Top Places to see in Mysore

Also known as the City of Palaces, Mysore is the royal city of South India. Once the capital city and the ruling house of the kings, the city has a lot of historical and mythological importance. In addition to it, there are lakes, gardens, zoos, and parks in the city. Here is a list of places to see in Mysore on your visit to the city.

The Grand Mysore Palace

You cannot visit the city and not go to the Mysore Palace, a major tourist attraction. It was from where the rulers of the city once ruled. It is still the official residence of the royal family of Mysore. You can enter the palace during the morning hours. After touring the darbars (halls), and museums inside the palace, you can walk around the palace gardens – they are as beautiful as the palace itself. There is a light and sound show at night in the palace gardens, that if you are interested, you can watch. The best part though is at the end of the show, when the whole palace lights up and it looks glorious.

Chamundeshwari Temple on Chamundi Hill

Goddess Chamundeshwari is highly regarded by the people of Mysore. It is believed that the goddess freed the city from the cruelty of the devil, Mahishasura. Chamnudeshwari temple is situated on the hilltop, around 10 km from the Mysore Palace. There is also a viewpoint a short distance from the temple. You can see all of the Mysore city from there and also the panoramic views of the hills surrounding the city.

Sand Museum – a place showcasing pure marvel

MN Gowri, an art student from Mysore, is the idea behind the Sand Museum, located close to the Chamundi Hills. The sand sculptures in the museum are solely made of sand and water with a very little amount of adhesive. These sculptures depict different themes, from Christmas to Islam, to Hindu Gods, from Vintage cars to wildlife, and many more. You can stop at Sand Museum on your way back from the Chamundi Hills.

Shuka Vana – home and rehabilitation center for parrots

With over 256 varieties of parrots, Shuka Vana is a home as well as a rehabilitation center for these birds. Shuka Vana is recognized by the Guinness Book of World records for having the maximum varieties of birds under one shelter. Photography is not allowed inside the garden, but if you do want a picture of yourself with the parrots, a dedicated photographer will take a picture of you. It costs around 200 Rs for the picture. Just by the Shuka Vana, there is a Bonsai Garden and a Hindu temple that you can visit if you are interested. Mysore is a beautiful city with the comforts of a big city but without the noise and hustle bustle of city life. If you have time, take a stroll around the city streets, which by the way are very pedestrian friendly. If possible, plan ahead of time, and visit the city during the Dasara festival, and you can see the whole city light up for the celebrations.  

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