Time Traveling Through The Historical City of Seville

September 25, 2018

by Viparna

After three long months of intense work, I knew I would not last for long if I did not take a much-needed break. I wanted a sabbatical in which I could travel back in time, and Seville was definitely my top choice. While learning Spanish these past three years, I was always intrigued by the geography, culture, and history of Spain. However, what drew me to visit Seville was its rich cultural heritage and quaint old alleys. The countless travel books and shows on TV were enough of a testament to the beauty of the city.

Therefore, when I finally saw an opportunity to take a two-week break, I grabbed it with both my hands and immediately bought a flight ticket to my dream destination.

The Perfect Tapas For All Food Lovers

Tapas and Spain are synonymous with each other. You cannot really visit Spain or one of its cities without tasting one of its lip-smacking tapas dishes. From cold Tapas to hot Tapas, there is something for every palate here. Seville is no stranger to tapas. My introduction to tapas started in this place, and I especially loved the local favorite and much-cherished “espinacas con garbanzos.” You can try Eslava which is a very famous Tapas bar in the city with a contemporary feel, warm atmosphere, and mouth-watering delicacies.  

Give Yourself A Walking Tour Through Time

If you are a Star Wars or The Game of Thrones fan, Seville would feel like an outdoor walking studio designed for you. With spectacular locations and great weather, you will enjoy the historical city of Seville to the fullest. It will definitely make you feel that you have gotten hold of a time machine that can take you back to your preferred century. This is exactly what I was looking for when I planned my vacation and Seville didn’t disappoint!   

Visit The Royal Alcázar – The Palace Of The Kings

The Royal Alcázar can be easily named as one of the most important monumental complexes that you can visit around the world. It will transport you to a completely different era, and it will be an experience that you will always cherish. Throughout history, many dynasties have chosen this place as a center of power, and you will totally understand it when you visit the place. Many poets have also talked about the beautiful places within the Alcázar, and they could not have done more justice to it. I was mesmerized by this palace that was reminiscent of the luxury of that era. 

Enjoy The City Of Bikes

Seville enjoys a nice and warm sun in addition to flat geography. Therefore, it can be the perfect place for bike lovers too. Keeping this in mind, the city has 170 kilometers of bike paths and as many as 250 SEVICI stations where you can get bikes around the clock. I am a bike lover, and it was a pleasure to ride around and explore the smallest nooks and corners of this city. I would totally recommend all of you who plan to visit Seville to take advantage of the long bike paths and SEVICI stations. You cannot explore this city better than on a bike!  

Get Your Adrenaline High With Skydiving

After my busy working months, I wanted to get on an adrenaline high and was looking for various adventure sports possible in Seville. To my surprise, I discovered that Seville is one of the best places to skydive, and I could finally get a thing off my bucket list. If you are an adrenaline junkie like me, you should totally check out the skydiving places in Seville! However, I should warn you to book the tickets in advance so that you get a chance to experience this thrill during your visit.  

Delight In The Museum Of Fine Arts

In the Museum of Fine Arts, I enjoyed going through some of the most valuable collections of paintings in Spain. I found out that it is actually second to the Prado Museum of Madrid. Even the building that was constructed in the 17th century is magnificent, and I could not stop myself from taking several selfies with this amazing place. It is endowed with Murillo’s work, and I especially loved the Virgin de la Servilleta. Being a Velázquez fan, I totally wanted to check out the portrait of D. Cristobal Suárez, and as anticipated, I loved it more in person.     

Walk Through The Labyrinths And Legends Of Santa Cruz

Seville is full of hidden and fascinating neighborhoods, especially when it comes to Santa Cruz with its network of passageways, plazas, and streets that will make you feel as if you have traveled back in time in this historical city of Seville. I loved walking around this neighborhood because it made me feel as if time had stopped and I could relish being in the past centuries. The old-world charm of this quaint neighborhood is sure to catch your fancy too. You will be surprised to learn about the legends of enormous treasures lost in the labyrinth of Santa Cruz. I enjoyed the “Calle de Los Besos” (Street of kisses) which is the narrowest street that you will ever see in any city. I remember wishing wistfully I hadn’t traveled alone that month!  

Do all this, and you are definitely coming back for more! My trip to Seville was a memorable one and something that I will remember all my life. Although I had always wanted to visit France, I am glad I opted for Spain and specifically Seville as I had the most relaxing and enlightening two weeks of my life. It is true when they call traveling a journey into self-exploration because it gave me a lot of “me” time in the depths of this Andalusian region of Spain.

I just went with the flow for these two short weeks and lived an entire life in 14 days. To put it without even a speck of exaggeration, I hadn’t realized that I was actually missing something in my life until I visited this coveted town. I will suggest all of you take my word and book your tickets to Seville right now! You really do need to see it to believe it!

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