The best healthy-ish brunch places in Dublin

Dubliners love gathering for some delicious food and catching up with “the lads” (a.k.a. a bunch of mates) on the weekend, especially after a night out the day before. So almost every cafe in the city has a brunch menu available. After having tried many places with my friends I came up with my personal list of the spots that have tasty and healthy options and reasonable prices at the same time. Some of these cafés are also vegan-friendly so if you opt for a plant-based diet you will definitely have a few spots to choose from when visiting Ireland (or try them all together).

The Tram Cafe

If you spot a tram on Wolfe Tome Square, make sure to pop in for some delicious food and coffee. The history of this place is truly unique: this tram was found in a field in County Cavan. After restoring and giving it a new home in Dublin the owners took care of the menu and atmosphere in order to give its visitors a truly exceptional experience. On a sunny day, the visitors can relax on the outdoor terrace and on a Friday evening, there is a live jazz performance you can enjoy over a glass of wine. The prices are also surprisingly pleasant and vegetarian options are available. For those who are hungry, I recommend going for their famous “The Tram Big Breakfast” plate – a crêpe packed with sausage, bacon, egg and cheddar.


Located next to legendary Jameson distillery this cute place took the inspiration from Nordic cafés and offers a bright and airy venue. Each dish is unique and tastefully designed so you might catch yourself having trouble with making a choice. There are many savoury and sweet options to choose from and their coffee made with roasted green beans will definitely satisfy the fans of this drink. Being a big lover of halloumi cheese, I have opted for a halloumi plate with roasted vegetables and walnut aïoli together with an organic fried egg on toasted organic sourdough and trust me, there were no regrets whatsoever. The place might be packed on the peak hours but the queue moves quickly and the whole food experience is definitely worth the wait.


This tiny but famous cafe is located next to the main Dublin street, O’Connell. The owner shares a story of a successful weight loss that inspired her to design a healthy menu with low-calorie options to help others achieve their fitness goals without sacrificing the food joy. So basically, it doesn’t mean the visitors still can’t enjoy the beloved dishes like pancakes or a burger with lemonade. Worth mentioning, the pancakes are packed with protein, the burger is vegan and the lemonade is homemade so no unexpected added sugars for those watching their diet. Win-win!

Green Fox Café

Having opened its doors in October 2018 this café already managed to capture the hearts of Harolds Cross residents. Located slightly outside of the city centre this place offers a range of tasty food with vegetarian options available. You can enjoy the famous Irish breakfast or opt for homemade granola as a healthier option. Ideal for those who would like to combine a hearty brunch with a walk along the Southside canal.

Happy Food

This place is truly a heaven for vegans and yoga lovers. it is located on famous Camden street inside YogaHub so if you fancy doing a yoga class prior to enjoying the brunch that could be an ideal solution for you! Or… if you are not a yoga fan this place still welcomes those who are just in love with the food ? They also have “cheat food” options available so expect to see burgers, fries and milkshakes in their menu. My personal favourite is Poke Bowl with Tofu BBQ ribs.

Brother Hubbard

This famous brunch spot was originally opened in 2012 serving just cakes and coffee. A few months later the owners added a lunch option, then breakfast, then brunch. After gaining the customers’ loyalty they expanded and now have two restaurants – in the North and in the South. Since their opening, they won several awards and you will hardly find a local who hasn’t heard of this name. You can expect a queue at the entrance but it is definitely worth waiting. Once you sit and have a look at the menu you will definitely be surprised by their carefully selected food pairings, for example lightly scrambled Turkish eggs with roasted peppers and whipped feta served on the freshly toasted Georgian bread. The Northside’s spot has a vegan menu available and the Southside spot is perfect for those sunny days to enjoy a meal on their outdoor terrace in fancy Portobello area.

Carrot’s Tail

This cafe is brand new to the market, however, I have already had a chance to try their food. To start with, they are a zero waste place, which is so important and deserves a separate recognition in today’s world. They are also 100% vegan and all their food including milk alternative is made from scratch. The whole idea of this place is unique and their food will definitely make you feel like home. Last but not least, this cafe is dog-friendly so if you are out for a walk with your furry friend do not hesitate to stop by for a portion of Dulce de Leche pancakes with a cup of coffee.

Thundercut Alley

Feeling hangover after last night party and want an easy cure? Your prays have been answered by Thundercut Alley. Located on the largest Dublin square, they have designed a perfect brunch menu for those feeling not that fresh and looking for some hearty brunch menu. They have simple and tasty options like Eggs Florentine or Gringo served with “Hangover” fries. Watch’s the catch? Well, to get rid of that headache in no time you can get bottomless mimosas – a truly verified medicine for one of those hard mornings.

Valeriya Aleksandrova

I was born in Moscow, Russia. Having lived in several countries, I have finally settled in Ireland where I work for an IT company. On my spare time, I am passionate about many things including wellness, nutrition, photography and travelling.