Simple ways to enjoy Prague

It is all about how the city makes you feel

After spending three months in the Czech Republic’s capital city, Prague, I realized that I came to the perfect place to get inspired. The city is rich in history, colorful in architecture and landscapes that it gives your imagination enough inspiration to reminisce of a dreamy, magical place like something from a dream or an ancient town stuck in the past. Just walking across the Charles Bridge (Karlův most) and having a view of Prague’s castle, gives you that feeling of intriguing history. But there is more than just having a good sight. It is important that you feel like you can fit into the picture!

Introverts, this city is made for you

If you are anything like me and you prefer reading books, spending time in nature and just noticing the little things around you, then good news. Prague is your city! On my way to work, I would always see people reading books in the metro. In my hometown, it is a strange thing to be nestled in your seat reading a book. Complete strangers prefer small talk about mundane things, sometimes getting too personal. That is one thing you don’t have to worry about that in Prague. The residents of Prague respect and value the arts, architecture, and nature. They are a culture that lives in literature. You will be surprised at how many good bookstores they have. In many places, they have many books written in English translations to accommodate foreign visitors and residents. After spending my whole life in the city of extroverts, for a change it was nice to relax and get lost in the story I was reading. A good thing about Prague is that it has many beautiful parks and attractions where you will have a valuable time just sitting and enjoying the sun. You have the time and space to enjoy your surroundings, nature and to be at peace for a moment with yourself and your thoughts. Now, you are probably thinking, what can I do when the weather is awful? Don’t worry, Prague has the answer to this question. Prague is also famous for its many small and charming cafes.

For unique street art

Prague has a lot of street art, starting with the famous John Lennon wall, murals and small graffiti, you find all sorts of street art while walking in small streets of Prague’s Old Town. I was lucky enough to catch a street artist while he was drawing the John Lennon Wall. The Wall was started by youth who opposed the communist regime. Since then it is a well-known attraction that stands as a reminder of the power of truth and love. Speaking of love, if you love vintage things, you will love the Pepsi-Cola advertising mural. The style that it is executed in resembles a time from the past. I am sure there is much more street art to discover. So if you are a fan of this type of art, don’t hesitate to go through the streets and find it. However, if street art is not enough to get you inspired, or if it is not your artistic preference, it’s a good thing Prague has a lot of museums. I wish I had more time to explore all the museums in Prague and give more information. I would often see posters of museum exhibitions throughout the city. I was especially attracted to and happy to of found art from the famous art nouveau artist, Alphonse Mucha. Observing his work and illustrative postcards and posters. I sent them to some friends who love art and are especially attracted to that short-lived art movement. Czech Republic

A perfect combination of old and new

For me, it was hard to find a way to describe the feeling I had about the city while I resided there. Maybe the best way to describe it is as a place full of contradictions. The city has a rich architectural and decorative part, areas that are very interesting to gaze at. But at the same time had many areas with older buildings that were not so appealing and are in need of reconstruction. Considering Prague’s political history and some things I had previously mentioned, some would say that Prague is a black and white city. And that a traveler should lose himself in grey. Every traveler should know how to observe and get a feel for the real picture of the city. That way, we do not only learn more about how others function and live, but it also gives us a comparison and contrast to discover who we are as well. That is why Prague will stay in my heart.

The city of music

No matter what your musical preference is will find yourself captured by the rhythmic vibes present all over Prague. Many famous artists come here to the heart of Europe to experience the energy and liveliness that the music scene provides. The city is filled with many young and talented artists who are trying to make a living off of what they love, music. Many clubs and cafes have open mic nights and it not unusual to catch young musicians playing classical music on Charle’s Bridge. If you like classical music, you will be happy to find many organized events and concerts. Aside from concerts, Prague is also very famous for its festivals. For those who enjoy jazz, you don’t even have to search for places online. You will find something on the way. If you don’t like to plan things, don’t worry! Many websites share a plan and program that provide all the necessary contacts and information for wherever you choose to go.

Taking awesome photographs of Prague

A photographer’s paradise! From colorful buildings and amazing bridges. Lovely red trams and beautiful churches. To the Old Town Hall and St.Vitus cathedral. Prague is the perfect place for taking photographs, even for an amateur like me. You can get all caught up and inspired by the fairy tale like buildings, the medieval accents, and grand monuments. The charming parks and quiet nooks that are perfect for some alone time. Every photo catches a moment, every moment resembles a feeling. Charming, mysterious, magical.

Inspiration is just a start

I have mentioned a few things that can inspire one in their visit to Prague, but the real question is, will you bring that inspiration home with you?  Will you remember yourself enjoying your time there? Will you be touched? Traveling is about exploring the world around us. Coming into contact with cultures that can seem so different from ours and then when you meet the people, they become so similar. It is important that we come back with good stories, warm feelings, and a changed perspective, for the better. Prague inspired me to be more authentic, to enjoy reading and appreciate the arts. I met people from all over the world and saw a different culture. I will carry Prague in my heart. What about you? How did you enjoy your time on your travels?