The Fabulous Las Vegas: attractions, budget tips and day trips

January 1, 1970

by Dora Szegedi

Las Vegas is the 28th most populated city in the USA. It is located in Nevada and it is also called Sin City or The Entertainment Capital of the World and Las Vegas is one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations. Las Vegas is the most populated city in Nevada. I always wanted to go to Las Vegas. Thanks for a great cheap flight ticket, I spend 8 days in the Sin City. I am not a real casino fan, I was not in a casino before but in Vegas… My flight was departed from Oslo, Norway. It was a 10 hour 25 minutes flight but it totally worth it!  Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!



There are more than just casinos in Las Vegas. You can go to the “old” Vegas and be the part of the Fremont Street Experience just fly across the mall on the SlotZilla zip line and watch the amazing LED shows in every hour. If you are a real fan of the giant neon signs just fo to the Neon Museum. There you can see the iconic Stardust neon sign. Natural History Museum, Discovery Children’s Museum, Nevada State Museum, Mob Museum, Las Vegas Art Museum, The National Atomic Testing Museum… and it is just the beginning! Everyone in every age will find the attraction what she/he wants to see in Las Vegas.


How to choose the perfect hotel?

In Las Vegas, there are lots of opportunities. You can choose a hotel on the Strip or nearby the Stip, a cheap one or a luxury suite on a five-star hotel. The length of the Strip is approximately 6.8 km which is 4.2 miles. Almost a 9 km length boulevard full of greater and greater hotels and casinos. If you are on low budget, one of the off-the-Stip hotels is a good option, but the hotels on the Strip have great deals if you are registered to their free reward program (for example MLife in the MGM resorts and Total Rewards in the properties of the Caesars Entertainment). It is also advisable to plan your trip to the weekdays because Friday to Sunday the hotel prices is much higher than the weekdays. If you make a reservation be attentive because in the hotels on the Strip you have to pay resort fee which is almost as much as the price for one night.

The beautiful view from my hotel room

Budget tips

After finding cheap flight ticket and hotel you will arrive in Las Vegas. The first tip for saving: do not use cab/taxi because is very very expensive. The buses are also expensive (one-way ticket cost 6 dollars.) Use Uber or Lyft it is cheap and almost every hotel has a coupon code. If you are on the Strip you do not even need a taxi or bus. There are bridges from one hotel to another.

The second tip for saving: go to a casino, gambling and get free drinks. You do not have to play at the blackjack table with 5 dollars minimum bet. Just sit down at a penny slot machine and the waitress will arrive. If you go to her a tip she will appreciate it and will be back soon. 1 or 2 dollar is enough.

The third tip for saving: happy hours. In Las Vegas, you can find happy hours everyday and everywhere. It is more expensive than free drinks at the casinos but you can find meal offers during happy hours in the bars.

The fourth tip for saving: avoid planning a trip to Las Vegas during holidays and citywide conventions. The hotels in Las Vegas is cheap but not in these times. The room prices could be three or four times higher than usual.

The fifth tip for saving: all you can eat buffet. If you can eat a lot then all you can buffet is the best option for you! Many of them offer all you can drink too!

The sixth tip for saving: do not buy a drink in the hotel’s shop! Sometimes they have a great offer (for example 2.45 dollar for a 20 oz. beer) but besides that, it is really really expensive! And why do you buy a drink if you can get one for free in the casino? This is true also for the casino’s bar.

The seventh tip for saving: buy your ticket for less! There are so many shows in Las Vegas. You can go to a magic show, a burlesque show or a great concert but why would you pay the total price? You can buy your ticket in last minute with great discount.

Cocktail in the Mandalay Bay’s casino

Do you want a day trip to the Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon?

There are so many things to do in Las Vegas but there are so many things to see outside Las Vegas!

Hoover Dam

If you want to do something else than gambling then you can go on a day trip to the Hoover Dam. It is just 1-hour drive from Las Vegas. If you do not want to drive or rent a car there are some tourist office which organizing bus tours to the Hoover Dam.

Grand Canyon

You can go to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. It is a 5-hour drive to the South Rim. During the trip, you can also visit Kingman, Seligman, William, and Flagstaff and you can drive on the Historic Route 66. If you do not want to drive you can explore the Grand Canyon with a helicopter. It is an incredible and amazing experience but not the cheapest.

Red Rock Canyon

Visiting the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is also a great program. It is just half an hour from Las Vegas and it is also beautiful.


The back of the Fabulous Las Vegas sign

Will I come back to Las Vegas? Absolutely! And you won’t regret if you visit Las Vegas because there are so much more than just hotels and casinos. The feeling of this city is just indescribable and nothing compared. You have to experience it and you will love it!

Dora Szegedi

By Dora Szegedi

My name is Dora, I am 23 years old and I live in Budapest, Hungary. When I am not at the university I travel. Travel is my passion. I like to meet new peoples when I am abroad and I like to discover new cultures.


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