The Best 9 Places to Eat in Córdoba, Argentina

If only money allowed me… I would eat out almost every day! To be honest, I think it is something we all should do more frequently; not only to eat fast food and get fat but to try different and new things often. I mean, when isn't change a great (if not the greatest) thing? In this article, I will not only talk about places to (literally) eat (lunch or dinner) but about some coffee shops too. Because they are just great enough to be here! Let's get started:

9°: Betos Lomos

(Typical Argentinian Sandwiches)

If a sandwich is too basic for you, try a “lomito”. I’m sure it will be more than enough! As far as I know, “lomitos” are not a thing anywhere else on the planet, probably they are some of the best things our city and country have to offer (at least when it comes to food). A standard lomito includes bread, cow meat, tomato, lettuce, an egg in an almost omelet way, lots of mayonnaise and sometimes, pickles. Although french fries are not part of the lomito, they are a must, too! I cannot provide any directions because there are lots of Betos Lomos in Córdoba and in the whole country, but I’m sure all of them will have food that will touch your heart (and tummy!). Also, they are more expensive than other things to eat out of your house, but they’re worth it.  

8°: Bruncheria

 (Brunch & “Merienda”)

This place, located in Güemes neighborhood (in my opinion, one of the most beautiful in Córdoba) is really special to me personally. This was one of the places we used to visit the most with my best friend from Greenland before she went back home. I remember we had pizza there at 4 p.m.! If you go there (Street Achával Rodriguez 244) with 200-250 pesos ($5-$6.5), you will get a really nice brunch or merienda (the meal we have by 5-6 p.m. since we have dinner by 10-11 p.m. here)!  

7°: Sushi World

(Sushi & Asian food in general)

This is not the best sushi place in Córdoba yet it’s a really good one, or maybe it might not be so great but I liked it personally! Still, they offer a wide variety of dishes, not only the standard and already famous sushi but spring rolls, special cuts of octopus and many other things that may sound a bit weird if you are a Westerner. Still, they are all delicious to me! Don’t miss trying them because of the fear, none of these dishes will ever kill you! The prices are okay, this place is cheaper than Teppanyaki but the quality of the mentioned one is also higher (as the price escalates!). I recommend the Sushi World local which can be found in Podestá Costa 3293.  

6°: María Antonieta


Maybe it is a bit too early to add this place to my top 10 since I visited it less than a week ago, still, it was totally outstanding. I don’t know if it was a great experience because I went there with one of my best-est friends or because of the food, or because of both of them! We got an American combo; which includes a latte, juice, pretzels, bacon or ham, eggs with ciboulette and an extremely nice creamy cheese. All of that for only 195 pesos (about $5)! I haven’t visited the one in Cerro de las Rosas but the one in Barrio Jardín Espinosa (Copina 1357) and I have to say it was a really quiet and nice environment.  

5°: Pizza Zeta

(Varieties of Pizza)

If you have ever thought about eating a bacon pizza but then you got sad because you thought you wouldn’t be able to get it anywhere, you have found your place. Yes! They make bacon pizza and many other rare varieties of the Italian dish in Pizza Zeta, it’s just amazing! It might be kind of expensive (even though I haven’t been there for a while) but I promise you that you will not regret it. Never! It’s a great place to go to with both your family or your friends since the place is really quiet and nice to eat. You know, all we look for when eating out! There are several locals but I recommend going to the one in Rafael Núñez 4275.  

4°: Caseratto Helados

(Ice cream & Coffee)

Opening the top four we have Caseratto Helados, probably the most widely known place in Córdoba among the ones I have previously mentioned. It’s a place where ice cream can be kind of pricey, yet it’s visited by couples, high schoolers who meet there, entire families, university students, and many many more. It’s one of those places meant for everyone! Not only their extremely good and creamy ice cream is excellent but also their coffee and sandwiches, merienda there is more than a dream! This kind of old place has reached the bottom of the hearts of most of those who live in Córdoba, and currently, it presents several locations, most around downtown. I highly recommend the one located in Bv. Chacabuco 511.  

3°: Teppanyaki Sushi Bar

(Sushi & Asian food in general)

This place might be one of the most expensive “sushi-selling” restaurants in Córdoba, yet it’s the best I have ever tried! Not only their sushi but their gohan and spring rolls are 100% tasty and the drinks you can get there are cool too (most of them, fruit-based ones). During weekdays, the price of the executive menu is actually okay, set at approximately 200 pesos ($5), but consider it will be a really small bowl. Teppanyaki Sushi Bar locals in Córdoba are several but in my opinion, the best one ever is the one located in Luis de Tejeda 4245, Cerro de las Rosas (a really pretty neighborhood too).  

2°: Creambury

(Ice cream & Coffee)

If you were waiting for me to add another place to eat a great ice cream, here it is, Creambury, my favorite ice cream chain, at least among those I have already tried. It is widely known just as Caseratto but even more, since Creambury has locals not only in Córdoba but in many other cities all around the country. To be honest, I love this place mainly because there I ate my first ice cream sandwich, and it was delicious! (Ice cream sandwiches are not a common thing at all in Córdoba nor in Argentina either). The prices are okay (even though I haven’t visited it in a while, so I cannot give further information) and the quality is just outstanding. Visit the one in Rondeau 390, Nueva Córdoba!  

 1°: JD Pizzas y Lomos

(Pizza and “Lomitos”)

If you only paid attention to the picture, you wouldn’t think this is one of the best places to eat in the whole Córdoba, right? I know this place has nothing to offer when it comes to looks, but the food is just out of this world. If you are looking for pizza here, please go for one with French fries on top (my favorite one!) and if you are looking for “lomitos”, choose any, they are all amazing! The prices are quite okay, it’s probably cheaper than Pizza Zeta and the quality is better. It’s not a “fashionable” looking place but the environment is perfect for a family or couple. You can find it at Diego Díaz 206, a bit far from Córdoba downtown.          


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