Ulanbator's top must-see sights and best places to eat

Mongolia is a landlocked country between Russia and China. Mongolia is well known for not only it’s nomadic culture and Gobi desert but also for its rich history and astonishing nature. As a person who has been living in the capital city of Mongolia, Ulanbator, here are the best places to see and eat in Ulanbator.

Must-see Attractions

Sukhbaatar Square

The historical square is located at the heart of Ulanbator city. The large monument which is located in front of the Government Place is for the memorial of Genghis Khan (center), Ogedei Khan (west) and Kublai Khan (east). Also, there is a statue of Damdin Sukhbaatar located at the center of the square. The square is considered as the center of the city. The Sukhbaatar Square is absolutely one of the must-see attractions in the city Ulanbator.

Zaisan Memorial

The memorial is located on the hill in Zaisan, the pictures on the memorial show the friendship of Mongolia and Russia. Additionally, the memorial honors allied Mongolian and Soviet soldiers killed in World War 2. It takes almost 600 steps to the hill and from there you can see the view of the city, Ulanbator. Also, there is a statue of the Golden Buddha statue. You can see it before you climb to the Zaisan Memorial. Moreover, one of the tanks that were used by the Soviet Union is set below the hill. Near Zaisan Memorial, there is a newly built Zaisan Square Complex which has a cinema, shops and much more. You can go to hill through the Zaisan Square Complex by using the elevator.

Gandantegchinlen Monastery

The monastery is one of the important attractions of Ulanbator, it has been restored and reinvigorated since 1990. The Gandantegchinlen Monastery is a Mongolian Buddhist monastery. There is a 26.5-meter high statue of Avalokiteśvara. The Tibetan name means the “Great Place of Complete Joy”. Now, there are about 150 monks in residence. In 1994, the monastery came in state protection. The monastery was constructed in 1809 by the order of 5th Jebtsundamba Khutagt. Outside of the monastery, there are shops that sell commodities of Buddhism.

Nightlight Street

Begging from 18:00 pm, numerous events take place at Nightlight Street. One thing is that it happens from Friday to Sunday of every week. The street is filled with different kinds of foods and drinks. After 18:00 pm, the street becomes only pedestrian zone so you can see some entertainments while you enjoy your meal in the street.

Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue

The Genghis Khan Statue is about 130 feet tall and located at Tsonjin Boldog. It is 54 km from the city. From the head of the horse, visitors can see a panoramic view of the surrounding. Also inside of the building, there is a museum and the exhibitions are related to the Bronze Age A statue of Oelun who was the mother of Genghis Khan is located in the east and about 1 km away from the Genghis Khan Statue. Definitely a must-see.

Bogd Khan Mountain

The Bogd Khan Mountain is located in the south. From the top of the mountain, you can see the full view of the city. My family always go for a hike every weekend. You need special hiking gears if you want to reach for the top, it is needed but only if you want to go by the route it is not necessary. Most of the citizens, they usually use the routes for hiking. Why is it must-see place is that it is one of the sacred mountains and the height is 3000 feet. Also, the Bogd Khan Mountain is quite close to the city.       

Best places to eat

Modern Nomads

If you want to try out some Mongolian dish, Modern Nomads is the best choice. There is also foreign foods. Modern Nomads has numerous chains around the city. Every night it is usually has a lot of people, especially tourists. One main chain is located near Sukhbaatar Square.

Arig & Anya

It is one of the best ramen noodle restaurants and not only ramen but also there are other dishes. It has three chains and one main is located at the center of downtown Ulanbator next to Blue Sky Hotel and another is located in front of the 1st school. The last one is located in Sansar. Arig & Anya was founded in 2015 and since then it has gained popularity.             

The Brook (Asem Villa)

The Brook restaurant is located in Khurkheree Valley (which is in the Bogd Khan Mountain). This place was built for the 11th Asia-Europe meeting (ASEM) which was hosted in Ulanbator, Mongolia. The brook has a beautiful view and there is a Golf course. There are European, Asian and Japanese dishes and you can have a stop by the grocery shopping which is located in the restaurant.          

The N&N Sweet Land

It is not a restaurant but it is one of the best places for people who like to eat a bakery. It is a coffee shop located in front of the Music and Dance College. The N&N Sweet Land makes macaron, cupcake, shakes, other special desserts and drinks.   


Asiana serves three types of cuisines which are Mongolian, Japanese and Chinese. It has two chains and the one is located near Zaisan Memorial and Golden Buddha so that you can see the view of them from the restaurant. The restaurant is decorated with Mongolian design and you can sit in a ger. Another chain is located in the center which is in the Central Tower. Central Tower is a tall building and located right next to Sukhbaatar Square.

Ikh Tenger Club House

People were talking about this certain restaurant and how they loved their tea and food, so I have gone there recently. It was one of the decent and amazing restaurants in the city. I will recommend the “Special Tea” and there are other ranges of dishes you’d like. This restaurant is quite far from the center and located near the Tuul River which you can see the view of it.

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