Staying Cool in the Vegas Summer

Ok, so you just arrived in fabulous Las Vegas. Vegas is a fascinating destination to visit in the beautiful United States. It does get super hot in Vegas, so just be prepared. When you go to walk out of the airport, after you’ve got your luggage, you will finally understand what hot is. The heat hits you the same way it does when grandma is baking cookies, and you open the oven. You will get smacked by a heatwave. Don’t worry because Vegas is undeniably worth it. You need to know how to cool down, and I’ve got you covered. Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

Where to swim in Las Vegas?

When you think of heat, you think of water. Where can you get some water? Better yet, where is there a beautiful pool to cool off? Maybe you are the type to relax and catch up on a good book, or perhaps you want a Hype pool party. Whatever you want, Vegas has it. One of my favorites is the Tank located downtown at the Golden Nugget. This option lets you experience the feeling of swimming face to face with sharks that have mouths as big as your face. Right behind the crystal clear glass, you can see the razor-sharp sharks teeth and piercing eyes glaring at you. Complete with a water slide, the Golden Nugget takes your mind away from the heat. Caesars Palace is a place I go to relax and get sunkissed. They offer seven different pools, some heated and some for topless bathing. I like the swim-up blackjack tables. This location is good for my schedule as they provide play all week long.  If you’re looking for a wild time, check out the Wet Republic. Regardless of which pool you choose, I assure you Vegas is the right place to be in the summer. Like I said, Las Vegas is hot, so don’t forget your sunscreen.

Dinner on the Strip

Vegas has a large variety of food spots. Do you want something simple and amazingly delicious, or something unique like dining in the dark? Stripburger on Las Vegas Blvd is a go-to. During the summer, I prefer to go at night because they offer their customers the luxury of sitting outside, giving you an up-close and personal experience. Grab a drink at the bar with front row seats to all the excitement while you wait on one of the best, juiciest burgers you’ve ever had.  Every time I go, they’ve always had the best customer service and upbeat personalities. You can not come to Vegas and not eat here. Are you looking for something a little more romantic? Maybe you’ve arrived here for your anniversary, or maybe shes just something special. Whatever the reason, you should check out the Top of the World on the top of the Stratosphere. With such an astonishing view, it sure will take your special someone’s breath away. The restaurant rotates, giving you an amazing 360 view of the Las Vegas Valley. Make sure you check the weather for clear skies. It would be a bummer to go up and not be able to see anything.

Sweet Tooth in Vegas

This part is giving me a sweet tooth already. Regardless of where you go, you need to know where the goods are. Las Vegas is a city where smoking is legal, so that should tell you they have lots of sweets and everywhere. The Sugar Factory has such a wide variety and the tastiest, most beautifully designed creations sure to please anybody with a sweet tooth. Having a few locations available to you, making it more convenient for your sugar cravings. On a hot summer day, I like to go out and find the ice cream rollers pushing their cart down Las Vegas Blvd. These people have the best custom ice cream you could even imagine. If you come with some toppings, they’ll be more than glad to throw it in the mix for you. They have many ingredients to choose from already, but you have to catch them when you can. Carlo’s Bake Shop just inside the Venitian doors off Las Vegas Blvd is a place you can’t forget. You have to try the Cannolis and the Eclairs. These desserts are fantastic and a must-try.

A Trip to the Bar

What better way to mix this Vegas heat and drinking than an ice bar. The Minus5 ICEBAR took that idea and ran with it. With 3 locations available in the Las Vegas area, you’re sure to cool off soon. It is pretty amazing to see and experience. Everythings made of ice inside, including the walls, the seats, and the cups! This ice bar is the perfect place to experience something new and enjoy a drink. They have upbeat music and LED lights to keep you entertained. If you like chocolate, make sure you check out the Chocolate bar. I’ve only been there once, but it was quite different and memorable. I enjoyed that my drink had a chocolate ring around the cup because It made it more enjoyable. I’m looking forward to trying other beverages there, as well. There are bars everywhere in Vegas. If you came to drink a lot, hopefully, you brought a designated sober person with you. I’ve seen so many people who drink way past their limit because they are in Las Vegas. Stay safe and have fun out there.

Vegas Summer Nights

Vegas is the place to be in the summer. There is no other place in the world like summer in Vegas. When the sun goes down, the temperature dramatically does as well. The heat in the daytime will have you staying inside until the sun is gone, then its time to come out. It is the perfect temperature, not too hot and not cold. Vegas nightlife is pretty fun. There is so much to do and see. Even if you don’t drink, there’s gambling, shows, and so much more. Make Vegas your next travel destination.

Nichole B

I have always enjoyed writing. Traveling and finding new jewels is what I like to do. Poems are one of my specialties.