The hidden places to see in Prague

As I have travel, I've found that the best way to get to know a place is walking it, forget the red bus and grab a pair of sneakers, and even better if you are lucky enough to have a local friend that takes you to the best places, away from the crowded squares and the overpriced restaurants. You can find the very core of the culture in random places that nobody ever heard about, Prague is a perfect example, there are so many spots to go far from the common roads, here you can find some of those where you can go when visiting the heart of the Czech Republic.

Places in Prague that you probably won't find in the map that are totally worthy visiting

Sir Nicolas Winton tribute statue at Main Railway Station

It may not sound that appealing to visit a random statue in the middle of a train station, but once you know the history behind it, is a must to see when you are in Prague. At the very place where the statue is standing Sir Nicolas Winton arranged to take 669 jewish kids on a train to Great Britain in order to save their lives during the world war two, this humanitarian action was unknown until 1988 when a TV show made it public after the list with the names of the children was found in his attic. The show managed to find some of the children he saved decades before, and got to meet their savior for the first time in a extremely touching moment. Watch the TV show fragment here P61020-171743  

Riegrovy Sady Park

No better place to chill outdoors in Prague like Riegrovy Sady, close to the center, but no so close to be crowded. With a privileged view of the city and squirrels jumping around it makes you feel like you don't need anything else. Plus, it has a bar inside the park to cool down with a czech beer in the summer. [single_map_place] Riegrovy Sady [/single_map_place] P61020-174136  

Unijazz cafe

A place so unique and authentic, that has no advertising or whatsoever, is in the top of a office building where you only can access ringing a bell, this cafe is not only a place but a whole cultural movement in Czech culture, full of books and art expositions is a magnificent place for those who enjoy the alternative. Is recommended to go with some czech friends if you don't want to be the only foreign around. Try the “kofola“, the czech cola drink that was done in the communist period in order to avoid the consumption of the capitalist brands.  

Popo Cafe Petl bar

This place is not precisely hidden, is actually very popular between the locals to grab a drink and start the party on weekends. There is actually more than one Popo Cafe Petl across Prague, but you will find out that is one of the preferred places to meet up among the Prague citizens. Mexicans don't get confused, although its named after Popocatepetl volcano, is not a mexican place. You can drink tequila, though. P61020-175121  

Olšany Cementery

Although a graveyard is not a tourist attraction per se, this is a spot in the city completely worth visiting, as for the imposing lonely roads, the majestic mausoleums, and the fact that most of the tombs are cracked open as if the dead were trying to leave their chambers to come and get us. Records say that two million people has been buried here, most of them after the plague that hit Prague on the 17th century. IMG_20161001_211035  

Žižkov Television Tower

Is it beautiful? Is it horrible? Nobody knows. Scientists still can't figure out what to say about it. But is a good place to go in Prague 3 area, specially because you can go up and have a meal or a cup of coffee in the top while you enjoy Prague at your feet. If you don't like it from the outside, you can still love it from the inside. It also has a one-room hotel for those with eccentric tastes and a lot of money in their pockets.  

Mytery of Puzzle, escape room

Escape room? Yes. This is like a play ground for grown ups, is a place where you go with a couple friends and the point of the game is trying to find your way out before a man in a mask enters the room, in order to get out you have to solve a series of hints with your mates or get some help from the game master. It's just so much fun. Here is where you really find out how good you are in team work.  

Vinohradský parlament

This is a restaurant to visit if you are looking for some czech food with a modern twist, it seems like a fancy place but the prices are quite affordable, the service is good, the food is good, the beer is good. Is near to Náměstí Míru, the deepest metro station in the European Union, you have to take a 87 m long escalators to get to the platform, it takes more than 2 minutes. It is also close to St. Ludmila church, so you can get three nice spots to visit in a little walking distance. So grab your map and get ready to enjoy this places when visiting Prague, but make sure to save some time to see the mainstream buildings and spots this awesome city has to offer, you will fall in love with this place as many travelers have done.

Norma H. Romero

Do you know the story about the guy that quitted his job, grabbed a back pack and took a plane with no return ticket? Well, I am that guy, except for the fact that I am a woman. Now I find myself wondering around places, trying to learn about their cultures, their history and their food, of course. I have been traveling for quite a long now, and the most important thing I’ve learn is that no matter how different we look, we think or we have been raised, all humans are the same, we all feel, we all think and we all are kind, but sometimes some of us just forget.