Top Ten Places to Visit In San Francisco

February 1, 2019

by Ana Finau

You ever find yourself thinking about what places you should visit? What places are worth visiting? Well, San Francisco is definitely one of those places.

One Of The Most Popular Cities In America

San Francisco is definitely considered one of America’s crown jewels in terms of captivating attention. The city itself is considered a celebrity due to its countless reappearances on theater screens, TV screens, phone screens, and computer screens. Being the setting in many beloved movies and shows, it’s a given that the city holds such a title.

Mrs. Doubtfire House

Full House Location

What To See in San Francisco

Apart from being known for its theatrical and entertainment appearances, San Francisco is also a safe haven to those who admire the scenic beauty in life. From naturalistic to the urban city lifestyle, it can all be seen and captured in the city of San Francisco. Here San Francisco’s top ten places to visit.

1) The Golden Gate Bridge

Being labeled one of the ” Wonders of the Modern World” out of seven is a well-deserved title. As expected of such a title, the Golden Gate Bridge does not disappoint. It is one of the best places to get the coolest view of the city. Literally. When on the bridge, one can expect a rush of chilly air given that it is right above the freezing waters of the Bay. Regardless of the frequent fog and windiness, the Golden Gate Bridge is unarguably a place worth visiting to take amazing pictures when in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge

2) Fisherman’s Wharf

Not only is Fisherman’s Wharf an idealistic choice to admire the Bay, but it’s also the best place in San Francisco to enjoy a bread bowl of clam chowder. It’s a win-win. Given that Fisherman’s Wharf is so close to the Bay, you can expect the best seats in the house for a cool night’s walk on Pier 39 to the warmest meal of seafood from the Bay.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Clam Chowder In Bread Bowl


3) The Golden Gate Park

Within the Golden Gate Park, you will find that it has many attractions. In the park is a conservatory that is specifically dedicated and filled with more than 2,000 various species of flowers and plants. Then, there is also the de Young Museum that is filled with exhibits that showcase art from mastermind artists. Next, you will also find that the Japanese Tea Garden is sufficient in terms of being a place of peace and calmness. These three attractions are few of many that the Golden Gate Park has to offer when looking for a place of scenic fulfillment.

Golden Gate Park Conservatory

de Young Museum

Japanese Tea Garden

4) Lombard Street

Another amazing place to capture the beautiful view of San Francisco is the winding street of Lombard. It’s not only famous for its capability to capture San Francisco’s night lights but more so for the complexity of driving through the street itself. One friendly advice I would give to anyone wanting to drive on this road is to drive carefully while taking in the beautiful view.


View Of San Francisco From Lombard Street

View of Lombard Street

5) Chinatown

When in Chinatown you will feel as though you just traveled across the world in result to how culturally and physically different it is compared to the rest of San Francisco. Being one of America’s oldest Chinatown’s, it offers not only satisfactory visual appearances but also food. You will find yourself in awe of the town’s traditional Chinese appearance and culture.


6) Coit Tower

This famous San Francisco attraction is definitely a place that you want to visit when it comes to getting a better look at the city. Whether it be during the day or night, Coit Tower has a remarkable view of San Francisco. Coit Tower was requested to be built to beautify the city. In return not only does it do that, but it shows just how beautifully scenic the city is.

Coit Tower

View From Coit Tower

7) Palace Of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts is not only recognized for being a treasured historical landmark in San Francisco, but it is also a very popular place in terms of taking photos. There are many who visit the Palace of Fine Arts just to take a picture around the unique architectural structure. From family, wedding, birthday, anniversary, baby shower, and just for fun photos- the Palace of Fine Arts is a place where all these kinds of photos and more have been taken.

Palace Of Fine Arts

8) Baker Beach

If you love the view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the sounds of calming waves, Baker Beach is the perfect spot. Baker Beach is convenient in terms of having such amazing scenery and also being a place where you can gather with others. Although it might be a little cold, the time you spend there will be mostly enjoying the beautiful Bay Area.

Baker Beach

9) Twin Peaks

Another place worth driving to while in San Francisco would be to Twin Peaks. Twin Peaks gives it’s visitors a full 360 degree of pure angelic scenery. Not only is the scenery superb, but the drive itself to Twin Peaks is popular for being fantastic.

View From Twin Peaks


 10) San Francisco Cable Car System

This last suggestion is not technically a place, but it definitely takes you to many. The San Francisco Cable Car System is not only a cool way to transport from one part of the city to the other, but it is the last of it’s kind. That’s right. It is the world’s last manually working cable car system. Taking such a ride is scenic in itself because of how rare it is. I would definitely hop on this ride because it is the only one like it left.

San Francisco Cable Car

Here Are Some Simple And Important Tips

These three tips might seem small, but they will definitely make a huge difference on your trip in San Francisco. First thing is, make sure to bundle up. San Francisco is known for being quite cold so it would be wise to wear an extra jacket and to bring extra layers of clothing. Second thing is, make sure that you plan your transportation and navigation around the city ahead of time. With being such a popular city, San Francisco is crowded with cars, buses, cable cars, bicycles, and pedestrians on the streets every day. It would be safer and better if you knew where and how you were getting to places before your visit. Third thing is, bring some sort of camera or device that will enable you to take pictures and videos. Believe me when I say that this is very much vital when visiting San Francisco. You will want to be able to take pictures because of how magnificent the city is and its many various destinations of scenery. With that being said, if you have yet to visit San Francisco- make it a priority today! Get ready and visit the great scenic city of San Francisco!

Ana Finau

By Ana Finau

Hello, My name is Ana Finau. I am 19 years old. I am currently in my second year of college. I was born and raised in the Golden State, also known as California. I grew up in the Bay Area, home to the bridge that is red and the land of the "Hyphee Movement". I am of Polynesian descent, specifically Tongan and Samoan. I am the oldest of nine kids and am the first grandchild out of 23 (and still growing) to attend college. I have lived all my life in the small town of East Palo Alto ( EPA for short). All my life I have been exposed to ethnic, religious, political, and cultural diversity because of where I am from. I love to learn and explore new languages. Through learning and discovering these new languages, I grow a connection and respect for the culture and people behind the language. I enjoy frequent reading and writing of fictional stories. I also partake in dancing and performing traditional Polynesian dances/songs. I hope that I am able to join this amazing team and get to learn as much as possible. Sincerely, Ana Finau


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