Udaipur - The land of royals

January 1, 1970

by Khushi Giri

Udaipur, the city where the royals were born, it is one of the most beautiful places in India where you could go to explore the lakes, havelis, and palaces. It lies in the southern part of Rajasthan near the Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat borders and is also known for its romantic ambiance.

Your experience in this city is going to be without any commotion of the busy city life problems whilst you enjoy the majestic palaces, serene lakes and glorious monuments along with the ancient bazaars (markets) and the quaint traditional looking hotels that will have you in awe.

How to get there:

You could take a flight, Train, Bus or even drive up there. All depends on your start destination.

From Mumbai, Take a flight. Train journey from there is too long.

From Delhi, The train and bus route will be easier and cheaper too.

How to travel in the city:

You could use Uber or Ola (It’s cheaper than Rickshaws there).

If you can’t find a ride on any of these, then use Jugnoo – The local rickshaw app that will help you book a ride in a jiffy.

Where to stay:

There are a lot of amazing places where you could relax at and also enjoy the city. Some of the hotels give you a view of the beautiful Lake Pichola whilst you enjoy your hot cup of coffee in bed – Jaiwana Haveli is where we stayed in for a day. The food there is delicious and quite affordable.

For the rest of the days, we stayed at Inder Residency, it is a stunning hotel which gave us the best service ever and had a huge swimming pool with a hill in the hotel premises to sit and gaze the stars. They gave us an upgrade to a better view room.

Where to eat:

We had free breakfast at the Inder Residency, for lunch we went to Jaiwana twice, their chocolate pancake is a must try!

You could visit Natraj dining hall for some authentic food.

We also visited Zucchini, their pizza was delicious.


Start your trip by visiting the City Palace.

It’s an architectural gem which was built over 400 years back and is located on the banks of lake Pichola.  There is a hotel inside the palace and that part of the palace is only open to the hotel guests.

There are local tour guides available at the palace or you could opt for the audio walkie to walk your way through the history of the palace and get the story of every corner. We opted for the audio tour and it was worth for Rs.250, We could take our own time to explore every corner. If with the guide, they would just move along.


We had lunch at this restaurant named ‘Palki Khana’, it was a little expensive compared to all the other places we ate at but the food was worth it.

We found this cute shop by the City Palace that sells gorgeous hand-made dairies in an array of different colors and designs and there is a line of shops where you could find leather bags, wallets, footwear, traditional clothes, diaries, decor and so on. We went on a diary-haul and ended up getting 30 diaries from there.


The Haveli has been beautifully restored and has an amazing courtyard where there is a puppet show and folk dance performance every day in the evening from 7 pm to 8 pm!

The crew of the show dazzle the platform with their splendid talents and leave us in amazement.

We for sure did feel under-talented.

Vintage & Classic Car Collection

This one is for all the vintage lovers, The place is just a peek into the lives of the royals. Every car has a small story of why and how the car got there.You could see some rarest cars which have been driven in some car competitions too.

If you go on a Sunday morning, you may catch the mechanic oiling and checking the cars and driving it around the block.


Sajjan Garh Palace (Monsoon Palace)

The getting there part is a bit of a hassle as to the cab ride or the rickshaw but it’s all worth it when you get there. The car ride from the gate to the top and then when you get to the palace, The view is mesmerizing and the breeze makes you not want to go back at all. It’s all the worth the hassle.We just sat there enjoying the beauty of it and soaking it all, We didn’t even get our cameras out to capture the bliss. 

Sajjan Garh Wildlife Sanctuary

Here you could walk or take a ride in an in-house car and enjoy the tour of the sanctuary while looking at all types of animals in their natural habitat without disturbing them.


Fateh Sagar Lake Garden

The lake has a fabulous park in the middle called the ‘Nehru Park’, which is just a boat ride away and it has one of the most captivating sunset views I’ve ever seen.

The garden is maintained and it’s a tranquil place to be at and have a picnic.

From the park, you can see the Solar Observatory. It’s a shame that the public can’t visit it. We were looking forward to chilling there.


Saheliyon ki Bari

It translates to ‘the gardens of the maidens’, this was built by an old king for the maidens (who accompanied the queens and princesses) to sing, dance and chill.

The place is filled with fountains, marble elephants, a lotus pool.

Mansapurna Karni Ropeway

This ropeway is between two mountains at Lake Pichola

and at the other side of it, is a breathtaking view of the whole city. It’s a panoramic site.

We fell in love with the place and we missed out on so much like horse riding, trekking, durbar hall, spas, chilling at the hotel for a day.

We can’t strike this off our bucket list. The place attracts you to it like Romeo to Juliet.

It’s too pretty to strike off. We’d go there again and again just to soak the beau.

Khushi Giri

By Khushi Giri

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