HSU

Hop on the train, today we’re heading to Liverpool, United Kindom !

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(LIVERPOOL. A famous port city in the north west of England. It was a sunny day… not so common in the United Kingdom. PERFECT !) 

Nearly every weekend, my friends and I will pick a city from the map for a nice day trip.  And normally, travelling by a very early train (cheaper price of course). As the home of  The Beatles, I knew that this is a city with wonderful music. Yet, There are lot more things await you.




This cathedral is famous for it’s exterior appearance. It is definitely way different than all the other cathedrals that you have ever seen before. The modern design makes it popular to tourists. The interior is also interesting.

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Normally, one sees beautiful, delicate stained glass windows in churches and cathedrals, for example, Notre-Dame de Paris. Yet, in this cathedral, can you see the LED lights ?! I know, it is kind of interesting lol But, remain calm. It is still a holy place. Pray for everyone for good and have a brief break. The cathedral welcomes everyone 😀


Mount Pleasant  Liverpool L3 5TQ
TEL: 0151 709 9222

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I was deeply surprised by the ALBERT DOCK.  The reflection was so romantic that no one can resist its beauty. I knew that it is a port city but I didn’t realize that it could be so beautiful like this.  well, a great thank to the great weather and my smartphone for taking this photo lol  To be honest, it seems quite tranquil in this picture but it is actually a busy area. Hotels, big roads built right next to the red ship, tourists wandering around taking photos, buying ice cream trying to beat the heat. In such a prosperous city, I was truly glad to capture a moment like this. Briefly, the Dock started running in 1846, with huge warehouses built in absolutely no wood, which made it an excellent, great, strong, ideal place for business. Yet, during the world war 2, it was turned into a military base. And due to the industrial change, it was even once closed in 1972. Finally, in 1984, welcomed its new life.


(This photo was taken at the other side of the dock. And was taken the second time I went to Liverpool.)


(Candy shop creating “The Beatles”)

Well, if you are a big fan of The Beatles, then stay tuned! Not far away from the dock , there is a museum called “THE BEATLES HISTORY“. In the museum, you get all types of souvenir that you can possibly think of. T-shirts/ Performing suits/ postcards/hats/ key chains/…i cannot name them all but trust me if you’re big fan then that is nearly a heaven.




Then… Are you ready for the real heaven !? You will have to head to the “CAVERN CLUB” to enjoy the live “Beatles” music.

At MATHEW STREET, look for Cavern Club. It shall be on your right if you come from the direction of the dock. The entry fee is not expensive and the club offers free entry before busy period. Walk downstairs with no hesitation like other people do, it is a cellar with bar offering beverages and the best thing ever, the live band shows ! They are extremely famous for the bands performing on stage, creating similar shows and atmosphere like “THE BEATLES”. On that day, my friends and I had a great time at there for sure. As they enjoy wild and fun dancing with an Irish couple. At the end of the show, the man even proposed to his girl… Isn’t that romantic? … He said that every year, they come to this club simply to feel the music and the dance running wild through their blood.


(Waiting for the moment when finally the stage is clear !)

It is always busy in the club. Filled with people dancing, drinking, talking, browsing, having fun, no matter if you know each other or not. Everyone is happy and enjoying their best. No one knows each other but the music brings everyone together to the most.


 I do think it is a great opportunity for the local bands and individuals too. This club helps Liverpool to keep shining its glory as the home of “The Beatles” and simultaneously giving new generations a stage and chances to show what they have got. I am truly impressed by these performers, putting on a great live show in front of dozens of people, amazing!


It is also kind of fun to leave your name on the walls around the club. (Note: Not wise leaving marks on trees or public facilities. But yes, in here, in the club.) Due to the dark lights, it took us quite a long time to realize that the wall is actually covered in paints. Travelers come and go, leave their names and comments and the true feelings where the new comers see and do the same. It doesn’t look messy at all, it’s a life time experience!


10 Mathew St, Liverpool L2 6RE

TEL: +44 151 236 9091


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I believe that food is not a material that simply feeds human, moreover, it is a culture. So, seeking for good food is definitely a must-do when traveling, as you get to see, feel and experience more ! From LIVERPOOL CENTRAL STATION, enjoy a 15-minute good walk and fresh air. You will get to the FALKNER STREET. I recommend you to have a brief stop here at THE QUARTER. Could be simply a cup of coffee, or like my friends and I do, enjoy a cozy, great breakfast.

IMG_2414 (2)

(If it’s possible, take the seats outside.)

I am not saying that the interior is not okay. The restaurant is well-furnished, lovely, cute and clean. But why do I recommend sitting outside ? As an Asian, we seldom take seats outside of the dining place like french people do. Firstly, because of the bugs bites; secondly, it is too hot and humid, makes it almost impossible (at least to me) to have a good meal without soaking in sweat. Yet, in England, as long as it is not pouring. The weather is kind of nice and beautiful, or in French, agréable, I love feeling the soft breeze cools me. *It was a pity that I didn’t take a good photo for my breakfast before I dine in T.T  Anyway, I had a smoked salmon and poached eggs on toasts. simple but tasty.  As it should be.


TEL: 0151 707 1965

IMG_2538 (2)       IMG_2553


Good food is never enough. Sits right in the busy shopping area, ROCOCO might be a little bit hard to locate but it is definitely worthwhile to spend some time for it. If you plan to have a wild night at cavern club, then, may I suggest you before the crazy dancing, come to ROCOCO for a piece of its best-known red velvet cake… And…Don’t forget the red beauty’s good friend, a cup of marshmallow cocoa.


61 Lord St, Liverpool L2 6PB
TEL: 0151 227 4822
Anna HSU

By Anna HSU

Hi I am Anna. I am currently a student. In the coming year, I will be in Paris for more adventures ! I have been learning cooking for 7 years and still counting. I am not a professional writer but yes I am proud to say that I am a full-time foodie and I love traveling. I believe that Traveling and Enjoying good food are the 2 best ways to refresh one’s mind and to learn. First, Travelling helps me forget the hustle and bustle of my daily life. Second, it is a moving lecture, you learn through what you have seen. Be bold to try new things, honey. As for food, I like any types of cuisine as long as they are tasty. I want to share the love that I have been feeling through my mother’s home cooking. To me, food is not simply materials that feed human; it is also an extremely important part of our lives, moreover, it is a culture. I hope that you will enjoy my blog. Have fun !

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