The entertaining and tasty part of Pilar, in Argentina

Big cities are attractive because of all the entertainment they offer. Small ones can also be lovely, mostly because when the town is tiny the people are closer. Pilar, on the outskirts of the city (CABA), in the northwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a town that has grown so much it turned out to be a city. Wherever you go, you will perceive the proximity between people who live there. In other words, they all know each other. If you happen to be around, here are some recommendations to consider.

Restaurants: the yummy places

Brasov Grill&Bowl

This restaurant offers a very informal but cool style. It’s a family place and has a youthful vibe. You can play bowling for 200 pesos, which is the same as five dollars. Regarding the menu, there’s a variety of plates: hamburgers, pasta, salads, sandwiches, drinks and delicious desserts. You should take into account that here some dishes are suitable for celiac. Tip: I think this is a place a little expensive, but advisable for a night of fun.
Entrance to Brasov

Entrance to Brasov, located in Colectora Panamericana km 49,5, B1629 Pilar.

People playing bowling

People playing bowling at noon.

Restaurant of Brasov

Brasov’s diner. It is open from 12:00 to 2:00 am.

On the weekends, Brasov is full of clients, so you should make a reservation. Also, if you want to celebrate your birthday in Argentina, you can do it in this place. It’s open all week, from 12.00hs to 2.00hs.


Rock&Feller’s has such a personality that you will be enthralled by it. This American themed bar is a museum of music, where you can sit for lunch while you see videos of the best bands of rock, pop and so on. The walls are covered by imitations of iconic objects: from the suits, The Beatles wore for the Sargent Pepper’s Lonely-Hearts Club Band album, to costumes Madonna used for some of her video clips. The decoration is well placed, the music of Queen, Kiss and other artists are properly chosen, and the atmosphere is just right to feel that energetic vibe we all experience when we listen to music we love. The food is alright, but a little over the prize. They offer a good variety of dishes: salads, meat and chicken well spiced, sandwiches, cocktails and food suitable for celiac, though it’s not so varied (it only has two options of main course and only a dessert). If you want a cheaper meal, you must ask for the executive menu, which is available from Monday to Friday, from 12.00 to 16.00. It has less variety of food, but the quality is the same. The downside is that this menu has no food for celiac. Tip: you can eat breakfast or a snack here (not advisable, it’s too expensive for a small amount of food).
People eating in Rock&Feller's

Rock&Feller’s diner. It is open from 10:00 to 2: 00 am.

Entrance to Rock&Feller's

Entrance to Rock&Feller’s, located in Las Magnolias 533 km 50, B1629 Pilar.

Imitation of Freddie Mercury's costume

Main Hall of Rock&Feller’s.

The happy hours are every day from 19.00 to 21.00. Rock&Feller’s also has a very large clientele, so you should make a reservation. This place offers gift cards.

Lo de Carlitos

Carlos Ciuffardi created more than 400 pancakes with different ingredients and flavours. He became very popular in Argentina and started, with his family, a new brand called “Lo de Carlitos, the original flavour”. To our own delight, one of those premises is in Pilar. Tip: you can celebrate your birthday, or any event, here!
Entrance to Lo de Carlitos

Entrance to Lo de Carlitos, located in 81, B1629AII, Ituzaingó 469, B1629AII Pilar.

What makes this restaurant unavoidable to visit is that many of the dishes, salty or sweet, involve pancakes. Obviously, you can also eat hamburgers, omelettes, salads, fries; but if you go to Carlitos you must try out the pancakes, especially the desserts. Celiacs have more than 40 options of pancakes to choose from. It is open from 9:00 to 00:00.

Taco Box

This Mexican restaurant is located in Torres del Sol, a shopping that has an energetic vibe every weekend. What’s makes it attractive is the decoration: most of the walls are covered with shelves, each with different types of alcohol bottles, and red, blue and yellow lights emphasize the shape of those objects. These create a cosy climate, much like a bar. It is open from 20:00 to 00:30. Tip: you should try the botana: a mix of quesadillas, tacos and burritos.
Taco Box'bar

Inside this restaurant, you can find Taco Box’bar.

Entrance to Taco Box

The entrance to Taco Box is full of tables, so as to offer people the change to eat outside.

Taco Box's diner

The diner of Taco Box.

Regarding the menu, you have tacos, quesadillas, nachos, and all that goes with the typical meals of Mexico. A variety of drinks is also available for anyone up for a cocktail. And to those who cherish the desserts, you have four delicious options: sundae, chocolate volcano, key lime pie and an oreo cup. The downside of this place is that there is no food for celiac. The prices are reasonable, but remember to make a reservation so you don’t have to wait for a free table.

Entertainment: a fun place to jump to


Rush Argentina is the biggest trampoline park in Latin America. It opens all week. Here you can make a bunch of activities, like dodgeball, Slam Dunk Basketball, you can battle with a friend on a beam full of foam cubes, or you can just jump around. You can participate if you are older than 5 years old. The ticket costs 400 pesos, which is the same as nine dollars. I believe it’s not expensive considering what they are offering. But I warn you: jumping for an hour seems a piece of cake, but you must be in shape to do so. You also have to buy their special socks that prevent you from sliding off and getting hurt. The good thing is that once you bought them you can keep them. For precaution, you will have to sign a disclaimer that will free the park from any responsibility if a customer gets hurt while jumping. So, beware of that. Also, you can leave your belongings in lockers. Tip: use comfortable cloth.
Coffee shop in Rush

The coffee shop inside Rush where people can relax and watch other people jump on the trampolines.

Entrance to Rush

Entrance to Rush, located in Colectora Este Ramal Pilar 12, B1629 La Lonja, Buenos Aires. It’s next to Brasov Grill&Bowl.


People jumping in the trampolines.

If you are accompanying someone who wants to jump, but you are not into it, don’t worry: there is a café inside the premises. However, you will have to pay for all you consume in that bar. Rush tends to attract a big crowd, so it’s better if you make a reservation. There are other places that I could have added, but the fundamentals have been named. A believe that this review will be a good start for anyone who visits Pilar, mostly because these spots reflect, as I mentioned before, the closeness between Pilar citizens.

Dani Minotti

My name is Daniela Minotti and I’m 20 years old. I’m from Argentina and I’m currently studying Social Communication at Austral University. My interests go from cinema to new technologies and strategies for the management of the public. For example, I’m really keen on design thinking. Other topics that catch my attention are the environment, music, especially movie soundtracks, theatre and artistic developments. I believe the best experience one can have is traveling, because no matter how stubborn you are, the world will shake you and widen your perspective.