Reasons To Tour Miami, United States

April 23, 2019

by Ikechukwu Nwuzoh

Miami, a city inside Florida of the United States is a place that is worth spending your holidays. Miami is known for its dishes, worthy weather and beaches. Plenty of seafood exist here and you drink the local brand beers that you can only find in a place like Miami. The gateway to Latin America is the popular slogan for Miami. Miami is the largest city you can find inside of Florida and their adventurous environment makes it a place worth visiting.

Wonderful Places To Visit In Miami

Bayside Marketplace

Here you can find the dancers and performers who offer excitement including a cultural experience.

Everglades National Park

This is one of the best public parks you can find in the United States. You can hire a car and explore species, swamps, grasslands and rivers.  This national park is thirty kilometers away from downtown.

Miami Art Museum

Here you see the international collections and artifacts. Driving for fifteen minutes from the town will take you there.

Miami Carnival

Little Havana or the Eight Street is the cultural centre for Cuba and they host a festival here. This festival celebrates the culture of the Latino people and it is known as the Ocho Festival. When the festival is taking place, they normally close up the streets to let travellers have some fun with dance and music. The Ocho Festival is a place worth visiting in Miami and among the most popular in Florida.

Best Things You Can Do In Miami

Grove the Wizcaya Museum and Gardens

You will find this beautiful museum inside the Coconut Groove. Landscape gardens and terraces make up this place and you can just take a photograph here. It is awesome.

Have a good time at Ball & Chain

This bar is one of the best you can find in Florida and it came in the 30’s. Music legends like Chet Baker and Count Basic come here. There are dancing lessons available on the night of Tuesdays with live jazz in the evenings of weekdays.

Explore the magnificent and cultural Deering Estate

James Feeding built this estate and is full of archaeological discoveries with a mangrove boardwalk and many buildings. You will see much of nature here with a fossil pit that has animal bones that up to 50000 old.

Experience the murals inside Wynwood Walls

This place began as a mural with few commissions but now is among the outdoor street park with above 40 murals featuring global artists. They change the walls each year and welcome artists from different parts of the world. This is a place to have some artistic experience and catch some fun.

Experience the most popular Cuban restaurant

Miami 2
Right here in Miami the Versailles restaurant is a place worth visiting and this is the place where the Cuban community meets. Here you will see Cuban sandwiches and the popular Cuban coffee available in Cuban cups giving you an overall Cuban experience.

Learn how to salsa in Yuca Lounge

Miami 3
You can learn and know how to salsa with the available classes at the Yuca Lounge.

Taste natural ice cream at the Azucar Ice Cream Factory

This is a place for some delicious Cuban ice cream and there are combinations with cream cheese, guava with much more. You can taste the huge ice cream cone and see its uniqueness taste.

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