The Great Places To Welcome Summer Season In Prague!

Prague is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Whether you visit the Czech Republic at any season, you will always be enchanted. In the winter time, the unique Christmas atmosphere fills the street. Several markets with stalls and thousands of lights adorn the whole center. The smell of the mulled wine and ,,trdelnik'' will line all over the streets. However, the summer is coming! Temperatures reach up to 30 degrees pretty soon. When the summer comes, the Prague change to a wave of events, concerts, and festivals. The city parks fill the groups of people and summer gardens attract to stop by for one excellent Czech beer. The picturesque streets of the historical center invite you to stroll. The streets are just full of fun! Whether you go to Prague for the first time or you are a regular visitor, this list of THE BEST PLACES TO WELCOME SUMMER IN PRAGUE will help you make the most of your summer break in Prague. So where to welcome summer in Prague?


1. Žluté lázně – The good place for everyone and for everything

The Žluté Lázně  comes from 1910, and its greatest glory was around 30-60 years of the last century. Floods in 2002 destroyed the entire area, but in 2005 it was rebuilt and once again gaining its full popularity. The Žluté lázně is the perfect place for hot summer days and evenings! The area is used for sports activities, for relaxation and fully adapts to both adults and children. Besides a large grassy area for your relaxation, you can also take advantage of the sandy beach and pier that were newly built a few years ago. For the smallest visitors, there are a sandbox, a small swimming pool, and a children's playground. There are countless sportive activities such as pedal boats, wakeboarding, and modern paddleboarding. The Žluté lázně does not fall in silent even in the evening. Dinner can be enjoyed at the local restaurant while watching the sunset over the river. Afterward, you can find here the beach bar or the pub with the famous dance hall. Besides, Žluté Lázně hosts many events and concerts during the summer. This place is just stunning and offers endless fun for everyone!

[single_map_place]Žluté Lázně[/single_map_place]


2. Waterfront of Moldova (Náplavka) – Where young people chill during summer evenings

Prague, Náplavka

Waterfront – Rašínovo Nábřeží

Waterfront, which Czech people calls Náplavka, has various options where to go on the both banks of the river. The river runs through a large part of the city, and so the waterfronts offer plenty of fun. Especially in summer, this is the most popular and the most beautiful place. The most famous and the most visited is a waterfront on Rašinovo nábřeží. This place has always been a favorite spot for a walk, but in recent years it has been allowed to open bars and held events. Since then, it has become the main focal point of summer entertainment. The waterfront is the place where you will always find to chill young people, enjoying time with friends. The waterfront features several stalls where you can buy delicious chilled beer and, of course, other beverages. The boarded ships serve as restaurants, pubs or even hotels. There are various events, concerts and among other things, farmers' markets where you can buy food from Czech peasants. Without doubts, the greatest beauty is the surrounding of Moldova by itself. Anyway, the biggest power of the waterfront is simply its perfection for relaxation, a romantic stroll or a couple of beers with friends. Also, if you visit there in the afternoon, you will not miss the spectacular sunset. No doubts, this is the perfect spot to welcome summer in Prague!  

[single_map_place] Rašínovo nábřeží [/single_map_place]

3. Stromovka – The place of peace and relaxation

Stromovka, Prague


Are you looking for a quiet place where you can enjoy the fresh sunshine, stay away from the rush, but still be close to the center? Stromovka is a beautiful and spacious park, and it is a peaceful place, full of natural beauty. Stromovka is located in the Bubenec district of Prague and is a former Royal Reserve. The park itself is beautifully maintained and resembles the look of the English Park. This place is especially famous for relaxing and sporting activities like skating or biking. In the park, you will find many beautiful and enormous grass areas, trees and several ponds. There is an old dance hall in the area where you can still see the remarkable although dilapidated house. There are a restaurant and café where you can enjoy lunch or just a cup of coffee. Among the newer activities, there is a small car that you can rent and use within the area. The Stromovka is appreciated primarily by people who love nature and fresh air and it is definitely the fantastic place to enjoy summer in Prague. For its endless beauty, the park is considered as natural and culture heritage.

[single_map_place] Stromovka [/single_map_place]

4. Riegrovy Sady – Enjoy the beer in Parc Café

View from the Riegrovy sady on the Prague Castle

Riegrovy Sady is a park located in the Vinohrady The park is full of nature and green huge grasslands that force you to stop by for a relax. Park is the target point for families, couples, and groups of friends, especially when the summer sun comes out. Even this place is very popular among young people. You will meet countless of groups in the park who are sitting, relaxing or playing music together. There are several restaurants and terraces in the park where you can enjoy some of that drink. Undoubtedly, the largest open-air venue with its seating area is the Park Café. One of the most spacious gardens in the whole Prague can take care of thousand people. Various events take place in the Park Cafe, mainly sports broadcasts. Come to taste from three kinds of Czech beers and enjoy freshly grilled sausage! But above all, this place is filled with a fantastic and friendly atmosphere. Ideal location for chilling with friends! [single_map_place] Riegrovy Sady [/single_map_place]

5. Historic center of Prague

Charles Bridge, Prague castle

Charles Bridge, Prague Castle

Do you know which place is most charming in Prague? Of course, it is the Old Town and the Lesser Town. This historic center is filled with significant monuments. Prague is intertwined with a  long-time and exciting history and to visit at least the most famous monuments is a must! The historical center is fascinating even in the winter, but in the summer offers many more possibilities. As a tourist, you should not forget the visit Prague Castle , the St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Town Square with its Astronomical Clock and, above all, the remarkable Charles Bridge. The Charles Bridge is full of artists and musicians whenever the weather is great.  Be sure to meet an amazing Bridge Band,  the band of five gifted, jazz musicians.  And what can you expect from a walk through the center? Maybe a lot of people, but certainly one of the most romantic walks and countless of spectacular views! [single_map_place] Old Town Prague [/single_map_place]

Start the summer season in Prague!

Spend the summer in beautiful Prague. Undoubtedly, Prague has a great nightlife and is full of cultural events. There are countless places that you can visit for a bit of fun, whether you look for a peaceful area to chill or wild parties.          

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