Things to do and see in Mysore

Southern India is a hot destination among travelers because of its cultural significance. I had the opportunity to visit most places in the southern part of India. It took me around 3 years to complete my journey. There were a few hiccups on the way but everything was worth at the end. Out of all the place I visited in southern India my favorite is Mysore.

Why Mysore city?

The answer to this question is simple Mysore is known for its historical significance. In fact, it was the capital city during kings rule. Later, the capital was shifted from Mysore to Bangalore. Mysore is a laid back and pleasant city. It is small in dimension but huge when it comes to experience. Mysore house palaces, museums, gardens, parks, lakes, and world famous Dasara celebration.

What is the Dasara celebration?

City during dasara in a balloon

Dasara is a Hindu festival celebrated through India. Mysore is known to host grand Dasara celebration from ages. The festival is celebrated from nine days to a month every year. The best time to visit Mysore is during Dasara celebration ( October – November). The entire city is decorated with colorful light, a visual treat during night time. I was fortunate enough to visit Mysore during Dasara. No doubt that the city was crowded with travelers and tourist from various parts of the world. But with the right planning and pre-booking, you would have an experience of a lifetime. While my visit during Dasara I got to experience activities like a street festival, food carnival, drive through theater, plays, puppet shows, and Darbar.

Top three things to do in Mysore

Palace in night

Explore the heritage: Mysore is considered as a royal city that houses the unique architecture style and culture the kingdom once stood for. You will get to see southern culture firsthand by visiting the palaces, folklore museum, and Chamundi Hills.

Cafe that serves western food

Indulge in southern delicacies: the next pit stop I made during my visit in Mysore was treating my taste buds with southern food. From dosa to idles, briyani to Mysore pack ( a dessert) the city offers a different variety of food for every picky eater. Apart from this, the city does include western cafes like Rhythms and brew and white lantern. Shopping and spirituality: The famous Mysore silk sarees, yoga, and Ayurveda are three things you cannot miss while visiting Mysore. Visit KSIC outlets to check out their silk collection. And Indus valley Ayurveda center for yoga and spirituality.

Where to stay in Mysore?

The cost of living in Mysore and it’s surrounding cities are pretty reasonable than North parts. Making your trip pocket-friendly and giving you enough time to explore. If you are a backpackers, then Mysore includes Airbnb and budget hotels. You can pre-book your stay based on the budget online via trivago, Oyo rooms and To sum it up: Mysore is a city full of life that offers something for every kind of traveler.


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