Mongolia Travel Guides for Backpackers

Ulanbator's top must-see sights and best places to eat

Mongolia is a landlocked country between Russia and China. Mongolia is well known for not only it’s nomadic culture and Gobi desert but also for its rich history and astonishing nature. As a person who has been living in the capital city of Mongolia, Ulanbator, here are the best places to see and eat in Ulanbator. Must-see Attractions Sukhbaatar Square The historical square is located at the heart of Ulanbator city. The large monument which is located in front of the Government Place is for the memorial of Genghis Khan (center), Ogedei Khan (west) and Kublai Khan (east). Also, there is […]
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Mongolia: Lost in Gobi Desert

Mongolia: Lost in the Gobi Desert (1) The reason why Mongolia fascinates me the most is not only because of the mighty scenery, but also the hospitable people I’ve met on the way. From Ulaanbaatar, along with four other backpackers I met in the hostel, we’ve decided to take a Russian van and head south to Gobi Desert. Gradually, as the van slipped into the dirt road, all the pollution, busy traffic and noise vanished into silence. All we hear is the wind soaring through the window and us bouncing around in the van as our crazy (but very skillful) […]
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