The most amazing places to go here in Costa Rica.

I like to know my country because even though Costa Rica is a tiny country, it has a lot of diversity and many new places to visit. For those reasons, I never get tired of traveling inside my country. My question every day: Where can I go this weekend?

Esterillos Beach-Costa Rica

Esterillos Beach | Puntarenas

What makes Costa Rica unique?

To start, Costa Rica is a paradisiacal place in Central America, where you can go to the beach in Guanacaste, then, a few hours later, you can take a coffee in a cold place like Poas, Alajuela

Even when is small, Costa Rica has around 29 natural parks, 19 wildlife refuges, like 8 biological reserves and many series of protected areas conserved as naturally as possible.

With 51 thousand one hundred square kilometers, we also enjoy beaches located in two oceans, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

Therefore as previously mentioned, in just 3 hours by car or 45 minutes by air from San José, wonderful beaches with black sand, white or gray will wait for you, ideal for recreational activities or just to relax.

But wait, it does not end there; Costa Rica is a land of volcanoes and mountains this is why has humid, dry and cloudy forests, huge waterfalls and beautiful crystal clear rivers. Therefore, having variety in nature and activities to do makes it always difficult to decide what to do, rafting, diving, kayaking, sportfishing and one of the biggest attractions: surfing.

Places to go-Violinista

Avenida Central | San Jose

Now, do you understand why I ask myself this every day? At the end of the day, it is always difficult for me to decide, but I try always to visit different places, even though I have my favorite places in particular.

We have seven provinces: San José (the Capital), Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia, Limón, Puntarenas, and Guanacaste. Each one beautiful and with so many things to appreciate, that you would have to live here to understand, but you would never finish going through all the country. (Believe me, my entire life here and I still have places left to visit).

Where can I go this weekend?

In the capital

In San Jose, the most sought-after tourist attractions are the cultural ones such as Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, Jade Museum, National Museum, Costa Rican Art Museum, Natural Sciences of La Salle, National Theater and a mandatory stop is the Central Market.

Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna, San Carlos

These places are located in the Plains of the northern of the country and are very striking for national or foreign tourism. Its biggest attraction: Thermal Waters. Along with the volcano, it is also the country’s largest artificial lake, Lake Arenal which is among beautiful forests and mountains to walk a little while being in contact with the environment. Other things to do: mountain biking, horseback riding, and canyoning.

Tortuguero canals

The second largest wetland in the country. It is located in the Caribbean (Limón) and cannot be reached by road, only by boat or plane. Among the magical attractions, the most important is the Sighting of different birds; You can find more than 300 species! Turtle tours, hiking, kayaking are some of the most sought-after activities to remember this beautiful place.

Poas Volcano

This beautiful place is located in the Central Volcanic Mountain Range and is one of the most visited in the country because of the proximity of the Central Plateau and because it has one of the largest geyser-type craters in the world. Most of the time it remains cloudy, but when the sky clears you can see the majestic lagoon with super eye-catching colors. Moreover, of course, the Botos lagoon. At the Poas area, you can find coffee plantation tours and also, you can visit the Sarchí tumbril factory, one of our national symbols. A secret: the Poas Volcano has another crater!
Places to go-Poas Volcano

Poas volcano, Alajuela


Monteverde Cloud Forest is one of the most recognized and important natural gems of Costa Rica, due to it has worldwide recognition and is one of the few remaining forests of this type in the world. There are several types of activities, as recreational and adventure; some are rappel style climbing, canyoning, and hiking in private reserves of the area.

Guanacaste beaches

Dozens of the most beautiful beaches in the 200 kilometers of coastline. Some of the beaches that I have fallen in love with are Tamarindo, Flamingo, Avellanas, Hermosa, Conchal, Samara, and the list goes on. For those who like surfing, it has the most important points to practice this sport as well sportfishing in open seas. Another important thing to keep in mind, Guanacaste has one of the main airports Daniel Oduber International Airport.

La Virgin de Sarapiqui

Sarapiqui is located between Heredia, Alajuela and a bit of Puerto Viejo in Limón. Pineapple crop is the principal economic entrance of the area, and one of the attractions is the rafting tour in the Sarapiquí River. Besides this, here is the Museum of Indigenous Culture: the Sarapiqui Neotropical Center where you can find interesting indigenous articles and the Chorotega pottery workshop.

Manuel Antonio National Park

The second most visited park in Costa Rica that is a tropical rainforest and you can easily find a different kind of animals. What is the biggest attraction? Beaches of clear sand with turquoise waters. Other activities are nightlife and canopy.
Places to go-Manuel Antonio

Gemelas Beach | Manuel Antonio

Ballena Bay

This magnificent paradise is one of the virgin beaches located on the central Pacific coast and part of Marino Ballena National Park. One of the biggest attraction for tourism in the area is the sighting of Humpback Whales and Dolphins, and sometimes stingrays and jellyfish can be seen. Fun fact: when the tide goes down, you can see Punta Uvita Tómbolo known as Paso de Moisés which resembles the tail of a whale, when t is viewed from a high place or from the air.

Ujarrás and Orosi

Cartago has many beautiful places where you can appreciate nature in all its splendor, but Ujarrás and Orosi viewpoints are the best. One of the most important places would be the Ruins of Ujarrás, as it was one of the first churches in Costa Rica in the first Spanish settlement. To learn more about of Costa Rica beauties, the Tapanti National Park is one of the mandatory stops in this area, along with Reventazón and Pacuare rivers. Here you will find Historical Museums and Orosi church that have been places of great interest to visit.

In addition, as I said, this is just a little part of all the things you can do and places you can visit in this tiny piece of heaven.

So, when you come here and realize all the places to go … You will also think: Where do I go next weekend?

Places to go-Luna Llena

Moonlight | Cartago

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