Secret spots of Barcelona

January 1, 1970

by Katja

I was lucky enough to spend four months of my life in Barcelona. During my first weeks there, I visited all the must – see sights that everybody knows (such as Sagrada Familia, Barceloneta, La Rambla and others), and after that, I had plenty of time to discover the hidden gems of this beautiful city. Believe me, there is plenty of them! And in this article, I am going to tell you about my absolute favorites.
The good thing about Barcelona is that it has an excellent public transport system so there is no need on spending your money on taxis. You can choose between buses and metro, but I would highly recommend the latter. Meanwhile you can catch a glimpse of the city while using buses, metro is much more effective time wise. And it can get you to all the places on my list (or at least very close to them).

1.El Gato del Raval (the Raval cat)

It is easy to guess how this work of art got its name. Simply because this is a cat statue, situated in El Raval neighborhood. More precisely, a huge cat statue, whose body reminds me of a beaver. And guess what, it is perfect for taking pictures. Selfie with a giant cat statue? Yes, please!
raval cat

2.Bunkers del Carmel

Barcelona is an amazing city and it has some fantastic viewpoints that allow you to admire its beauty from above. One of the less known ones is called Bunkers del Carmel, also known under the name Turo de la Rovira. Long story short, this is by far the most breathtaking viewpoint I have ever been to. Luckily, it has not been discovered by tourists yet (and I hope this article will not change that!), but I heard some people talking that you will probably have to pay admission in the near future. Of course, locals do not like the invasion of tourists in this particular spot, and graffiti, such as ‘tourist go home’ are very common in this neighborhood. What makes this viewpoint so awesome is that it offers you a 360 – degree view of the city below you. And you can get there by bus!
carmel view

3.Nevermind 1 and 2

Two amazing bars close to each other, named after the Nirvana album, with indoor skating rinks. And free popcorn with every drink after 7PM. It is quite hard to find them though if you do not know what you are looking for, so your best bet is to have a local with you. Both bars can get pretty packed later at night, but actually the crowd makes a great atmosphere. And they play great music in both of them as well.
nevermind bar barcelona

4.Barri Gotic (Gothic quarter) and the Gothic cathedral

I love wandering around big cities, and possibly getting lost, because in my case, this is how I have discovered some amazing places. Gothic quarter in Barcelona is one of those places – breathtaking architecture and narrow streets, calling you to explore them. Most people visit the Gothic cathedral (which is beautiful) and think they have seen everything worth seeing in the Gothic quarter. But when you are there, do yourself a favor and walk behind the cathedral into the labyrinth of Gothic streets. You will not be disappointed.
house in gothic quarter

5.El Rabipelao

Everybody loves great drinks. And everybody loves low prices. But the problem is that you can rarely find great cocktails in Barcelona that will not empty your wallet. El Rabipelao is one of those places where you can actually question the quality of the drinks when you look at the price list, because most cocktails cost between 3 and 11 Euros. Situated just a short stroll off La Rambla, this bar will not disappoint you. The drinks that I suggest you to try: mango mojito, blue margarita and la guarapita. If you are there between 8PM and 11PM, you will get 1 Euro off every cocktail. Cheers!
And the best part – you can choose the rum for your mojito! They have a great selection, so you can feel like you are on vacation in the Caribbean, not in Barcelona.
drink in el rabipelao barcelona


Barcelona has some amazing artists, whose artworks you can find and admire not in galleries, but on walls. I am talking about street art. You can find some pretty amazing works all around Barcelona, some of my favourites are located close to Placa d’Espanya, Barceloneta and around Gracia.
street art barcelona
graffiti barcelona
graffiti artwork

7.Magic fountain of Montjuic

This attraction is actually quite famous and it can be crowded in the summer months, but it is absolutely worth the visit. During the day, this place is just an ordinary fountain, but at night, it becomes a light – water – music show. Almost like Bellagio in Las Vegas. But better. It is awesome how squirting water makes the impression like it is dancing to the music. And it looks great on pictures too.
magic fountain barcelona
montjuic barcelona

8.Gracia, area around Park Guell

Of course Park Guell is a must see attraction, but the way to it is almost as spectacular as the park itself. Known as the artistic neighborhood of Barcelona, Gracia is home to several small bars, bakeries, street artists and more. And the first thing you will notice if you compare Gracia to other Barcelona neighborhoods, is how different the architecture is in this part of the city. You will just want to walk around and take a look at every single street there. But here is the catch – Gracia is built on a pretty steep hill, and when you will make it to the top, you will not regret eating all this delicious food earlier because you burnt all the calories on the way up. A part of the hill is actually so steep that they built escalators there.
gracia hill
gracia buildings
There are many more great places in Barcelona, too many to list them all. I hope you will have a chance to see at least some from my list, and discover some new ones as well.

By Katja

I am a 24 years old girl (well, woman), I have visited 25 countries so far and I would like to share my experiences and advices on these places with all of you. I am also a skydiver and I love every kind of extreme sports.


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