Rural life and nature: know more about santa eulalia, spain

Santa Eulalia Somera is a town belonging to the municipality of Arnedillo, in the autonomous community of La Rioja (Spain). It is an ideal place for rural life and nature lovers. But also for those who want to disconnect, do outdoor activities, or simply enjoy the local gastronomy.

Tranquillity and good weather

It is a very quiet place, with very few inhabitants, and is, therefore, a good place to unwind and relax. Its landscape of red tone is peculiar because it is located at the foot of mountains sculpted by the erosion and moulded for centuries by the hand of man in the construction of the caves. In spite of the hills, the town has a nice walk between the white houses, the church and the caves. The summers are short, warm and cloudless, whereas the winter is very cold, but it is dry all year long. If you would like to have good weather and do different activities, the best time to visit it is from the end of June to the beginning of September. Apart from the relaxed atmosphere and the scenery, it offers different activity options and places of interest.

Routes for hiking and cycling

It offers a lot of possibilities for lovers of hiking and cycling. The “Vía Verde del Cicados” or the Greenway of the Cidacos passes through the village, it is a path that runs along the old railway line that crosses the main surrounding villages along 34’5 km. It is ideal for walking, running or cycling, and accessible for anyone as each one will be able to adapt the duration and distance of the route. Another good option for a short walk is the path to the next town called Arnedillo. The walking route takes about an hour to go and another to return, and the road is really easy and beautiful.


It is a town located about 4’2 km next to Santa Eulalia Somera. Known for its outdoor hot springs and the Valley of the Dinosaurs.  

Hot springs

Once through the village, there are three pools that retain the thermal waters that arise along the Cidacos River, whose access is free. It also has a few picnic tables in the shade, ideal for sunny and hot days. It is said that these thermal waters have medicinal properties, and their maximum temperature is around 50ºC. The three pools do not have the same temperature, so if the hottest is too much, you can try the other two, you will notice the difference! And if it is still too hot, you can go for a swim in the river, where the water of the pools is mixed with the water that runs through the river. The temperature contrasts are good for blood circulation, so it is a good circuit to go through all!

The valley of the dinosaurs of Enciso

In this route are plentiful of the fossilized footprints of the dinosaurs that populated the Iberian peninsula more than 100 million years ago. You can visit the Paleontological Center of Enciso, in which, apart from observing the views, you can see some scale reproductions of these animals. Perfect to go with children, they will love it!


The landscapes that hide these surroundings, their valleys, mountain ranges and Natural Reserves make of this a unique place. A good example is the griffon vulture, this bird is one of the few vultures that can be found in Europe, and in this area, there are living about two hundred couples.

Mirador del Buitre

This viewpoint is placed among the mountains of Arnedillo and it is the place where a colony of griffon vultures lives. On the walls of the huge rocks are usually the vultures perched, it is normally quite easy to find them. Apart from that, it is also an excellent place to observe the landscape that surrounds this area; a nice contrast between the blue and white of the sky, the grey and red of the rock and the green of the slopes. The rock walls are also a good plan for lovers of climbing.

Center of Interpretation and Observation of the Vulture

Located 800 meters from Arnedillo, and with unique scenery, this Center for Interpretation and Observation of the Griffon Vulture is unique in Europe and perfect if you are interested in the biology of wildlife.

Look at the stars

It is an interesting destination to watch the stars because of the clarity of the night sky and the cleanliness of the sky. In fact, in 2012, the Rioja sky was the first natural space in Spain declared Starlight Destination. It offers one of the darkest night skies and free of light pollution in Europe. It is a perfect place to see the rain of Perseids, popularly known as ‘Tears of San Lorenzo’, a phenomenon that can be enjoyed every year around 11-12 or 12-13 August. No optical material is needed, just sit in a place where you can see the sky broadly, put a coat or something that protects you from the cold, and just wait to enjoy the show.

The Herce swimming pools

This municipal swimming pool is located 2’5 km from Santa Eulalia Somera, 5 minutes by car or 30 minutes walking. It is the perfect plan to spend the day or the evening, especially in the hot days. It has a modern design and a green space, and it is perfect for anyone!

Gastronomy and wine culture

The gastronomy of this area is simple and delicious, based on local products, fresh vegetables and fruits, and roasted meats. From small taverns to restaurants with Michelin stars, go for some pintxos or a good wine tasting, bon appétit!


A few minutes by car, we will find this city, also known as “La ciudad del calzado”, which means, literally, the city of the shoes. It is popular for its known footwear industry, specialized in craftsmanship. It has also an interesting artistic and architectural heritage. In its Footwear Museum, visitors can see the evolution of the industry from the 16th century to the present. Today, it still has a large number of footwear and store manufacturing companies. An excellent place to wander, eat in a good restaurant, have a good glass of wine or visit the shops and outlets of footwear.


I am a young girl from a little land in the north of Spain. I live surrounded by nature, I love the mountain and the sea, and of course, TO TRAVEL. I am lucky to have been in some countries, and definitely, the best thing for me is to explore every place, get lost in their culture, colours, flavours, traditions, know their reality and get involved in each thing, person or place you are surrounded by. Or sometimes just to let it flow and let me flow. Otherwise, I like art, photography and literature, which I try to combine in every place I go.